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Cate Blanchett is that very classy lady, who when Anne Hathaway announced the lovely Cate as a presenter this year at the Oscars, I honestly thought Hathaway was going to pee her pants with excitement.

Ms Hathaway was like a kid in a Kangaroo Candy Store who had discovered candy she liked a lot.

Hollywood-NYC humor aside, Cate Blanchett was presenting in Sydney today – looking rather red hot as she participated during City Talk 2011 at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday.

Blanchett’s hubby, Andrew Upton, and Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney were beside Cate as she fronted a green energy focused building effort. The trio spoke about fostering a green and vibrant culture at Walsh Bay.

Cute press.

At the minute, Cate has gone all Chekovian on us. You know, Chekov plays are exciting because he’s the master of the ‘anti-climax’ where sort of nothing ever happens with his characters hopes. For that, he makes audiences lives seem infinitely better, once they’ve left the theater.

At this minute, Cate is full throttle into the middle of her theater project. Cate’s play, Uncle Vanya, that Andrew adapted to be more them, will be at the Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center August 4-24 as well.

Nice one. To get Cate’s Aussie-coated candy style fashion look go here.

I really liked Julianne Moore playing Uncle Vanya in the film adaptation of the play, with that dude from Princess Bride as well. An amazing version you can watch on film/ DVD now if a Julian Moore fan.

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