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Here’s a story about a spinal doctor using patients and doing mock surgeries, to make bank. Good, bad? Innocent? What about the patients one must ask? in this story of potential medical malpractice.

The story talks about one person (Ronald Johnson) having to have a spinal surgery not twice but at least six times from this one doctor (Dr. Vishal James Makker). Mr Makker is just as bad (perhaps) as computer companies who design computers to expire after a certain date, so consumers have to buy a new one from them. That’s the same thing as this story, when you think about it.

Anyway Tom McGinty and John Carreyrou allegedly wrote this story of malpractice via Portland, Oregon for the WSJ today.

I hear the LA Spine Institute of California in Santa Monica are good at fixing backs. Tom Hanks is a fan. Like they’re legit practitioners of good spinal health for their clients here in L.A. In particular, advanced stem cell research is what they excel at for clients who can afford them for a stronger spine.

Meanwhile Japan continues to inspire, navigating a way through tragedy and revealing to us all as our teachers what happens when we don’t take care of nuclear energy. Even fish in our oceans and sea are not safe.

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While Mrs Obama is having fun battling child obesity on this cover of the LA Times, where Catherine Deneuve still wows California as a film star and Yosemite Springs are being well looked forward to, the LA Times runs with a disturbing cover of its own (not via Japan or Libya) for this weekend’s Sunday reading.

It’s like looking at a photograph of the Angel At My Table film, that Oscar winning director, Jane Campion once told about the life of Janet Frame, starring the actor, Kerry Fox that depicted one of the world’s best authors ever, getting electric shock treatment for depression. Chilling stuff. Watch it for an education into this era.

Anyway, Los Angeles Times in a story titled The State of Shock :) says ‘Modern Electroconvulsive therapy is safe and effective, backers say, but debate rages over a proposal to lower its FDA risk classification.

Andrew Zajac writes “They used to call it Edisons medicine, or, with a touch of gallows humor, a ‘Georgia Power cocktail’ the practice of hooking mentally troubled patinets up to an electical current and jolting them until they went into convulsions.

Basically, powerful drugs, replaced this as a popular form of treatment for the mentally ill.

The real big story though from California involves drug company corruption. A drug giant is accused of fraud, bribes. California (who needs bucks right now to run the state after Arnie’s last effort at playing Governor depleted the coffers a tad) are taking aim at giant drug maker Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., who The State says has been bribing doctors and pharmacists to uses its products by offering thousands of cash kick-backs, gifts and “happy hours” with basketball’s holy grail of sports stars, The LA Lakers.

What a cocktail of total smuckery! Or, just too into The Lakers? Perhaps. It’s turning all of those respectable people who trained for a million years to be good doctors into being easily swayed drug dealing thugs, with the temptation to over-prescribe or prescribe at all their drug products–all for cash and hoop action glory.

Let’s see how this plays out in court. It’s only going to get Bristol Palin noticed more. For good or bad, no matter which way this goes down. Oh… and of course, the story will raise the perceived value of the LA Lakers sports brand and attendance at basketball games nationwide.

The black and white photo of the electric shock days of 1942 in Patton Hospital (California) is a little chilling, a bit sterile and very WWII – Mildred Pierce evoking.

Basically this front page says – ‘Prescription drugs are easy to get in California, The Lakers are great – don’t miss them in action and we’re shocking really.” In addition this company had the best win-win share wealth model for their product going on, taking it all the way to the hoop. Yet their product, technically blurs the lne between legal/ illegal dealing. An interesting case coming up then with this lot. That’s weekend reading for this weekend. :)

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I notice today that stem cell researchers like this blog. I don’t know why, yet I am getting links via stem cell research bloggers back to Horiwood.Com. This happens quite a bit. Thank you.

Anyway, because I do not know enough about stem cell research, here’s a blogger on President Obama‘s stem cell research promises. Go here to read up on that if it interests you.

Again, thanks for the good links.

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You don’t have to be perfect to help others.–Gerard Butler in Hollywood.

The end of cancer, begins with research–UCLA’s JCCC scientific manifesto.

According to Just Jared, cigarette smoker, Gerard Butler has been quite busy this week. Butler ‘ stepped out for a good cause on Wednesday for the Have a Heart for Children fundraising event, which benefited families of children who are fighting cancer.

Nice one!

Kids fighting cancer are some of these young people. Click on their pics to make a difference if you’d like to. With nuclear reactors being in crises in Japan today and in light of Chernobyl increasing cancer in people affected by such events, Gerards press is very timely this week. Go Scotland.

In addition UCLA is doing good cancer prevention exploration. Go here to see that if scientifically motivated. Peace!

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ABC 7 news writes: “NEW YORK (WABC) – A daily dose of coffee can cut a woman’s risk of stroke.

Researchers in Sweden studied nearly 35,000 women for 10 years.

Women who drink at least one cup of coffee a day had up to a 25% lower risk of stroke than those who drank less coffee or none at all.

The brainy smurfs (Scientists) conducting this research, think coffee might reduce inflammation and boost insulin resistance.

These two factors are both known to lower stroke risk.

[Coffee picture by CTS]

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My st (inky) omaha factor is ebbing low today in Hollywood, so, for inspiration here’s some people doing inspiring stuff in the world. I dig it. They’re total celebrities leading with vision.

We believe whenever the very best scientists work together as a team, supported by dedicated leaders, advanced technology and uninterrupted funding, great discoveries will happen.–Jim & Virginia Stowers

More than 99% of our wealth will go to philanthropy during our lifetime or at death. We have already started our giving. Our children have already been provided for.

Virginia and I wanted to give back something more valuable than money to the millions of people who made our success possible with American Century Investments. We wanted to give people “Hope for Life”- Hope for a better life. Our vision is to make a significant contribution to humanity through medical research by expanding our understanding of the secrets of life and by improving life’s quality through innovative approaches to the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases.

In 1994 we began by creating the Stowers Institute for Medical Research to pursue a very distinctive approach to basic science. It took six years to plan and develop the world-class campus and its laboratories in Kansas City, Missouri. The doors finally opened in November 2000.

Today, the Institute is already recognized as one of the best basic biological research organizations in the world.

The Institute focuses on outstanding science.

[Photo caption - Jim and Virginia Stowers, founders of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, were awarded William F. Yates Medallions by William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo. last week. Photo courtesy of The Stowers Institute]

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The Wall Street Journal has a very good story on chronic fatigue syndrome. Having had a friend who was afflicted by this condition for about fifteen years before a cure was found for them, I’m going to run this story as Hollywood news today.

My friend now is able to get back on their surfboard. He’s a winner! Yet chronic fatigue syndrome had him bed ridden for all those years.

People with CFS or Tapanui Flu as we’d say down under, are amazing and resilient people, I’ve found. They have a depth of spirit, due to coping with the disease. Perhaps the biggest stars of CFS sufferers, are their very patient, loving and tolerant family members who wait patiently for a cure.

Some people, don’t get a cure. But that’s changing in medical science as this story shows:

Ginger Burg at her home in Gasport, N.Y., near Lyndonville. Ms. Burg, who fell ill at age 14, recalls that she and the others who got sick were considered ‘crazy, delusional, lazy people.’

One snowy afternoon in October 1985, eight children from the tiny farming community of Lyndonville, N.Y., went sledding together. Within a few weeks, they all got sick.

David Bell, the local doctor who treated the children, recalls that their symptoms were similar to the flu: sore throats, fevers, muscle aches and severe fatigue. After three days, they hadn’t recovered. Then a week. A month. Ninety days.” Six months later, the young people were still fatigued.

Go here to read in full. To see doctors who are committed to making a difference in this area, here’s a few. What cool people:

Meet Dr. Gordon Broderick of University of Alberta
Meet Dr. Katheen Light of University of Utah
Meet Dr. Marvin Medow of New York Medical College
Meet Dr. Bud Mishra of New York University
Meet Dr. Sanjay Shukla of Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Meet Dr. Dikoma Shungu of Weill Cornell Medical School

And – Kia Ora brotha Richard. Thank you for the messages and… Go Champ!

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Snag films are a pretty groovy website.

They are a film library, who screen documentary films for free.

Today at the flix we are thinking water for India and Africa and pondering two thoughts, 1. Why on our watch do 1 in 6 people of the world still do not have access to clean drinking water? And. thought 2. there’s nothing like a gold hoop earring appearing in Africa via America.

In Journey to the Mother Land (2008. 45 mins) we learn: “During the spring of 2006 Alicia Keys embarked on a journey to Africa that changed her life forever. During her month-long trip, Alicia witness countless stories of people infected with HIV, who despite the odds, were overcoming personal hardships with astonishing bravery. Some of the communities that Alicia visited on her pilgrimage had an HIV prevalence rate of over 40%, but what she encountered were incredible accounts of resilience and triumph. Join Alicia on her journey and hear the compelling stories from those she encountered during her visit, making her even more galvanized in her commitment to publicly addressing the need for lifesaving drugs and ongoing care for these inspiring people.”

Click on Alicia’s hoop earring pic – to watch her documentary film. At Snag Films website there are over 2,000 documentaries that can be viewed for free. Good free educational entertainment. Some of their documentary films catalogue can be quite funny too.

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I saw this tee shirt today at Urban Outfitters and it made me laugh-out-loud. I don’t know whether it was the reference to The Hangover film franchises funny sense of humor – or, if it was because ‘Breeders are US’ is Hollywood’s big message in 2011 in all forms of entertainment. I do like that message in America. It’s a good one.

One thing is for sure, if you wear this tee shirt – you’re a chick magnate – that’s a given. Guys, hide the sperm cells in the family vault, until you’re ready to be a father, not a donor. And, wear this tee shirt to bars or rehab meetings, at beach bbq’s after surfing Cali’s beaut beaches and the rainbow of baby showers coming up this year.

Zsa Zsa Gabor is back in Bel Air after her leg amputation surgery.

Should Newt Gingrich base his bid for future President in Georgia?

Wrigley & Taco Bell say MTV’s Skins show ‘needs to ease up on the teen skin.’ Child exploitation concerns.

Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address

When iPhone apps become animated cartoon series – you know that the iPhone is really king of culture–Angry Birds news.

Why discriminate? Balding Men May Worry About Marketability: Field Notes.

Los Angeles school shooting news – calm shattered in a community.

Back to Somali Pirates news - S. Korean Navy Rescues Hostage Crew From Somali Pirates

Was Keith Obermann the $7 million per year “loose canon that could not be controlled” – yes. He’s doing a Conan now. The cellaring of witty good talent is a new network trend.

Britney Spears is doing a Miley Cyrus and is developing a clothing line with Max Azria‘s BCBG label. It’s like, she totally needs the money right?! Lol!

U.S. Company To Stop Making Lethal Injection Drug

Federal Research Center Will Help Develop Medicines

South Korea, Russia & The Ukraine prefer The First Avenger over the rather cheesy Captain America movie title. Whatever sells the film!

Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin will revival Elena Kagan Roger in Broadway’s Evita as Che for 2012. He should just write his own. A Latino Andrew Lloyd Webber is long overdue, dontchathink?

Kim Kardashian pretends to look up to Kanye West as a catalyst for Kim’s singing career. Cute.

Stretch: Rebel Yoga

California Declares Fiscal EmergencyJerry Brown makes his mark as new Governor.

Irene Lopez a porn star of Spain, has found a new star maker in McCaulay Calkin. What were the odds?

36 Hours in Valencia, Spain

A tell all book from a non-Oscar winner says Gwyneth Paltrow is a diva handful.


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