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Before I left America, I noticed this book, We bought a Zoo by author Benjamin Mee. The book concept made me smile, because if you can convince everyone in the world that each nation is a zoo (as a metaphor), then we can set up systems of zoo keeping – and convince everyone they are good.

Following this concept (not the concept of B.M’s book) the eventuating result would be that the world will become governed by zoos that all look the same–in time. The global village concept that is invetible.

There’s only one problem with this concept though. The real ringmaster is hidden. Other peoples efforts of zoo keeping in each circus zoo (nation) get served up to the hidden (yet to be revealed) ringmaster.

Benjamin Mee‘s book concept is a lot more simple. It is about “The Amazing Story of a Young Family, a broken down Zoo and the 200 wild animals that change their lives forever.” I like the concept a lot. It should be a film. Back to the concept though of nations as zoos for circus ringmaster owners.

Zoo keeping is simply about real estate. It is not about culture. It is about who owns the real estate. Culture is its distraction. Zoo keeping, ironically isn’t even about zoo culture. It’s about the price of tickets to the show via real estate or asset sales. If wealthy, you simply buy into the circus you want to be a part of. The zoo keepers of every territory, will happily sell their circus ring off. All of ‘the spectacles’ in the zoo, then earn money for the owners with shares on the soil of the circus ring they own. It’s like carving up real estate, to sip from a kava bowl with elite people of the world.  Often wannabe kava bowl sippers wear a lot of leopard print. They give an illusion of feral qualities. In their need to upgrade, they can be viewed as being rather cute.

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