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Kelley West‘s first TV Show planning meeting is going well. What is Kelley’s potential show going to be about? A lot, she’s got great ideas.

I spotted this message on the way to our (early days) pre-production meeting. In tee shirt slogans, the message seemed to define Kelley West’s TV series rather nicely. The premise of Ms West’s TV Show is:

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, but I have faith in the inner beauty of Spirit too.” The show is all about everyone else Kelley interacts with and shares her keys from her spirit with her special guests – dealing with real life issues, like us all. Kelley is a very cool person. It’s a pleasure to know her in West Hollywood. In every way, she shines.

Alright then. Nice one Kelley West. And here’s a song today from Sarah McClachlan. It’s called Prayer of Saint Francis. Click on pic to hear it.

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