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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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Here’s some poetry Australia is teaching to their kids. It’s written by Maori poet Witi Ihimaera and worth sharing from Hollywood today.

Of course I should have realized, at dinner
That he would be a man of special tastes
His mordant wit and intellect proclaimed him bon vivant
I suppose I was bedazzled by it all
The chandelier, the red roses like stigmata
Too flattered by the invitation
To notice that the table was laid only for hors d'oeuvres
It was understood of course that I was privileged to be there
With him in dinner jacket and black bow tie
The fact that he drank claret should have made me realize
That he liked his meat rare yet, even so
I was take aback when, all of a sudden
he reached across the table to snap off both my legs
As if I was a crisp brown Maori-bread man
Saying, "You won't need these, will you"
The snap and wrench of bone from socket
Sounded louder than I expected, but, the agony was slight
(I've always had a high pain threshold)
What alarmed me more was that my silk trousers were forever ruined
"After all," he said, "a landless man may just as well be limbless"
"And just in case," he added, breaking both my arms,
"This will prevent any further throwing of wet black T-shirts
At Her Majesty"
What could I do? I watched him
Suck the marrow of my bones and tear the meat
That once had made me mobile
I was pleased his manners were impeccable
Not one sweet morsel of me dropped
From his lips - I loved the way
He cracked my toes and fingers open with his teeth
To work the fine gristle for its flavour
He was a gourmet of impeccable sophistication
"That was much better than Aboriginal or Red Indian"
He said, "And I have never liked the taste of Hindu or Pakistani
Too much curry in their diet taints the flesh
You are a repast quite delicious
Almost like Samoan, less fatty than Tongan"
So saying, he proceeded to the main course -
This was my stomach, heart and ribs
Not exactly in that order, for I could not see
What he ate first as he leant forward
With silver knife and fork
To slice the cavity of my breast open
Like a crisp golden chicken
My thoughts were entertained in fact by the memory
Of Noel Coward's witticism about Salote
At the Queen's Coronation in 1953 - 
Mister Coward was wise never to visit Tonga - 
"Ah, there it is," he said, impaling my heart with his fork
And lifting it from its protective cage
I wept to see its pulsing beauty
But thought - This is only to be expected really
From people who eat and drink the body and blood
Of Christ every Sunday
"Best to rid yourself of this, old chap," he added
"Your Maori yearnings are excessive, you agree?"
I wondered if he was right, after all why yearn
For language and culture already taken, why fight it?
Where does Maoritanga fit in this world of teenage mutant Ninja turtles?
Yet I did protest and fight as he cut through the middle
Of my heart and, seeing that rich blood flow red as a river
Wondered if there was time to escape this dinner
"Oh no you don't" he said, as he began dessert
Dishing the sweetmeats of my body onto a crystal plate
My liver, kidneys and tongue
and last of all, my eyes
Smothering them with strawberries and rich cream
by then, without eyes, I could no longer see
The relish of his enjoyment
Cruelly, he left my brain intact to wonder
Why I had ever accepted his invitation to dine
150 years ago ---
[As sourced via WWWMCCC.MURDOCH - Australia's website. Poem first published Auckland University Press].

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Oh Numi Tutelar

(At the British Museum, London, 25 June 1998)

3 in the morning
The streets deserted I had forgotten
only derelicts & prostitutes are abroad in the night
forsaken lovers locked out
(and Maori attending dawn ceremonies)

Make way, Britannia, Albion, Victoria Imperatrix,
make way our putatara are braying to bring down
your walls The dawn is coming and with it
Magi, gift bearers from the South

Piki mai, kake mai, homai te wai ora
ki ahau

We have come
from the utmost ends of the earth a tribe of travellers
with our own Queen, ministers & warrior escort
to the land of our Treaty partner where
our treasures have been plundered
(and Roma & I halfway round the world
to read in a stairwell)

Make way, O Egypt, ancient Assyria, Greece, Rome
make way our own Cleopatra comes amid you
Semiramis, Te Arikinui, Imperatrix of Aotearoa
Maori women, gift bearers from the South

Haramai te toki, hui e, haumi e, taiki e

So here we are
climbing upward     the Museum opening unwilling
to the dawn, the kai karanga calling, the warriors
pulling us in & Maramena asks, ìHow can our
culture so small survive in this treasure house
of many cultures?î
(The answer is simple: Godzilla was wrong
size does not matter)

Oh antiquities of Asia, make way, lions of Judah
bow down, Babylon, stela of Islam make way
give space, Oh Nimrod, Horus, Mahomet
we are iwi Maori, gift bearers from the South

E taonga tū mai, tū mai, tū mai

And in the great hall
for the first time we see the past before us
the treasures of our ancestors a Pharaonic ransom
of immense psychic power, indeed we live
with our past the ghosts among us
(How can I explain? We have always walked
backwards into our future)

Oh, ancestors, stand forever! Stand for yesterday!
Stand for today! Stand for tomorrow! Stand
for always! Stand! Stand! Stand!

Take heed, O Gods of all other worlds, numi tutelar
We come chanting, we come singing, we come
proudly from Rangiātea, there our seed was sown
We come, still voyaging by star canoes
by aurora australis

We are from savage islands, far to the south
we move through your constellations
make way and where there is one
oh Gods, there are a thousand

We are Magi, bearing gifts
and our dawn is coming

Ka Ao, ka Ao, ka awatea






~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.22.11. First published in Whetu Moana (An Ocean of Stars) – Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English. Auckland University Press, April 2003, editors Albert Wendt (editor), Reina Whaitiri (editor) and Robert Sullivan (editor). Keisha Castle Hughes appears courtesy of the Whalerider film, via Celebrity Wonder~



1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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I got totally owned by Batman this year, for Halloween, who wanted to say “Hola to the Maori people of New Zealand.”

Adds “The Batman Named Jose” playing an American super hero: “I’m a big fan of Rena Owen in the film . Awesome film. Made us all cry. You guys are the hot sh*t.”

Alrighty then, go Rena!!! Inspiring Hispanic-Americans like few Kiwi’s can. Demonstrating staying power, that in Maori films with Maori actors a market still exists and is strong, years after good ‘Maori’ Kiwi films have been made. That’s the power of one Maori woman actor giving an outstanding performance.

Like Niki Caro proves when speaking Maori, working with iwi (Maori tribes) and adapting and directing a filmic story by a great storyteller, Ta Witi Ihimaera you don’t have to be Maori to serve Maori stories with a stellar Oscar-nominated Maori cast to an audience the world loves.

Likewise, Ainsley Gardiner, Taika Cohen and Cliff Curtis also demonstrate these traits as producers/ directors of the Berlin Silver Bear award winning film, Boy. Following in their footsteps is The Auckland University schooled and  Scorsese and Spike Lee (at Tisch NYC) trained Reina Webster currently working on her first feature film I hear.

I don’t know why, but when I hear about Reina’s news in Hollywood and listen to Jose talk with enthusiasm about Maori film, I know that we have a Hobbit industry, a 3D Hollywood ancillary sister-city industry for Hollywood’s biggest earning films of all time and a Maori film industry beating like a strong pulse for the world. It’s humbling and yet invigorating to feel at the same time, while I stand on Hollywood concrete–in The City of Angels (The city of messengers with a message) that is known far and wide as being The Entertainment Capitol of The World. Go Maori and Polynesian filmmakers, I reckon!

Batman agrees.

In celebration of Neil Hamilton‘s legacy in Hollywood (the dude who played Commisioner Gordon in the Batman TV series of the 1960′s), this one’s also going out to H-Town - Hamilton, New Zealand with H-Town brothers Katchafire‘s new reggae song, showcasing the wonders of animated hori pop culture moments.

Wherever these lads play around the world, clouds of Marijuana rise above their audiences. Why is that? They have the Bob Marley star factor as reggae rocks stars down pat. I imagine that Katchafire will be mega busy in California this year. Shikes if Proposition 19 goes through at the ballot, they could live in California for half of every year, and just play major Hollywood events. Now how can we get a Katcahfire song onto a movie soundtrack. I can’t believe no one in New Zealand or Hollywood has done that yet, with Prop 19 having had millions thrown in to campaign for it. Heck, the Facebook movie guys (funding Prop 19′s campaign largely) would have had Katchafire in their film’s soundtrack lineup, had they heard of these lads.

Like, they’d be perfect for something like The Hangover 2 for example, if you watch one’s American politics on the Bill Maher Show.

Enjoy our reggae brothas Maori music featured here.

If you don’t like reggae, all good, here’s my choice of cinema today too of a piece of entertainment worth watching, depicting the beauty of Maori-Kiwi humor, with the Oscar-nominated short film, Two Cars, One Night–a Kiwi classic short. Beneath the skin color, it’s actually a small town, Country Music values story, really.

It’s very clear, Maori have gifts as filmmakers that heal human rights rifts in the world. That’s what our presence in the film making world is capable of. It’s what we do with Spirit. Every Maori knows we do. No point pretending anymore we don’t have the gifts our ancestors gave us, to get this job done in the world, to make it a more fair place. Hopefully in 3D too soon. We (and our New Zealand and Hollywood film texts) are box office stars too. Are you ready for US? Hope so.

[Thanks Jose & to a star that burns bright in the minds of Hispanic-America and Mexico (people living in two nations who share a gulf containing oil) --for a legacy that's still memorable on celluloid for everyone. Thanks Rena for giving a performance that lingers in hearts and minds and burns so bright, like a star does, still today in our consciousness.]

[This post for Aunty Robin Cheung of Kawerau country, Bay of Plenty --now of West Auckland, who says she prays for me every day. Thanks Aunty Robin for your love and thoughtfulness. "You fly!" May I do your prayers justice in this Maori-Kiwi life I was given to serve others, for our lives to be good and "to matter" to "people that matter who need us to matter." Thank you].

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“Tatou – Honor Role.”

Rugby News, Hollywood Calif – Ko nga mea katoa e kitea e tou ringa kia mahia, kia puta tou uaua ki te mahi; kahore hoki he mahi, kahore he tikanga, kahore he matauranga, kahore he whakaaro nui i te reinga, i te wahi ka haere atu na koe ki reira. Whatever you set your hands to do, do it with all your might –King Solomon.

We see fideliter. It anchors us consistently. We hold to our school ideal, of serving faithfully–WBHS Fideliter Moniker, School Song.

We are waiting on prophecy–Moana Maniapoto, song: Prophecy

Surrender to the sky. Over snow-mountain shine, upon the upland road, ride easyJames K. Baxter — poet-seer.

With rugby football and haka in hand, we carve our narrative across green of paddock. Our spirit’s dream expressed as talented physicality driving us forward as relentless sporting passion, forming “our rough-hewn story”.–filmmaker Rudall Hayward, The Te Kooti Trail

Kimihia te kahurangi;. ki te piko tōu matenga, ki te maunga teitei. If you bow your head. Let it be only. To a great mountain–Maori proverb of the ancients, a favorite of Ta Witi Ihimaera, author of Pounamu, Pounamu, a literary collection taught at WBHS when I was in high school.

“We have a good story to tell”–Prime Minister John Key

In Hollywood tonight, the City of Angels, (namely me, oh- and Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon rugby fans of Invictus the rugby leadership movie, maybe just a little bit too, & Ye Old King’s Head Tavern rugby supporters in Santa Monica too!) we celebrate the sporting selection of Sonny Bill Williams joining Samuel and George Whitelock in the announced new team of the New Zealand All Blacks for 2010/11.

New Zealand is the host nation in 2011, of the fiercely contested, gladiatorial sporting world’s, elite Rugby World Cup.

Get to it if you can. Awesomery sporting action. Gladiatorial sporting action. The supporters of the sport are one of the most fun aspects of the game of rugby football. Another reason to get there, just be a part of them all. Bloody good people.

As culturally correct, in sending these lads on their haerenga (journey) towards greatness, we celebrate this with the haka of Te Rauparaha, a Chief who overcame death from enemies in hot pursuit of his life. Te Rauparaha took refuge in a kumara (sweet potato) pit, beneath a Chiefly and noble woman who sat above him wearing chiefly woven cloaks that covered her and him. When he arose from the pit unscathed  - he celebrated with these words of the haka (Maori warrior’s war dance), an artform of masculine ferocity and cool, an expression of strength of a man’s inner spirit, distinct and indigenous to Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Centuries later, this same haka, is the offiical haka of New Zealand rugby lads.

Two hakas go up to be beamed out today from L.A. The first a haka from All Blacks rugby football sporting history performed before a match against South Africa, the current holders of The William Webb Ellis Cup.

The second haka, is the haka of Ngapuhi school boys in one high school - from the entire school of Whangarei Boys High School, brown and white lads (and fellow awesome redheaded like fire et al Kiwis too) performing in unison in the Maori language, in a city that is in the tribal region of NgapuhiTonuNui, one of my two Maori tribes by blood.

In doing so, WBHS send a challenge throughout all high schools in their nation, to match them and do the same with their ferocity – in unity as a collective school expressing Maori culture, language and heritage arts together with pride as a norm and forefront expression of their identity.

Back in my day, the school haka we wrote and performed under Wiki Harding‘s tutelege when I was the High School Maori Cultural captain, when performed – went on to win that year at the Te Taitokerau High Schools Maori Cultural (Kapa Haka) Festival - A haka that won the cup. Which is why, I’m posting this school’s haka in Hollywood today. It is like prophesy that “the best is yet to come.”   This haka featured is a new and updated version. Ka pai. It is good to see culture strong and evolving.

Ngapuhi is the largest Maori tribe by population, in the world. A good effort of leadership from WBHS! Interwoven community strength of participators actively creating and performing culture (like Hollywood movie stars do in film), being the star. Of course WBHS, you’re doing this today. 120+ years of being together as a school, looks good. Mauri Ora from Hollywood. :)

What a fine effort. A reminder that in sport and culture we are all united and are black too in New Zealand. And because we are, I acknowledge, see, affirm, give expression to and visibility to: your ihi, wehi, mana as young men of importance and value as leaders of the modern world in your own right, already. Btw: I am adding all of you lads to Hollywood’s Maori (& Kool Kiwis) Honor Role today. We are on a roll. :)

This image of Horiwood aka Sam Cruickshank (yawn! me – sorry), graduate of Whangarei Boys High School, CR Theology College (woooot!), Te Whare Waanaga a Aotearoa and Auckland University, with Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black to encourage both sporting achievement, entertainment excellence and academic achievement of all young people in New Zealand, on the rugby field and in lecture theater rooms and science labs too and on cultural/ theater stages, on sets and in cinemas. If you endure, dream, find strength within, always look up not down, and believe and give expression to your belief, your voice can be heard in the world too. Even against great odds, as you and Sonny Bill Williams and Samuel W, show as a rugby and haka nation of men who love to perform and entertain.

Good stuff fellahs! Louder - I still can’t quite hear you. :) And – go Rugby World cup players, supporters, followers and entourage of rugby mad babes too, like the smart and sporty Yale Women’s Rugby Team here in the US - for 2011. Kia Kaha Koutou- May great strength be yours.

[Top image - Samuel Whitelock scores a try breaking the tackle from Richard Buckman via Zimbio. All Blacks Rugby Football Team coach Graham Henry rolls out with his latest football appointment, Sonny B Williams, today. Image via Zimbio. Dustin Lance Black and Horiwood appear for Robert Ellis, an author for World Peace in the Middle East. Box office star and Oscar winning Maori-Kiwi-Aussie, Russell Crowe's Hollywood star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, California - The Te-Ika-A-Maui version.]

This post also dedicated to Ngapuhi rugby sporting greats, Zinzan Brooke and brother Robin Brooke of Warkworth; to my family’s childhood friend, world rugby great, Michael Jones and family and extended family of friends and allied Oak Ridge whanau a Whale Pasifika, along with youngsters and entertainers and sporting greats in the making Freedom Kahanui, Oscar Brooke, Louis Henry III, Taylor Thomas Thorp and Bailey Reign.

Universal of California are broadcasting The Rugby World Cup within America, 2011. Go Universal Sports and Warner Bros Studios for promoting rugby football as sporting entertainment in the USA.

When visiting California, Universal CityWalk Theme Park is a great place to visit when in Hollywood.

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LA Weekly, has Dame Helen Mirren doing a version of Hollywood at the big guns rifle range this week. All for show, to demonstrate the united ‘tough as bullets, yet still at war – fighting M.O.” She’s convincing enough with her stoic yet mischief, British poker face on, in this picture.

Dame Helen, is the onscreen stand in for Queen Elizabeth II, in Hollywood cinema texts, these days. She’s always playing the same person, and loves the role. Her vibe, kick ass Regal, with a smile.

I love the tagline in this story. “Classiest. Comic. Book. Movie. Ever. Helen Mirren will cut you. And other awesome-old-people-things.” Too funny.

Oh, and here’s Dame Helen’s costar, Karl Urban of RED hanging out with some super flash Maoris and Kiwis who all love gourmet hori food, in New Zealand. The most fun people ever, naturally.

I want to drop names of who exactly Karl appears with in this line up of talented stars, but I won’t give the full list. Because then I’d look like a snob. And they’d all agree with me, it’s far classier to be subtle, and not drop names. Just show, not tell is how Kiwi’s produce. They do, more then talk.

But I do believe there’s a past Governor General of New Zealand in here, along with a creative writing tutor, who writes stories about coastal dwelling Maori who have a close association to whales, that are so good, that they get 13 year-old debut actors nomimated for Oscars, in my/ our Hollywood hood.

ICU all. Much love. And by the way, I’m about dolphins, whales too, but more dolphins, in this Hollywood era. Like Helen Mirren role playing Regina, in this LA Weekly story, dolphins have a fine sense of fun and play, too. :)

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One image especially for Maori and Polynesian artists, all Kiwis and Canadians as well as True Blood fans who dig Anna Paquin and her fearless art as an entertainer. Jokingly I might add, that we taught this kid well in Jane Campion‘s The Piano filming years, didn’t we Maoris? Thank goodness for Maori extras in Hollywood’s cinematic history and current evolution of entertainment. Some of Anna’s best memories of early filmic friends are Maori moments. lol! 

Apologies to vegetarians and PETA lovers for all of the faux blood splatter again, but here’s the Hollywood Maori tribute version to Rolling Stone‘s hot Anna Paquin cover for True Blood with Alex Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer (it just had to be done).

As I was getting this photo, this mag was flying off the rack stands so quick, it made me want a medium-rare, Californian flame grilled Houston steak, asap. These 3 crazy kids are too Hollywood fierce this week. And why are Americans so obsessed with blood? Kiwi, Swedish and British blood at that. And these nations are America’s allies in real life, so go figure! 

In other news, here’s how you voted our top ten news choices. The guest commentary post today (embedded) is laugh-out-lady funny today. I don’t know who wrote it, but it brought a smile for poetic chortles purposes. 

1. True Blood Rolling Stone marketing ferocity, sings Pump Up The Volume.

2. Nikki Six still holds a flame for Kat Von D 

3. Justin Gaston‘s Psalmist-King‘s ink is Hollywood newsworthy

4. جلوه‌هایی از کرامت ها و ساده زیستی مقام

5. Team Alex Meraz

6. Hot Pick: Beyonce & Jay-Z at a restaurant

7. Angelina Jolie is triumphant in Salt

8. Michael Vartan joins Zoe Saldana & Cliff Curtis

9. An Author’s Sugar & Spice Style with Lauren Conrad

10. Humor: Johnny Depp will head to Hawaii for Pirates of the Caribbean

Guest humor: Will the real Carrie Bradshaw of the Middle East please come forward?

And as my bro, Cliff Curtis, Hollywood’s Maori King, cut his hori chops acting in both The Piano and Whalerider playing a Maori roles, garnering Oscar nods/ or helping garner winners, here’s two trailers just for brotha Cliff too–in recognition of all that Maori have gifted to Hollywood, to date. These films by women New Zealand filmmakers, starring Maori, are just so pretty. 

Because of a tremendous amount of love and a lot of grace that I feel I never deserved, I wake up every morning–most days happy–having the unique opportunity to be currently listed as a Struggling American-Maori writer of sorts. From this position of privilege as a Maori who happens to live in the Entertainment Capitol of the World. I have learned that it’s the journey of being an indigenous peoples’ storyteller that is the blessing and I can add that these people are my filmmaking people in our ‘Maori Hollywood’ active city too, 2010′s. Mauri Ora.

It is an honor to bear witness to this filmic tradition in Hollywood California, via a zero budget blog pressed fresh daily often against great odds, to herald the dreams of Maori and Kiwi filmmakers, yet to come.

In the 2010′s, Maori fusion filmmaking is so hot in Hollywood. Just look at Maori influences in Avatar to get a picture of that box office and record setting, cinematic Maori potential. Wow! With special thanks to Cliff and Keisha Castle Hughes, and my creative writing tutor Witi Ihimaera today for the inspiration to breathe, dream and be here at the help of friends and family. 

Bloody good stuff! Thanks

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.18.10~


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~Especially for Witi Ihimaera (author of The Trowenna Sea, a novel and Whalerider); Sir of Hearts, living Maori Kiwi legend, one of the greatest storytellers humanity has ever known and a true star of the world. I See You Rangatira. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.2.2010~


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I have been getting a lot of ‘fan mail’ from students at Universities in New Zealand with comments like “you’re amazing” to “you inspire us, blog on bro.” So, this blog post is especially for you–the emerging think tank in the world–and covers the concept of ‘Tino Rangatiratanga‘ which in my precious Maori language means ‘indigenous self determination.’

Avatar‘s recent inclusion and referencing of the Maori language by Hollywood’s reigning box office king and visionary filmmaker, James Cameron, has cast a global spotlight on Maori and Maori culture again from here in Hollywood and our ways of thinking for the planet culturally and future generations well-being like Cameron’s Na’vi people do in his 3D box office sensation film. Read the rest of this entry »


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Only in New Zealand would a cartoonist like Guy Body make light-hearted fun of the Knighthood honors being bestowed on Hollywood Oscar winning great, Sir Peter Jackson.

Read the rest of this entry »

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The Trowenna Story by Witi Ihimaera, one of the greatest living storytellers and authors on this diverse earth, is a must read for all who are humanitarian minded. Ihimaera authored the Whalerider that became a film starring actor Cliff Curtis and the Oscar nominated Keisha Castle-Hughes.

With The Trowenna Sea, think Last of The Mohicans epic storytelling that is set down under in the South Pacific of Maoriland (New Zealand) via Australia… and you have the essence of this book nailed and a future potential Hollywood film in the palms of your hands.

Think an updated Oscar winning Piano film by Jane Campion but this time with a male story line leading from New Zealand via Hollywood. That vibe is this book. The Trowenna Sea has the potential to be an epic Hollywood masterpiece, period film.

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Hollywood actor Cliff Curtis is rumored to be tying the knot in beautiful Rotorua New Zealand, very soon. Cliff is the ‘happiest hori’ who works in Hollywood that I know of.

Cliff Curtis is a funny man when he’s not doing intense method-acting character roles that Hollywood requires of him. This is the talented actors forte and he effortlessly excels at it for Tinsel Town.

Love is in the air. Along with master storyteller Professor Witi Ihimaera of The Whale Rider fame, Cliff  Curtis is a reigning Maori King of Hollywood entertainment.

Congrats bro… At Last. :)

~Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.26.09~


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Witi Ihimaera is one of Horiwood’s favorite living authors on the planet. He lives in New Zealand and trained me in creativity writing at Auckland Univeristy. He perhaps is best known for creating the story The Whalerider that produced an actress Keisha Castle-Hughes who was Oscar nominated at 13  years of age, just like Anna Paquin was for her role in Jane Campion‘s The Piano.

Witi Ihimaera really is that great a storyteller. Anyway, his new book Trowenna Sea has been under fire recently with a little bit of controversy. Here’s Kiwi girl bookworm blogger Mary Mac with her thoughts on the book and saga. By the way, you must must must, buy Trowenna Sea. I’m going to. Here’s Mary’s commentary:

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I Am Uncle Sam by Horiwood 11.11.09. Blog Post Art in Hollywood.

Featuring the artwork of: Witi Ihimaera, The Uncle’s Story: A Novel; James Montgomery Flagg, Uncle Sam (I Want You for the US Army), 1917; C.F Goldie, Te Aho Te Rangi Wharepu, 1902.

~for Johnny Gow, artist. One of the greatest kaitiaki and curators of traditional Maori art and an inspirer and supporter of Maori contemporary artists, Auckland New Zealand, Gow Langsford Gallery and: dad of Maori Kiwi children.

Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.11.09. I know who you are brother. Love your work Johnny. ~ Kia Ora. Rock on! :)

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Remembering the artistic greatness of artists James Montgomery Flagg, Witi Ihimaera and C.F Goldie today here in Hollywood. 

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