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An offer to save the Nasdaq from Germany’s ownership has Wall Street popping open the bolli today.

The front cover of the Wall Street Journal offsets stock market news with the tragic news involving UN workers being slaughtered. The story is pitted as a ‘religious war.’ Kinda.

Alan Kurtz of All Voices gives us this story with links – “In a bold stroke of religious one-upmanship, Terry Jones who has confessed to burning a copy of Qur’ an on US soil, has shifted blame from himself to Muslims for the massacre of 12 men at the United Nations Assistance Mission at Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on April 1, 2011. Seven UN workers and five protestors were killed when a demonstration against Jones’s Qur’an burning turned violent.

The UN fatalities included three civilian aid workers from Sweden, Norway and Romania, and four Nepalese security guards. The incident began at Friday prayers, during which mullahs angrily incited worshipers to avenge the Qur’an burning. Thousands of rioters throwing rocks, wielding AK-47s, burning the U.S. flag and chanting “Death to America,” quickly overran and set fire to the UN compound.

Yet instead of issuing a mea culpa and making the talk-show rounds to contritely say “My bad,” Pastor Jones called the attacks a “tragic and criminal action” and demanded retaliation against the perpetrators by the U.S. government and the United Nations. “The time has come to hold Islam accountable,” he declared. “We must hold these countries and people accountable for what they have done as well as for any excuses they may use to promote their terrorist activities.”

Cafe Talk on the Matter – Joe and Michael swerve in to the next door table at the cafe in West Hollywood, we talk about this. Both are in their 70′s getting coffee before going to see a local play. They’re IT savvy grey powered people.

Joe says: “This whole thing is celebrity driven. It’s like people will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. They’ll kill UN workers. Whatever, just to get it. There’s vulnerable people in the world, programmed by others to do such things. I totally blame Facebook and movie stars. No, I blame Oprah. She started it on her show. We loved it, when people confessed big moments of meaning in their life to us all. Now there’s all those reality TV shows, Oprah started that. But really, I blame our American movie stars who get these ridiculous salaries and every one thinks Facebook culture offers them an opportunity to be one of them. All of this, “how many people are following me” stuff, is all a load of nonsense.”

Yes, many times it is. I try and look innocent.

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The UK Daily Mail reports today on the mental cost of war on soldiers on the front lines of battle, in down time, in this bizarre story:

“Shocking new details emerged today of how American troops formed a ‘death squad’ to randomly murder Afghan civilians and mutilate their corpses. An investigation by Rolling Stone magazine details how senior officers failed to stop troops killing Afghans and keeping body parts as trophies.”

Don’t these personnel play the Angry Bird game in downtime instead, like 100,000 alleged people do? I thought that was what the military do, is play video games. Shocker!

Empathy in dwelling on the shocking horrors of this story, could quite possibly lead to enlisting in a military brigade of some sort, later. So…. click on this story’s link with that risk already outlined, up front. This is a military recruiting story, for sure. Poor Afghani civilians.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail also claim, ‘Khamis Gaddafi, 27, who may have been killed by a Libyan kamikaze pilot, had once been on a four-week U.S. tour organised by an American company with U.S. State Department approval. The revelations come moments after Barack Obama defended his decision to lead coalition forces in Libya and are sure to be highly embarrassing for the Administration.’– Children are not their parents, so why is Obama under fire here? To do so is a non-humane or fair act. Or am I just thinking way too freely here? That story is found in full, here.

Leaders children of nations are treated all the same when visiting overseas nations.

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