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I was thinking about writing a story, a children’s book about every Libyan kid that’s ever had a dream, felt excluded without twitter access, who wanted to belong on an iPhone, or go to a Starbucks, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference and share their Subway sandwich combos choices on Facebook.”–but you know… NATO can write that one. :)

Instead I think that maybe the world needs to see a Polynesian super heroes children’s book series as a refreshing alternative. I mean no one on the planet has done a book series like this one, ever. It’s called a new idea. I think Libya’s kids would love it as well. The first book would see the young superheroes go to Libya, then Japan, China, then New York, then Africa, then Australia in subsequent books of the series.

It would be amazing what adventures they would get up to on their travels as super friends. Maybe I should just give the idea to a thirteen year-old artist instead –that would be even more amazing!

Here’s six things you’re loving right now in Hollywood and sharing via social media.

1. Reblle fleur ink by Rihanna

2. Ms. Palicki gets a big tick from me in her new job

3. Super Kōhatu Maori humor

4. Australia is wired tightly to IT like few other nations are

5. Facebook producing – The Winklevoss twins are lol!

6. Family humor – Tattoos, Amber Portwood & baby Leah

Bonus Music linkNesian Mystik – Polynsian’s greatest boy band rocks out

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