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“The island Atlantis in a single day and night disappeared into the depths of the sea.”–Plato’s dialogues, 360 BC. According to The National Geographic Channel, a tsunami was what originally caused the city of Atlantis to be a buried city. Scientists also believe they have found the city in Spain. Here’s Reuters with a story via : ‘NORTHAMPTON, Mass (Reuters) – A U.S.-led group of researchers believe they have discovered the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis that became swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in southern Spain mud flat regions. “This is the power of tsunamis,” researcher Richard Freund, a University of Hartford professor, told Reuters. “It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about,” said Richard.  Read the rest of this entry »