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Australia Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who wowed the US Congress recently in Washington, flew to Christchurch City, South Island New Zealand to show her respect to the people of Canterbury rebuilding a city after earthquake devastation. The fiery grace of that hair color and smile as Ms Gillard is welcomed by the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe was very heartening to see on the day.

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“The prime minister and Mr [Tim] Mathieson are delighted to have been invited to the wedding which will capture the hearts of millions around the world,” Ms Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia’s office said in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald today.

Nice one! It could be the first time that the Hot Ginge (a devout atheist) has ever set foot in a church. What she’s doing for love is awesomery! Aw! Our little Welsh girl in Aussie is cute today.

I wonder if Julia and Tim will donate to Christchurch’s earthquake rebuild effort or Vanuatu that’s been hit by a quake, in liu of wedding gifts?

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In the agenda of Carbon Tax Setting in the world, let’s not shoot the forerunner messenger of the message. She’s just a baby getting started…

Pollsters have again blamed the carbon tax proposition for a mild dip in new Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard‘s popularity in the latest results of a political opinion poll survey.

‘Today’s Nielsen poll, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, puts Ms Gillard’s approval rating at 47 per cent, the lowest since she took office.’

The survey revealed 39% of people prefer have a fond sport for Kevin Rudd as Labor leader, putting him five points ahead of Ms Gillard. The Coalition leads Labor on the two-party preferred vote, 54 points to 46.. News source- AGENCIES (undefined) via The New Zealand Herald.

You know, anyone that can wow the US Congress from another nation like Gillard did last week, reaffirming that Aussies are ‘great mates’ with well, everyone, especially America, perhaps deserves a little bit more respect than this. Clearly this girl has good skills. She’s like Kate Blanchett. Respect worthy. Yet the good people of Australia have voted. So, here in LA, our eyes have noticed. Competitive parliaments are the best for the people. Fairness is achieved –perhaps is what these polls indicate. So far I like Julia. She’s to the point and certainly not the dullest of crayons in the box. Go lady! :)

Other nations take on Ms Gillard’s leadership profile to date, who President Obama defines as his strongest ally (based solely on war commitment criteria) have these fews on Ms Gillard today.

Unimpressed voters still shun Abbott- Sydney

Americans adore Julia Gillard but Aussies not big on gushing–UK

[PHOTOGRAPH of Ms Gillard and President Obama, courtesy of Third Age]

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A billboard message as photographed five minutes ago in Hollywood let’s us know the new direction of Washington-Hollywood’s next show. It’s a little Toni Collette or Hugh Jackman too, definitely very Nicole Kidman-esque as well.

From Steven Spielberg’s show comes the billboard message, “The battle for the student body has begun.” The best trained student minds go where? That is the question, especially in the scientific field of green energy technologies advancement. :)

It’s now a battle of the smarts. I love it!!!

The United States of Aussie in the USA. These celebrity news posts voted by you on Horiwood.Com today in Hollywood round out that sentiment. Enjoy.

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Oops, I almost forgot. The best post ever–Keisha Castle Hughes, Barack Obama, Julia Gillard, John Key & Beyonce. Hot!

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[Photo caption Kevin Zegars and Keisha Castle-Hughes star in Vampire - Pic via NZH]

Reports the New Zealand Herald today, Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes was taken away from a prominent Auckland nightclub in handcuffs after a bar fight sparked by a “crude” comment about her acclaimed movie Whale Rider broke out, all up in our girl’s Hollywood A-Listed face in gorgeous New Zealand, after dark.

The once teen mom, now working mother found herself in a fight resulting in cuts and bruises for her boyfriend Mark Graves. Say it isn’t so! This man is NOT Castle Hughes bodyguard. Stop that nonsense asap!

Oscars Show’s Maori royalty in New Zealand getting ruffed up like that is so not acceptable! How rude! ;) More follows below…

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The Herald continues “The 20-year-old star and her agent say she was not arrested in the weekend incident, but confirmed last night that police removed her from the scene.

Both the actress and boyfriend Michael Graves were released without charge.

Castle-Hughes told the Herald the fight broke out after someone recognised her at the Pony Club in Customs St and made a derogatory remark about Whale Rider.

She said Graves got into the fight defending her “in regards to comments made to me that were quite rude about my job, and so from there it became a physical fight”.

“He defended me and it got out of hand. It was in the club and there were lots of people involved … It was very messy.

“It was an unfortunate incident and I was involved in an altercation in amongst it and, yes, I was taken away by the police because I was in the way while they arrested a number of people,” said the Maori Hollywood cinematic princess of the South Pacific after her rare night out on the town. Such a sensible young lady.

For more go here….

As Keisha is a national living treasure of New Zealand, Indigenous Peoples of the World and Hollywood, California, and, the fact that she stars in a new show that has the word “John” in it, perhaps this young Princess of Hollywood and Maoridom, needs her own bodyguard budget allocated to her when she goes out. ;)

Now there’s a good thought for Security smart New Zealand.

President Barack Obama taking The Hot Ginge of Aussie (aka PM Julia Gillard) to US school, Wakefield of Arlington is pictured below via The UK Daily Telegraph. President Obama in his reshuffle of whose the USA’s best buddies this year said “We have no stronger ally than Australia,” Mr Obama said, after the Oval Office talks, marking the 60th anniversary of the formal alliance between the two nations.” Word!

“The two leaders said they discussed the uprisings in the Middle East, key Asia-Pacific security and economic issues and the fact their nations were “great mates” linked by a pioneering spirit and love of the outdoors.”

She also said she had talked to Mr Obama about the need to maintain the G20 summit of developed and developing nations as a driver of economic growth and job creation.

Good mates are good mates. Nice one Julia. Photo via AP.

Gillard echoes her sentiments to President Obama that she first made with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key about ‘being good mates’ is how we like to roll in the world as allies in Australia, America and Aotearoa New Zealand. Mr Key is pictured with Ms Gillard below reflecting strong mateship ties.

Oh… one more news link via Telegraph 9/11 WikiLeaks cables in full.

And reflecting on President Obama’s political hi-lights, also check out this informative news link too –  Obama’s highs and lows

Anyway, back to Ms. Keisha Castle Hughes who just added bar brawl survivor to her Hollywood star template, quite by accident, here’s a Beyonce song, as a reminder to stay on top of things… always. And whoever gets in the road of your star fun at Pony bars, giving them a little neck move, Beyonce styles, goes a long way. Go Keisha! ;)

Wow, I can’t believe that five of my favorite people to blog about in Hollywood are in one post today. Let’s work it!

Visual – Pop Art Kiwi key ring reference for Keisha Castle-Hughes Today for cuffing one’s keys, that matter. Mauri ‘Ola. :)

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[Photo caption - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is greeted by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at Auckland airport.]

In political press that resembles the good relationship that Kiwi born country rocker Keith Urban has with his Oscar winning wife, Nicole Kidman the two leaders of New Zealand and Australia seem to be getting on famously. The key words, “mateship” “tremendous” “imbed” “strong business” “cross-pollination” “always there to help” “keep productivity and competitiveness high” “special friend” were being openly shared between these two fun and creative world leaders on the stage of global politics.

Guest commentary via the New Zealand Herald today on Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent visit to Kiwiland reads like this:

“Prime Minister John Key introduced Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to the Glen Taylor School in the Auckland suburb of Glendowie as his “special friend”. The pair were welcomed with a Maori welcome.

Mr Key recently introduced the new ‘national standards policy’ with this school and explained that there was a degree of difficulty with the moderation aspects of the policy, saying “it takes time for the system to imbed”. But overall it was going to make a “tremendous” difference. A grass-roots based community story, the leaders signed a plaster cast of a young girl who had broken her leg when she tripped at the Parnell pool.

Gillard pays tribute to Kiwi ‘mateship’: Earlier today, Ms Gillard paid tribute to the help New Zealanders gave in the recent Queensland floods. ”You brought comfort, you brought mateship and you will never be forgotten,” she told over a thousand people at a business lunch in Auckland.

“We too will not forget the 29 men who never came home from the Pike River Mine. They live on in our hearts and our memories. And at a time of hardship and grief, Australia will always be there to help.” The main focus of her speech was the business relationship, saying a strong New Zealand was good for Australia and and strong Australia was good for New Zealand.

(She does have a point as Australia owns all but one of New Zealand’s major banks. Good business in New Zealand can only benefit the region, as Gillard so aptly posits). 

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