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Taking the pressure off the rather weird, sports football scandals appearing in US news headlines today, comedienne and hotelier Andre Balazs and talk show comic, Chelsea Handler have followed in Kim Kardashian‘s and footballer Kris Humphries wake by announcing a split.

Balazs and Handler currently have more heat and interest than election day news. However, they haven’t managed to bump the sad football scandals news, off the top headlines yet of news.

[News Source - New York Daily News. Photo via the very talented Kevin Mazur]

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Reports the Sydney Morning Herald, Los Angeles comic TV host presenter, Chelsea Handler blitzed the State Theatre with a gale force level of her unique, politically incorrect, fearless bawdy ridicule.

Chelsea makes hating seem lucrative, all done with a smile. The targets of her comedy act last night were dealt with fast and furiously, including “homewrecking bitch” Angelina Jolie, her lisping young niece, Asian drivers and a lengthy expletive-ridden diatribe against her ex-boyfriend.

She’s sort of like the angry non-singing Susan Boyle. Aussie seems to enjoy her a lot.

Personally, I like her writers better. They’re funnier people and nicer too.

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images]

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Chelsea Handler wrote the book, Are you there Vodka? It’s me Chelsea! and Laura Prepon, is going to play Chelsea in the sitcom adaptation of Chelsea’s book idea.

Chelsea Handler however, is in on the acting act too. In the NBC pilot based on the comedian’s autobiography, Handler will be playing her own older sister on the show!

That’s funny. A good way of aging gracefully perhaps for Handler. :)

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The beautiful Adele of the U.K has a no.1 album, 21, on her iPod in the USA. When the numbers are in, she will debut at #1. Soulful.

Britney Spears new single from her Femme Fatale album is rumored to be Til The World Ends. Orson-”Spears”-Welles!

Christchurch quake kids need our love. Let’s do it!

L.A can be a harsh city in the romance department. Thankfully, cupid, Justin Long has it covered.

Paul McCartney plays Sir Mix-A-Lot okaying Beatles remixing for kids. He’ll take a cut. Smart.

Chelsea Handler continues to be a tad bit stroppy. New Jersey girls!

Could we be witnessing an onslaught of nude Eva Mendes pics. How very Kimmie K!

Music law suits continue. This time it’s Econoline Crush Vs Nickleback.

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[Photo caption - Dave Salmoni is the last guy, Chelsea Handler allegedly dated]

Writes Ology blog today: “As I wrote yesterday, Chelsea Handler was reportedly spotted hooking up with some rich guynamed Andre Balazs at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend. As usual, she addressed the rumors in her opening monologue on Chelsea Lately last night and insists they did not make out. They may have had sex though…

“I would like to clear up some of the mistruths circulating in the usually impeccably accurate blogosphere,” she explained. “I was accused of canoodling with a male companion and shooting off dirty looks to any other women in our vicinity. In general, I have a dirty look on my face all the time. Don’t presume it’s for you.”

She went on, “The most outlandish reports said I was seen making out in public. I have never and will never make out with anyone in public. I have, however, had sex in public.”

Haha. She ended it with this little zinger:

“I’m livin la vida loca, girl. If you don’t like it, poke your eyes out!”

Can’t argue with that really. In Chelsea’s case it’s all true.

[Pic of Chelsea Handler via Ill Net]

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Chelsea Handler‘s writing team, working right next to me.

Such a bl**dy noisy bunch, but always fun. They’re piggish too. (Joking). Today we talk Kardashian family dish. These jokes will never be said by Chelsea because she’s on the same network as Team K are. However, we have fun playing with this family in imaginary scripts that will never be read on air about them. That’s what these writers do for The Chelsea Lately Show.

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1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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Huffington Post speculates as to whether Jennifer Aniston is distancing herself from her new buddy Chelsea Handler. No one really wants to be close to either Dr Drew or Chelsea Handler this week in the Hollywood hood. Handler and Drew attack people they haven’t met and don’t know anything about. Anyone would think they both thought they were like bloggers or something. ;)

It could all change in a week though. Chelsea could be Hollywood’s darling next week if she did something extremely funny to redeem herself. That’s show biz.

A general rule of thumb though is that, if you’re a team player, you just might observe that when someone is in the act of promoting a Hollywood movie, that this clearly is not the best time to attack them publicly. Simply because California’s economy rides on the success of movies doing well. If you can’t observe that one rule–Hollywood views you as being just a little bit dumb as you could hurt our economy. Believe it or not, movie stars are also cultural treasures of America–more so than talk show hosts or reality TV peeps. There’s a whole tradition that goes with movie stars in Hollywood. It’s sort of military, you discover if you live here. To diss someone without a purpose (other than for yourself alone), makes it look like you don’t really know Hollywood history.

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The wikileaks scandal taught us that it is writers typed words that are often more important than the faces that present this ‘truth’ or information.

Up until now, I have liked Chelsea Handler, the Jewish-Catholic girl from New Jersey who slept with her boss, to keep her job on E! Entertainment and rise as a talk show star of Los Angeles of younger funnier women on the block in California.

Handler’s claim to fame is saying the word gay as many times as she possibly can in one taped episode of her talk show. She actually doesn’t have a real gay brother, but she pretends she’s the sister of people who identify with being gay. So many American girls are famous with the gay word and a bottle of peroxide it all gets a bit thin when so many compete against each other as a base to fame with this tactic.

Basically, this is Chelsea’s gig. She dyes her hair blonde and then says “gay, gay, gay” a million times, to be funny and famous. It’s so thin to me, her whole schtick. Normally though, she’s quite funny with her jokes gay writers have written for her. I have laughed at her on many occasion–because Chelsea’s writers are kind of ridiculous with Chelsea as their puppet face. I always look at the writing, whether that be in entertainment, politics or business–not the face presenting the information alone. Writers are funnier and just as authentic to me, than presenters.

Now Handler is dissing Angelina Jolie in “supposed to be comedy live shows” Read the rest of this entry »


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Everything about Los Angeles talk show host Chelsea Handler is hot these days.

Above, Chelsea managed to get Taylor Swift onto her show to confess she’s a fan. Handler is having Thanksgiving holidays with Jennifer Aniston in Los Cabos, Mexico (see pics below) and even her co-hosts/ writers of The Chelsea Lately Show are appearing in Hollywood comedies like Morning Glory and No Strings Attached. This is what can happen to girls who are half Catholic, half Jewish from New Jersey and who are funny and date their boss. Love it.

In fairness, I’m running this Chelsea Handler spotlight post today as Chelsea’s Boss’ Boss of E! Entertainment Television is Comcast and NBC/ Universal, who are broadcasting The Rugby World Cup in America next year. This makes them super hot for that pioneering sports spirit. By proxi, Chelsea Handler and her team too. Nice work from Chelsea all round in L.A! A funny girl.

Celebrities entertainment news you loved and voted in Hollywood today. Here’s our top ten.

1. One Tree Hill – U2 in New Zealand, a tribute of love, life, loss

2. Levi Johnstone hocky pic

3. Kate Middleton

4. Johnny Depp

5. L. Vonn

6. Kim Kardashian

7. The 29 names of the trapped miners in New Zealand

8. Montana Native American Indians – global warming warning

9. Kris Fa’faoi

10. Prestige Dance Group–Championship winning performance

[Images of Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston with a friend courtesy of Bauer Griffin Online]

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Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is opening for U2. She talks to L.A girl Chelsea Handler on her first talk show interview ever. Watch above. Very creative.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news you love. Here’s how you voted our top ten today. Enjoy.

1. About Horiwood: Climb by Hekia Parata

2. What’s my name by Rihanna & Drake

3. Zahara Jolie-Pitt

4. Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie work the billboard circuit

5. Teeth by Joe Manganiello for Sir Richard Branson

6. Eva Gabor ‘s Hollywood star, Walk of Fame

7. Miranda Kerr for Victoria’s Secret 2009

8. U2 is performing in New Zealand - woot!

9. Justin Gaston wears Psalmist Kings ink for Young Hollywood

10. Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2010

Bonus Post: Christ Pine is now A-Listed in Hollywood – Star Trek

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Previously on this website, it was alleged that cheeky girl of LA’s late night talk TV set, Chelsea Handler was going to the Candy Shop, with rapper, actor, Fiddy (Fifty Cent). Well, not yet.

: “Everyone, calm down. I met with mr. Cent about a potential project. There’s nothing to report yet, ill let you know if there is.”

That’s the latest on that situation.

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Los Angeles favorite Jewish-Catholic talk show host of Late Night TV, was spotted getting closer, with rap star, actor Fifty Cent in a dual publicity build up of film, TV talk and music.

Both were spotted at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans. Cute.

[Pic via TMZ]

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When the star of the night, wore a faux meat dress (cow couture) to the VMA’s, every vegan critic and entertainment reporter had to take it out on someone.

That person, turned out to be the other new blonde star of the night, Chelsea Handler of New Jersey, now living in California. Of Chelsea’s first MTV Video Music Awards MC hosting gig, here’s what other media outlets had to say:

Entertainment Weekly says Handler was “too paint by numbers.” Her jokes about Kanye West, they dubbed “edgy-but-boring.” How can you be both edgy and boring? That’s such entitled analysis. 

The Washington Post critiqued Handler’s opening monologue, labeling her banter “a string of flat punch lines that felt a few degrees below crass.” Hello, this girl’s from New Jersey originally. Chelsea’s humor is a NJ art form. But perhaps, I see The Post‘s point. On the Chelsea Lately Show any press is good press, and that was a compliment. 

The New York Times were the most scathing. New York has its own late night talk market of hosts to gun for. Here’s what they said: “among the worst [hosts] in the show’s history.” Ouch.

“Here, she never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material, and the wattage of those around her.” Okay, so she’s not Carol Burnett yet. Noted. Although they like Chelsea on her Late Night Show (“consistently funny”), they went on to describe her as being “purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor.”

Chelsea’s whole gig is the: gay, lesbian, black, disabled, fat, Asian, redhead, Jewish, Catholic schtick. Like… used all together, as many times as you can get these words into one the sentence. She’s really proud of herself, when she can. 

In fact, a perfect show for Chelsea is when all of these words are used at least 30 times (each), in a Chelsea half hour TV format. Guests have  to be at least three of those labels, to even make it onto her show.

Or if a celebrity guest (who brings in ratings), they must at least be prepared to say three of these words while Chelsea interviews them. In this role, Handler is very funny. She crosses all the taboo lines that many mainstream media gatekeepers are not. So to label Chelsea Handler ‘alarming’ with ‘off-color racial humor’ is to miss the point of why she was even chosen as host this year. Handler would have loved that racist compliment, the best. 

When she returns to her late night hosting gig, she should just wear a slab of meat on her head for the duration of the whole show for a laugh. The Hollywood Reporter now under new management, decided to grill Handler too. Not really. They just ran with what The Times ran with. 

A note, to Handler’s team, to start including THR news references into their programming content perhaps. (That’s like a Hollywood, “hello”). Janice Min, is the new girl in charge. 

In California, everyone loves Chelsea Handler. She’s naughty. And Jewish-Catholic zany fun. She’s also one of the few female hosts the Awards Show has had. Maybe critics just don’t like female hosts, because she wasn’t that bad in her first MC hosting gig.

It’s rational thinking just to blame the faux cow-couture dress Lady Gaga wore as the show stopper of gross, on these Vegan critics testy words, instead.

There’s nothing that annoys a testy vegan media critic more than plastic meat. They can’t even choose not to eat that. Or question whether it exists or not, is real or not, to entertain. Poor Chelsea Handler. She did a stellar job.

I would like to see Chelsea get funnier on her show. Like, she could use the words ‘Muslim, Iran, terrorist, Arabs, Middle Easterners, mosque, hummus’ … for instance, more so than she does,  on late night talk. Carol Burnett certainly would have, if Burnett had the spotlight today, to entertain. 

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When I last caught up with Chelsea Handler of the Chelsea Lately talk show, LA’s wittiestly potty-mouth blonde of late night talk shows, announced to the world that she was going to be MTV Music Awards host this year in LA.

Chelsea did this by rocking out to a Natasha Beddingfield concert (it’s a blonde thing) in Glendale, CA, with her beau Dave Salmoni close by.

Well today, Cheslea – who has a major phobia of animals that don’t look like domesticated dogs or cats, decided to put Dave in the ‘sometimes boyfriend’ department, which in Hollywood means, her star brand is greater than his right now. Poor Dave.

EOnline the home of Chelsea’s show says this about her decision: “Up until a couple weeks ago, I was working very intimately with the Animal Planet, but unfortunately, that contract was terminated,” she playfully revealed during her monologue. “However, I enjoyed being in bed with them and may hook up for an occasional project.”

Yep, it’s a jungle out there. But at least somebody’s able to see the forest for the trees.”

All the trees say Chelsea is funny. Period. Other than that, she has her scriptwriters writing the best dialogue for her on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in local Hollywood cafes, I’ve noticed of late. What a taskmaster! Is popularity in Hollywood a drug? :)

Let’s not forget that Chelsea got her job by sleeping with her boss, for five years, before we’re too quick to judge Dave. 

To watch Chelsea’s ego, announce the news herself, go here. A girl’s gotta do. 

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Chelsea Handler is one popular Jewish-Catholic New Jersey girl in California these days. Reports Just Jared: ‘Last night, it was announced that Chelsea would be hosting the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th.

Chelsea says: “This has been a huge year for hip-hop and rap, and it is well-known that I have the closest ties with these communities – musically and sexually,” she joked in a statement. “I am to rap and hippity-hop what Warren Buffet is to finance, minus the sex.” Handler is too funny. 

Chelsea also rocked out to see Kiwi-Brit singer-songwriter, Natasha Beddingfield, perform live in concert at Glendale last night in LA, with her beau, Dave Salmoni, the host of Animal Planet. Hollywood’s latest couple have been dating a month. 


[Image courtesy of MK]

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Blondes who love to chat it up on camera, is what California enjoys doing on late night Talk TV. The Chelsea Lately Show is one of the best in the nation on this art form of disseminating pop cultural blah blah for the American people.

Australians can benefit from Chelsea’s acerbic brand of humor too sometimes, when Chelsea jet sets to Sydney to create off shore American TV talk too, down under. 

Props to Chelsea Handler for finally being star worthy enough to land A-List stars like Jennifer Aniston. And who doesn’t love Jenn Aniston. She’s always a honey.

TV ratings progress is looking good on Handler. A sign that humorists are an elixir for feel good entertainment in current times. 

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20 CELEBRITY BITES 4.30.2010

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey‘s split news is the big story today. Here’s twenty celebrity news bites–for your entertainment. Enjoy!

1. Bret Michaels hyponatremia treatments are getting a Press Conference–Extra TV

2. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey decide to split. Sad–Radar

3. Chelsea Handler reveals that she did a sex tape for a joke. Literally–US Magazine

4. Betty White says no nudity or dope jokes on her SNL gig. Lol!–ET Online

5. Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong will be a father for the 5th time–

6. March against Racial Discrimination in LA–Latinos for Ever! –Just Do It

7. Hot! Kid Rock will host CMT Awards, June 9th 8pm–People Magazine

8. Box Office: Iron Man 2 is doing great offshore. Excellent!–Hollywood Reporter

9. Julia Roberts needs some love from US tabloids–Pop Eater

10. Clash of The Titans 3D has 390 million reasons for its sequel. 3D is hot–Coming Soon

11. Robert Downey Jr. says Iron Man 3 is on the cards–MTV

12. Morman girl Stephenie Meyer signs gay director Bill Condon for TwilightHit Fix

13. Michael Patrick King will make Warner Bros TV his home–Pop Watch

14.  Steve Carell is done doing TV–Office Telly

15. Scarlett Johansson wants to be like her hubby, with a spin off–Jam Canoe 

16. Music $. Punk lover David Letterman launches own record label–Music Mix

17. Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz withdraw their domestic violence claims–TMZ

18. Rosie O’Donnell is the next celebrity to try and cash Lindsay Lohan in–IMDB

19. Time Magazine list Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as nobodies–Time

20. Sandra Bullock says it was important to adopt from the US. She needs to travel!–HuffPo

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According to the website Queertyrapper Jay-Z got in a spat with Chelsea Handler at the Coachella music festival in the week end, because he was a bit homophobic. Go here to read.

I doubt whether that is true, as Jay-Z produces and mentors Rihanna and if you ever read her song lyrics, you know that Rihanna is very gay friendly. Actually, this rumored Chelsea Handler feud is a huge compliment to Jay-Z and Beyonce as the way the star system is played, is that a star must strike their flint against a more established star’s metal to get some buzz. It’s the playful rhetoric of America’s celebrity star system and how it creates new stars and makes stars bigger, brighter and stronger.

If Jay-Z accepts/ continues or replies to the alleged feud with Handler, than he’s saying Chelsea of the Chelsea Lately show is A-Okay. I hope he does, because Chelsea is always fun.

And any phobia that gets addressed in any society by just being talked about (eg: saying the words gay or Asian or black or Middle Eastern as many times as we can–has got to be good for overal society’s acceptance of people classed as different).

The alleged report, also framed Beyonce as Jay-Z’s submissive wife, unable to stand up to Jay-Z as if Beyonce was some kind of black Stepford Wife. Again, Beyonce earns more than twice what Jay-Z does a year, so if she’s being submissive, she’s just being a lady to amuse her man’s sense of humor.

Beyonce is a huge icon in the gay community–and many communities, so I doubt that Jay-Z would be so ignorant. It’s nice to see Chelsea getting another shout out in the press though. This girl is always worthy of a spotlight more often than not. She has funny, witty and dazzling things to say. She makes the US look smart. That’s a celebrity leader in my book for the 2010′s decade.  

In America, we love all three of these stars.

~Images courtesy of Queerty. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.20.2010~

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Guy Branum –talented Hollywood screenwriter and comedic TV talent for America’s much loved Chelsea Handler of the Chelsea Lately Show –has three things to say to the UK, Australia and New Zealand, from West Hollywood tonight.

NEW ZEALAND: “Kia ora bros. Invite Chelsea, Chuy and me down to Paihia beach will ya. Maoris and Martinis on dolphin beach… yes!”

AUSSIE: “G’day mates. Love and miss you guys here in LA.”

UK: Robert Pattinson who? He’s not funny. Follow me!”

And there you have it. Funny guy. Mr Guy Branum always makes me laugh and look so short too. Lol!

[Image --Horiwood's own. Image of Chelsea and Chuy, courtesy of Pacific Coast News]

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Sweetie, we know that the vodka + dorittos diet is what you swear by, but come on, now! Chelsea Handler cheats another magazine cover for Shape‘s April 2010 issue.

Chelsea Handler‘s point?… all the other b*tches do… why can’t I?

Look at that grin! Priceless. Love her.

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When Chelsea Handler turned up to promote her new book on Jimmy Fallon‘s talk show– vodka and Fallon’s clumsy footwork on set… palyed a big part in making Chelsea’s book promotion, very very successful today.

Let’s see if she gets to #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Go girl!

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Happy 35th birthday, Chelsea Handler, funnywoman of Hollywood.

Captain of the wittiest talk show ship in The City of Angels for thirty and forty somethings (mainly) wanted to celebrate her b’day with a funny, witty couple… and she did!

Luv ya!

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Perhaps worse than burning one’s peen with scalding hot water, is the need to talk about it two months after the fact, on nationwide TV.

Thankfully, Los Angeles’ witty woman of TV Talk, Chelsea Handler let Channing Tatum vent his spleen about it on The Chelsea Lately Show.

Are you over it yet Channing? Move on bro! :)

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The funniest female talk show host in LA, Chelsea Handler‘s rep confirmed rumors in Tinsel Town today that Chelsea and her boss/ boyfriend Ted Harbert the head honcho at E! Entertainment have split.

Says the rep, “Ted has nothing but the highest regard for Chelsea both personally and professionally.”

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THE HORIWOOD TOP 10 – SUN 1.10.2010

Cheeky Chelsea Handler, crooner Robin Thicke and creative Lady Gaga are on top of the world here in Hollywood as you voted your top ten entertainment news topics of interest today. Enjoy. 

1. Lady Gaga News: 10 Top rating news posts on Horiwood.Com

2. Chelsea Handler and Robin Thicke: the fatherhood of white soul

3. Vanessa Lopez claims a five year affair with Shaquille O’Neal

4. 10 reasons why Disney bought Marvel Comics

5. Oh Rihanna!

6. Backstreet Boy, A J McClean will wed girlfriend Rochelle Karadis

7. Megan Fox‘s vinegar dieting joke + 10 celebrity news tweets via twitter

8. Hayden Panettiere‘s image is the most pirated in a TV Series across 2009

9. From Hollywood: 10 Rugby Football Stars of the New Zealand All Blacks Team

10. St John fashion house say Angelina Jolie is too hot to label

BONUS POST:  The Rock Dwayne Johnson says show me your Hollywood teeth!

Here’s vintage Robin Thicke on the Oprah Show singing his #1 hit, Lost Without You live. What a talent, voice and gift to couples, Love and romance all over the world. Gotta love this brotha. He’s the grooviest American bro, ever! Native Angeleno, Robin Thicke, is just too cool for Hollywood school.

[Image of Chelsea Handler courtesy of LA Direct via Hollywood Insider]

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To be celebrity, you’ve got to have something to sell. No one knows this better than comedian Kathy Griffin. She was hysterically funny on the Chelsea Lately Show with America’s reigning queen of late night talk, Chelsea Handler.

Kathy has these things to promote: a new book: Official Book Club Selection, a new CD: Suckin’ It For The Holidays, Kathy’s plastic surgery, her fantasy relationship with Sarah Palin‘s grandchild’s father, Levi Johnston, and Andre Agassi as a change from Tiger Woods.

She’s just too funny in being the best wannabe celebrity ever. Really she is like Spencer and Heidi Pratt all rolled up into one lapsed Irish-Catholic, American girl’s fake body. Watch the clip for a chortle if you need a laugh.

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Watch what happens when Rove McManus, Australia’s King of Late Night Talk meets Chelsea Handler, Hollywood’s reigning queen of Late Night Talk.

Excuse the bleeps. This is as good as Late Night Talk gets between Hollywood, USA and Australia.

I love the way that Chelsea tries to pitch to Rove to cross the Pacific Ocean and experience the bigger terrain of US Talk Show markets at the E! Entertainment Network. She’s too cute. A great moment.

Hopefully Rove will come to America and rock his witty Aussie banter out here in Los Angeles. That would rock!

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Although this is clearly not Chelsea Handler‘s body, her cheeky smile photoshopped ontp Playboy‘s Christmas issue makes this a very happy cover.


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