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Public demonstrations generally follow Facebook numbers increase. The latest trending topic of world news is undoubtedly a display of Public Demonstrations. Everybody’s doing it. New Zealand did Public Demonstrations over “keeping The Hobbit Films in New Zealand.” Not very political, but hey – entertainment goes with Facebooking!

Filmmaking is well worth, public demonstrating over! Hollywood would agree with that.

Seriously though, Public Demonstration News is swiftly followed by press releases from Facebook, appearing as news via The Associated Press, who are now playing Facebook’s publicists. That’s sort of funny. Read here.

This via a blog today - RABAT, MOROCCO – FEBRUARY 20: Women whose family members have been arrested join thousands of other Moroccans in demonstrations against the regime led by King Mohammed VI on February 20, 2011 in Rabat, Morocco. Responding to calls by the ‘February 20′ movement on the social networking site Facebook, thousands of Moroccans from diverse backgrounds and ages took to the streets to protest in Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat. The protests in Morocco, which follow uprisings in neighboring countries, were mostly peaceful.”

May equality for all global citizens be our goal. And may each nation get it together and develop their own Facebook sites in this age of digital revolution. Words written by the people of the people should be housed by the people within their own nation’s word banks. Perhaps. :)

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The big story today was Ashton Kutcher spoke in Israel in the capacity of a “new media guru and expert” on the topic of “good communication,” while wife Demi Moore watched on. This pic of the couple arriving at Ben Gurion airport via Daily Mail, UK.

Highlights of Ashton’s key messages at the in Tel Aviv, were: providing tips on how to use new forms of communication and networking to market Israel.

“The first thing you need to decide is who do you want to influence and what do you want to say to them,” Kutcher said, ”by being honest with them and having open, candid conversations about what Israel is and who it is, because the people here are amazing – the young people here are amazing. The entrepreneurs here are incredible.”

He added that Israel needs to showcase its “smart, intelligent, bright, caring people who are looking for solutions in the world.”

While in Israel, Kutcher and Moore visited the Western Wall and on Sunday they did some traveling in the north with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, the director of the Kabbala Center, where they will renew their wedding vowels after five years.

Kutcher is a major investor in Internet properties, and the owner of a successful multiplatform media company called . He’s also the third-most-popular member of Twitter, with 5,909,523 followers, which is the main reason he was invited to speak at the Bezeq Expo, which is marking the one year anniversary of its Next Generation Network (NGN) technology. Also, go here to read an author’s take on Israel, Gaza and Palestine in the form of .

Celebrity entertainment news, as published here in the Hollywood hood 365 days a year, and voted by you on Horiwood.Com. Here’s our top ten.

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Another post that did really well today – had something to do with sharks with snakes ranking well too. I am aware. :)

This card says smile in rather blurry Hebrew. Beth Jacobs Synagogue gave it to me on my last visit. And let’s go for the French translation of why smiling rocks, as Jews are very cultural multi-lingual people at Beth Jacobs, I’ve discovered. Hope you all are smiling. Only way to be. Happy.

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‘Visibility as Credibility’–symbols as reality, in the new social media digital age in which we all live.

News websites are buzzing with news that Hollywood beauty Natalie Portman would spill the beans on Harvard’s inner circle of who didn’t get A grades like she did, because they were doing other things on campus.

This Portman, reportedly did with the Facebook movie’s screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The vixen! Apparently, Natalie’s gossip became the back story to The Social Network. In my hood it was called something simple, like conversations over a Jewish dinner, which is quite the norm really, over one’s matzo ball soup. But this is how it reads in Hollywood’s sensationalized hypey press this week.

Which in Hollywood speak – actually means the film had too many blokey moments, and it needed a pretty face overlay (testscreen audiences feedback revealed), in hindsight – to make it seem, less – what’s the word? oh – noninclusive of women. That’s the term.

Regardless, Natalie getting the call to be the face of this mission is proof that girl has Angelina Jolie status as a credible Hollywood queen. Remember when George Clooney’s camp got Angelina Jolie to announce that she would play Marilyn Monroe to Clooney’s Sinatra in a new film, to help generate some buzz for George. The hype worked, and George scraped in again, via Jolie’s celebrity cyphon to just make it to #1 at the box office. Although they have zero, to do with the film being marketed, it’s what girls of Hollywood are called on to do, for the boys. Teamwork.

More seriously though, what is The Social Network all about? We’ve seen people prattle on about it, saying its Oscar worthy. Here’s some thoughts from a critic or two, to share on the film, that I think are quite good.

Frank Chi says: “The Social Network is about social upheaval in the digital age. It’s about the ability of a new media class to deconstruct centuries worth of privilege and access that would’ve won in every other generation but now.”

I say: It’s really about visibility as credibility in a digital age. The fact that the ‘wealthy’ or ‘privileged’ (is anyone that these days still? – the global recession knows no class structures – it just burns) haven’t been as visible via new social media - is because: a) they’re private and b) humble.

New technology like social media – means though, that the wealthy have to be more visible as a norm too now. It’s just about, not being silenced as a voice of reason, or fun, or insight, or light-heartedness too. Speaking up is FaceBooking or blogging, tweeting etc.  

Jose Antonio Vargas says: that the movie shows how much Hollywood doesn’t understand Silicon Valley.

I say: Silicon Valley follows Hollywood, (so what they talkin?) because Silicon Valley hopes to develop useful IT, based around propagating new Hollywood trends faster (those things that are recession proof worldwide), in forms, that are Hollywood fit. Hollywood sells.

Silicon Valley’s purpose in America (of stuff that works) is that they’re (S.V) on medium creation, we’re on message construction.

When the message goes into the medium (the i.t platform’s software), than the medium becomes the message (to quote McLuhan), which is precisely what Facebook means, and why Facebook has accelerated brand power in its market.

Enough about meaning. What about Geeks?

Jeff Jarvis thinks: it vilifies nerds and is the new “anti-geek movie.”

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This is Eurybe08′s blog picture on a brand new blog start up. Ferns. Go here to say hi and get this kid started. Let’s spark them Up! :)

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Mimi Quick, Keri Mellott and P.K Quick (pictured) along with host of the evening, Jeff P, played networking facilitators-extraordinaires for about 200 people who use twitter to market and grow biz. 

From 7 to11 PM the #140conf Los Angeles Summer Cocktail Party took place at The Den of Hollywood, 8226 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046-2414  Tel: (323) 656-0336


It was a blast. Thanks Jeff, The Den for being such cool hosts for a group of groovy attendees.

[Art, Los Angeles cityscape at a magazine stand on the way to The Den. Paris Hilton's Tease signage, Chateau Marmont, The Sunset Strip]

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Kim Sherrell who is a sweet new media queen, holds her copy of the novel Courage To Love by the author Robert Ellis

Kim was quoted by MTV today, on comments about hip hop star, Kanye West. MTV in an article titled Kanye West’s Twitter: Social Media Experts Weigh In quotes Kim as saying:

“His posts are entertaining and yet they contain an unexpected depth and substance,” said , a new-media-savvy filmmaker with over 70,000 Twitter followers. “Like George Carlin or Larry David, Kanye excels at creating humor by examining the different ways in which our world is messed up. He is pretty good at observing contradictions.”

“Kanye’s ability to reflect on his situation while tossing punches at some embarrassing realities the way he does, well, these are some of the reasons why I think he is a force to be reckoned with,” she added. “He comes across as a very rich, but deep and somewhat sincere guy who is just going through his day and learning how to get his tweet on.”

[Kanye's new track See Me Now featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson features here]

Kim is so funny. She also is the founder of the Artwalk.TV –a website where artists all over the world upload new artwork. John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a big fan of Kim’s. Anyway, currently I am helping Kim take on a twitter stalker, named @shervin.

There is a debate raging at the moment as to whether Facebook should have ever set a ceiling at 5,000 friends for Facebook users. @Shervin tweets Kim to ask her, why she needs more than 5,000 friends. One of my favorite IT bloggers ever @Scobleizer is playing Kim’s angel on twitter too right now.

Being a sport from New Zealand, I tell Kim what I’d say to @shervin to tell him to where to get off. Surprisingly, Kim likes it, and goes with it. Here’s what “@ @ @ 1) a friend is someone who helps you bury the bodies. 2) in this economy there are more bodies! Requires +limit! via web “

She sounds so Gangsta/ Godfather right now (… oops!) And there you have it. Follow Kim on Twitter at And to buy the book that Kim is holding, go here to .

And to sum up the point of my post. Established media are nothing, unless popular media outlets who shape pop culture (like MTV) include new voices like social media queen Kim Sherrell. 

Thanks honey! :)

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