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Tokugawa Nariaki‘s artwork, Moon, for Merata Mita‘s Hawaii nation of USA, Japan and Southern California.

Calligraphy piece, originally photographed at LACMA.

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Normally blogging from Hollywood, I bring you the wow-wow latest Hollywood star magazine covers.

They’re always a little bit fantasy-driven, perfect for escapist tabloid entertainment.

However, today I thought I’d bring you a magazine cover published by Working World Magazine to give young Americans the best job tips to get them through recession years (and now, the ‘post’ recession years).

The Magazine is nothing but advertisements with Homeland security ads featured all through them. Nursing ads are huge. Dental assisting ads are also everywhere. ‘Become a substance abuse counsellor’ is seen as an amazing career path too. Honestly, at the same time you can also become a medical researcher for a pharmaceutical company. Lol! Same thing.

In the entire magazine, there is only ONE feature news article allegedly written by a Suzanne Ridgeway. It’s all about handling “sensitive information” on the job. In highly security conscious America, future employees are advised to ‘say nothing.’ To validate this story, the magazine goes all the way across to the UK to drop in a William Shakespeare quote. From the 16th century… like, from a play. Alright then. I think the magazine editor completely forgets that Hollywood culture creates all of those rather ridonkulous tabloid headlines the people the world over buy in those magazines called… gossip? magazines? Shakespeare’s plays were the gossip tabloids of their day. Sort of. So perhaps not the best quote to choose to make that point. Gossip is the least of employees worries in the US. Seriously!

This magazine is published from 3600 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly HIlls California. What a joke! The office is a very high real estate office… is that necessary, when this sh*te is being produced?

Is this magazine not a complete waste of ink and trees or what? Down Under, we’d say “tits on a bull.”

Love the baby blue eyed lamb on the cover though. It’s all about the glasses. Lol!

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Bu (tiger) etched above bamboo. Bun (dragon) at right. Or, strength and wisdom.– 13th Century, Japanese Art, with Chinese Calligraphy characters from the No Theater era and Waka Poetry period of Japanese society, heritage, arts and culture.

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