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Lady Gaga gets paid $67 million a year to generate this kind of culture in the world depicted by this model, then being screen-printed onto black cotton.

Is that a) a good thing, b) a bad thing, or, c) whatever – she’s just making bank in a capitalist nation.

As 2 in every 10 of you who read Horiwood are big (and early days even) Lady Gaga fans – before she even became mainstream known – what do you think about this Gaga-esque tee shirt – spotted on Melrose today in the Street Chic fashion District of L.A?

Is Lady Gaga a brat demonstrating the ‘American art form of freedom of expression’ (that can be fun) who shakes things up for the good? Or just a bug eyed peroxided ho – playing piano – selling crap merch, while saying she’s authentic?

I have to say that if you’ve ever seen the crappy merchandize Stefani Germanotta hawks at her concerts to fans, this tee shirt is much better quality than what she expects fans to buy from her after buying concert tickets. You wouldn’t even wipe your *ss with the tee shirts – Gaga has expected her fans to buy. They’re made somewhere else and then have her mug screen printed on them very badly. They’re just not made very well.

So perhaps Gaga should talk to this store on Melrose who at least have good tee shirt making manufacturing values.

And really this post is all about the cute hat. A touch of old Hollywood glamour.

From an artistic stand point, if I was to put my artsy hat on – I would say, I’d rather have this tee shirt than have cover up in Churches of some ‘men’ pretending to be priests, who are not priestly at all, molesting kids. Even up the *ss. I hope that wasn’t too frank. But it’s true. This tee shirt as ‘art’ raises those questions between right and wrong. As long as there are a minority of molesters in churches – still needing to be flushed out – a tee shirt like this has its place in the world with a hard hitting message.

Again though, this post is all about the cute hat.

If you like this tee shirt, than visit Melrose in California. This is one of the tame ones you’ll see in terms of fashion statements being made by L.A to the world on Melrose. In terms of sales, this tee shirt is so much like a tamed unicorn, that it hasn’t sold all week. Lol! Still selling hot are the military themed tee shirts. I kid you not.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.22.11~