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Geoffrey Rush of Australia hugs Tom Hooper who picked up the best director gong at the Oscars for The Kings Speech on the cover of USA Today. The newspaper contrasted Oscars glory for the Brits of London with the Wisconsin unionists battle with the State and the Koch Brothers. Heady glitzy glory vs the tension of real people in community at grass-roots living level battling people who work for billionaire interests–not bad news overage-contrasting today.

New York Times stays well away from Oscars being the lead story this year opting to show America’s military face in the Peace Keeping role in the world by The Times choosing to keep an eye on military movements occurring in the world at this time (Libyan rebels get the spot of honor). This news was coupled with American babies not being safe, with levels of radiation for babies being beyond legal levels as these babyograms reveal. Thankfully these pics are from past archives of US medicine. To get these images requires too much radiation, for babies to handle.

Oscars fit for a swan and a king, were front page news too for Natalie Portman and Colin Firth made the cut from California on the cover of The Times.

Everyone in the US is talking about these things today as water cooler talk.

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When I think of the SAG Awards, I think of all of the carefully shared DVD’s sent out to all actors in Hollywood, who are members of the Screen Actors Guild. Not only are little actors waiting for their break thought about by SAG but they are also invited to watch every DVD/ film/ TV show and cast their votes too.

That’s what’s always good about SAG. Today though let’s let Washington Posts Celebritology blog direct from the nation’s capitol, share their views of the way the SAG Awards snubs and winners went down this year with some guest commentary. Here we go:

The SAG Award Snubs:

Glee”: Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and the ensemble were all ignored while awards instead went to White, Alec Baldwin and the cast of “Modern Family.” Lynch’s loss may have been the most shocking given her track (suit) record of consistent victories.

“Mad Men”: The AMC period piece has won the prize for best TV drama ensemble for the past two years. The streak was broken Sunday night, courtesy of a big win for “Boardwalk Empire.”

“The Social Network”: Jesse Eisenberg and the cast were overlooked in their respective categories, which means that the Facebook movie walked away empty-handed.

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Fun film press today via The Stuttering Foundation. In the form of this press release:

“Jane Fraser, reps The Stuttering Foundation ( in her role as President. Jane talks about The King’s Speech flick garnering so many Oscars nomination ds. Here’s what she PR-ed:

“The Stuttering Foundation gives a hero’s welcome to The King’s Speech, which has brought overwhelmingly positive attention to the plight of people who stutter. The King’s Speech, with its 12 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress nominations, continues to put a much-needed spotlight on stuttering. For the stuttering community, there are few, if any, more accurate portrayals of the anguish faced by people whostutter, or of the hardship it places on family and friends, than in this movie. Stuttering is most often the province of comic relief, and never of the hero. The King’s Speech gives the stuttering community a hero who inspires and a movie that promotes understanding and acceptance of the complexities of stuttering. We congratulate the directors, producers, writers and actors for their work, and their humanity in helping millions of people who stutter with understanding and hope.”

About the Foundation

Malcolm Fraser felt the same dread of speaking in public that King George VI experienced in the 1940s. Inspired by the plight of “Bertie,” Fraser, a successful businessman and stutterer, went on to establish and endow the 64-year-old nonprofit Foundation in 1947. The Foundation provides a toll-free helpline, 800-992-9392, and free online resources on its Website,, including services, referrals and support to people who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering. Please visit us at

Good stuff. My dad started out in life as a kid who stuttered. Ironically dad is now a public speaker today. Go figure. When he’s tired or nervous, his stutter comes back. For dad it’s been a constant battle with stuttering awareness. What do you think of the King’s Speech film?



“I am so honored and grateful to the Academy for this recognition. It is a wonderful culmination of the ten-year journey with Darren to make this film. Making Black Swan is already the most meaningful experience of my career, and the passion shown for the film has completed the process of communication between artists and audience. I am so thankful for the support we have received and I share this honor with the entire cast and crew of the film, especially Darren Aronofsky.”–Ms. Natalie Portman responds to her Oscar nomination to US Weekly Magazine.

Also chiming in is Colin Firth was his Oscars nod too. Says Colin, 50, ”Currently celebrating with my colleagues three feet above the ground… Not used to this much joy, or this much champagne at this hour.”

Colin, we all know that the late Queen Mother had no qualms starting the day off with a champagne breakfast if she felt like it, as any one of her Scottish butlers knew full well – she lived life to the fullest, so that was too funny! :)

[US Weekly photo credits: Credit - Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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Is Hollywood lusting after Facebook‘s 600 million users and #1 website ranking in the Western World in this moment? In looking at the Critics Choice Movie Awards 2011 Winners List – it appears that Hollywood is. The Social Network movie (aka The Facebook story) was the big winner today. Natalie Portman put a good Hollywood face on these results as ‘serious actor’ validating these results as being artistically critical for film awards. Congratulations to all the winners. Here’s that list:

Vh1 held the 16th Annual Critics Movie Choice Awards 2011 on Friday night and The Social Network was the big winner for the evening picking up Best Picture.

The movie inspired by the creators of Facebook took home 4 trophies with the Christian Bale/Mark Wahlberg pugilistic picture The Fighter knocking out 3 awards.

Natalie Portman of Black Swan and Colin Firth of The King’s Speech earned the Best Actress and Best Actor nods from the ceremony.

See the complete list below:

Best Picture: The Social Network

Best Actor: Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)

Best Actress: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (The Fighter)

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)

Best Young Actor/Actress: Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

Best Acting Ensemble: The Fighter

Best Director: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Best Original Screenplay: David Seidler (The King’s Speech)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

Best Cinematography: Wally Pfister (Inception)

Best Art Direction: Guy Hendrix Dyas (Inception)

Best Visual Effects: Inception

Best Sound: Inception

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3

Best Action Movie: Inception

Best Comedy: Easy A

Best Picture Made For Television: The Pacific

Best Foreign Language Film: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Best Documentary Feature: Waiting For Superman

Best Song: If I Rise (127 Hours)

Best Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network)

The Joel Siegel Award: Matt Damon

The Music+Film Award: Quentin Tarantino

[Images of The Social Network's favorite hype quote-selections from 'critics' & The Kings Speech winning actor Colin Firth as published in the Los Angeles Times: The Envelope editorial feature - heading into Awards season. Copy thanks to BSC].

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Helena Bonham Carter can go from looking like an English Rose to just gothic-artsy scary, sometimes even ugly too.

A friend describes her as a ‘chameleon.’ I think they’re right, Helena is a chameleon.

Whatever her take is in a film role she appears in, Helena always nails the gig.

Here’s that stellar cast esemble in the much touted cast of The King’s Speech – that the LA Times features this week in Awards Season. Look at all of these amazing people. Every single one of them produce fine characters for the screen. Here’s a film ensemble that can’t be beat this year. Wow!

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Could this be the face of 2011′s Best Actor Oscar winner? The film The King’s Speech is getting amazing buzz from American peeps here in California. The commonly-shared view of “the King’s humility” is very cool is what’s vibing and trending, shaping Hollywood opinion right now.

Here’s the main man himself, Colin Firth, attending the Palm Springs Film Festival 2011 this weekend. His golden Oscar nomination chances are very good this year. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a current Oscar winner of the UK at Will & Kate‘s major wedding event? Yes! That would be very smart Hollywood television via the UK in perhaps what’s going to be the most televised and most watched (happy) event in the world of the 2010′s decade. Firth’s performance is Oscar nominee worthy.

[Image courtesy of Wenn.Com]

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As I’m blogging a few peeps in the Hollywood cafe today are praising the work ethic of English actors. Our topic of conversation is also about Brits elevating the tone of Hollywood film. (I never said that!). Obviously my new cafe Hollywood industry friends haven’t been watching S.B Cohen or Russell Brand comedic movies, that can just be funny and not high-bro too in film as well.

These two lads are more British pub humor, with brilliance veiled making them so funny to the masses in the U.K in laugh-out-loud ways. They take on the role of court jester, like Shakespearean characters of British pop cultural history, to say The Helen Mirren royal players type of person. Both are just as valid. ‘Comedic royals’ is what Russ and Sacha are. Wit sets them apart from the pack. They cross-over well into Hollywood too.

It’s nice to participate in California residents thinking so well of Brit actors like Christian Bale and that dude in The King’s Speech flick too cleaning up in BAFTA nominations this year (Colin Firth) and their contribution in Hollywood. Good cross-cultural acknowledgement and respect going on today. Good to see and be a part of.

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