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Spooky travel stories are all the rage. It’s almost getting to the point where the safest way to travel and see the world for kids or adventurous avid thinkers always wanting to learn by stepping inside another nation’s exciting and new pages, is like… quite possibly in the army.

Here’s a spooky travel story for you via The UK Daily Mail.

“Southwest Airlines passengers have said they are lucky to be alive and spoken of their terror the moment a three-foot hole ‘exploded’ in their plane’s fuselage, forcing them into a terrifying descent.” Read it here. Sounds like a bit of an ordeal.

The drama of the saga is best summed up in this summary – “Southwest Airlines blames an ‘in-flight fuselage rupture’ while FBI stress it was ‘not a terror attack.’” Excellent!

The moral of this tale then, if there is one… is always travel with a parachute to be less terrified. Also, if you plan a bungy jumping vacation from the outset and that’s your purpose of your vacation, then the chances are you’re totally prepared mentally, if anything could go amiss up in the air. :)

Our greatest heroes in history were adventurers and that’s how nation’s narratives became more exciting.

Buy new clothes when you get there. Alright?! To not travel, is to not know or experience any different than what you’ve been told… so… jump on planes anyway to grow. What you’ll glean, could quite possibly save your country with a wealth of new ideas on your safe return.  Leap, fly, run, breathe, travel, have fun. Most of all, have the courage to grow. Peace!

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[I wonder how much money it costs to fuel one of these military jets? Photo taken 3 minutes ago. There are 8 planes doing this right now, above Hollywood skies. Pretty. ]

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