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Wow! I can’t believe US magazine Entertainment Weekly has succumbed to Royal Wedding action, here in Hollywood. Indeed, it was inevitable as the most watched piece of TV set to romance the world via The UK will attract more viewers in the World than the Super Bowl or The Oscars.

CNN‘s Piers Morgan plays UK Herald with his thoughts on why America should watch Will & Kate‘s nuptials take place. Says Piers, “Americans are absolute suckers for royal weddings. When Diana and Fergie got married, you guys lapped it up. Every tiny second that you could squeeze out of it, you squeezed.”

It’s interesting that the non-Royals are the big draw, to keep the Royal family’s star hot on the tele, as Piers puts it. But wait, the Brits have more in E.W to contribute:

“These days, so much has to do with what people are wearing, like the royal-wedding version of the Oscars in terms of, you know, who’s got the best hat, who’s got the worst dress,” says Glen Marks of the U.K.’s leading photo agency Rex Features.

“It’s the whole story as well, so not just what’s going on with William and Kate, but it’s the referral back to Charles and Diana and the saga everyone can’t get enough of.”

Whatever the U.K wants America to believe with this story, we’re on board in Hollywood. It’s just swell to see a young couple take marriage seriously. Got to be good for instilling faith in love, commitment and romancing in a new generation of kids watching these two pleasant kids walk down the aisle.

Will is always a favorite with Maori-Kiwis of New Zealand. His late mom, Diana, chose to associate Will’s first ever appearance to the world as a babe, in Waitangi – a historic site in the first Capitol home of Aotearoa New Zealand. To see Prince Williams as a babe at Waitangi, go here.

Will you be watching this event in April?

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In an age where Sarah Palin is potential competition to be a next Vice President of the USA, (a joke I know, in light of Hilary Clinton being so groovy, yet Sarah is) it’s not a far stretch of the imagination for someone like Donald Trump (reality TV star like Palin but with a biz brain for his own biz ventures) to want to stand for President of the USA too.

Although, my loyalties are with Obama on many issues as the dude just got into office, I think what Donald posits as America’s diplomats needing to be more financially sharper and versed in negotiating –as being a good critique of ‘how politics sit’ concerning the US economy. Or more notably, America’s future place in the world.

Donald says that China’s products are often crap. America can make better products. He also says China is having too much say at setting the economic agenda, without America challenging China back. Donald says that 12 guys sit around a table and set the price of things like ‘steel’ each day. I get the feeling that Donald can’t stand not being one of the 12 for a nano-second longer. He does not like to be second. It’s not in his nature and he’s not having a gold bar of it. Yeah, right!

He raises some good hard hitting points though. It’s certainly TV I want to watch. In fact, my only gripe with Donald is that he comes across as a little bit Xenophobic or like a sore loser.

Is there a way Donald can change his tone a tad, so he doesn’t sound so ‘racist.’ I mean saying ‘China is the enemy’ is a little harsh. ‘Normal’ or ‘every day’ people of America (namely, the wannabe-rich-too fans of The Donald) may get confused and think that literally (an enemy lens now on their mugs) towards Chinese people (outside of a biz/ political context).

That would be all kinds of wrong.

I love the points he’s raising though. It’s hard to fault Trump on many issues he’s raising on Piers Morgans new show.

What do you think?

Should Donald stand for President? Or should he just get screen time for giving a flip side view of the American economy, that’s oft not being heard in mainstream press and needs to get louder?

I am all for Prime Time TV that’s ‘smart money’ focused for the average citizen to become more aware of finance. It’s way more useful that looking at some star’s new weave pics, concerning the future direction of the USA. Go Piers Morgan!

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