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SEO just got tougher. Google says that it is changing the secret formula it uses to rank Web pages as the company which handles nearly 2/3rds of world’s Web searches struggles to fight websites that have been able to game its system.

Okay, that’s coming from a company whose being looked at for running competitions that collect kids Social Security numbers.

Fair enough though. Google has to stay competitive too. Perhaps it’s a good time to be more Chinese language and Arabic language inclusive in the way Google’s formulas rank web pages as well. Just a thought.

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Will Natalie Portman win her Oscar this year? As Portman is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew and can actually act too, she’d be a good choice right now, in the World.

Natalie’s beautiful face would make us all smile a little, even at the gas pump when we’re about to get set to pay a lot! Grr! It’s time to pay the rich. Again.

Don’t forget to tune into the Oscars show this weekend.

[Magazine cover selection via NYC's C.A website] Some blogs and media outlets covering Oscars news too are:

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I do not wish to change anything about my culture, it is beautifulMyriam Toumier, California USA via Morocco.

The Arab world is undergoing an uprising towards being more ‘similar’ to the West.

‘Cultural match’ is sought to be the outcome perhaps, as Arab people indicate they want to be more open to access knowledge outside of the Arab world in some nations that are censored and also to have the ability to connect with people in the world who are not necessarily Muslim, or, Arab too. A need to communicate is fueling this revolution.

Cover Junkie via the CA, gives us this powerful image from The Economist of Egypt’s 2 week transformation of governance, while also presenting a story on “The Bright Side of Black Carbon.” That’s a very original angle for a story line.

Usually the presence of carbon to a Kiwi lad indicates that you majorly screwed up your duties on the BBQ.

Basically, you burned the steak.

But I like this story angle, as we in the West await what the Arab world decides for themselves and how we can support these nations, who give us gas to drive around in, here in the USA.

As friends — once these nations have decided what new forms of a governance structure now best suits their development forward as people, what can we do to dialogue more as fellow brothers and sisters of the world? I know with interacting with all people of the Middle East, who are residents of Los Angeles as I have been too the last five years, they are very poetic and fascinating people when you get to speak and interact with their unique worldviews. One of the best bosses I had working here in LA was a Muslim woman named Myriam. She was 30 and she was so smart, with impeccable taste in all things. Myriam was a very sophisticated lady.

She was very proud of her Middle Eastern cultural values. She had come to Hollywood from Morocco via France.

When I think of Myriam and what people in the Middle East know of the world, with rare insights like Myriam possessed to share with America from her culture, I know that exciting times are ahead.

I also wish I knew how to speak Arabic, about now. Natalie Portman, Oscars big star next week, speaks Arabic as well as Hebrew.

But darn. I missed that class, in my New Zealand high school years. Wish I’d been more onto that in between my ‘the next BBQ’ at the mates’ place focus of growing up post rugby matches.

Being able to understand and speak arabic fluently, would have come in handy, about now.

[Music Get Up, Stand by Bob Marley just for Myriam who loves Bob Marley and Celine Dion's music, equally.]

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I wee chat about empowering others, into pathways of democracy:

Is being on a website all people need to have to feel like they have ‘a viable sense of democracy?’ In some nations, that answer is a resounding “yes.” In particular Facebook’s dominance in Egypt, is revolutionizing the culture so much as a social website that people are really making Facebook a part of their family’s future. Literally.

The Associated Press reports today, “A new Egyptian father has named his daughter Facebook in honour of the role social media played in his country’s recent revolution.

Jamal Ibrahim told Al-Ahram newspaper his newborn’s unusual name showed how happy he was with Facebook’s part in organising protests across Egypt.

Thousands of protesters in January packed Tahrir Square and other cities in Egypt for 18 days calling for an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

Family, friends and neighbours have reportedly gathered around the newborn to show their continued support for the revolution they say started on the social networking site.

The newborn’s family is not alone in expressing their gratitude to Facebook.

The number of Facebook users in Egypt has grown to five million over the past month — more than any other country in the Middle East.

Some 32,000 groups and 14,000 pages were created after the January 25 revolution.

Graffiti sprayed across Cairo said “thank you Facebook” in the days after President Mubarak eventually bowed to public pressure and resigned.

The military government is also using Facebook to try and reach out to young Egyptian people.

But one internet blogger thinks the family may have gone too far in naming their daughter after the website.

“The internet as a whole should win the Nobel Peace Prize this year for all it’s done for democracy in the Middle East/North African region, but let’s not let this naming kids get out of hand,” the blogger said.

“I’d hate for little Facebook to have to share a classroom with a little AOL, or worse a little Yahoo!”

Although the story is very cute, you can’t help but sense that the billionaire’s of the world (Hosni Mubarak being a big one) are putting the new millionaire’s club to work (Mark Zuckerberg and friends) to act as ’magicians of online American corporate IT magic.’ These lads (mainly) are all having a little bit too much fun in Egypt, right now. Obviously. They’re very strong. Too funny!

Egypt is the model nation, all other nation’s in the Mid-East who may or may not, have a revolution too, are being shaped by invisible guiding forces to follow – like Facebook being an agent of influence, for example.

From a Humanitarian point of view, I can’t help thinking that it’s a shame Egypt can’t do their own version of Facebook like “Phoenix Book” or “Cleopatra’s Peoples Pages” or something. A new version of a social website that is more friendly to the Arabic language.

Surely, in a nation that’s natural gas and gold rich, Egypt could develop that social news website, that we in the US, are happy to access and share, equally by cross-pollinating websites as it’s possible for them to dove tail each other. Instead of Post Hosni Mubarak years, giving one’s entire cultural IP in the form of pictures, shared video links and most importantly a nation’s written words to Facebook – for free. Just a thought.

We are not mercernary in America. Why should a Hosni Mubarak hold the future of Egypt’s daily culture created and shared online, as a sacrifice to American IT companies. That does not sit well with me. So an Egyptian-owned Cleopatra’s People Pages social media website (that could be 50% US owned if an idea of democracy is preferred) would seem smart. When we joke about Egypt in the US because of Facebook, that’s not all that cool, when Egypt is 1/4 the size of the US. It’s like laughing at 1/4 of America for example, and that doesn’t sit very well with me. Watch this video to see what I mean via Funny or Die. Click on top Pic to view.

I just think there’s enough Arabic speaking, Mid-East and Egyptian-friendly people in the world, to get together, combine talents and preserves Egypt’s culture and heritage arts on an Egyptian owned social media site. That would be kinda smart.

Word for the day – What mercenary could mean – “A mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict, and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party” (Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Convention of August 1949). A non-conscript professional member of a regular army is not considered to be a mercenary although he gets monetary reward from his service.”

If you’re Egyptian and you’ve temporarily forgotten how strong and beautiful your culture is, under duress, here’s a song just for you in Arabic as a reminder. You should have your own Facebook, so that cultural ignoramuses like me, can access it and see your stars. They’re pretty cool. :)

[Music - via Samo ZaenTwilit Dove at Side of Branch blog post, Hollywood]

[Pictures and Horiwood.Com - Hollywood archives]

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A special Horiwood.Com guest today is Layla Nuruddin who says:

“Hello. Shout out to all my Cassie-girl inner beauty girls. To all the people defining their own beauty – even if it involves shaving your head–big LOVE to you.”

Layla means “Beauty like Night.” Nuruddin is her Arabic family name that means “Light of The Religion.”

Thanks honey. So Gerogeous, like the art of floetry poetry really.

Layla is from The Barrier, San Francisco, Northern California visiting and shopping today in West Hollywood, fashion street chic district of Los Angeles.

[Music - Some rock n' roll by Eric Clapton]

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When you look at Natalie Portman as a rising star, you can’t help but have a sense that Nat just “get’s it.” She speaks several languages including Arabic and she’s so humble and gracious when she is given an award. As an artist and a person, she is prepared to cross-over and dialogue in others culture not her own. Stellar and intelligently normal stuff!

When she takes the stage, Natalie Portman’s tone conveys the weight of Hollywood’s history and the opportunity Hollywood provides as a global platform to serve the world well with a spotlight. Her spirit was pitched right on the night. Loved her! That Benjamin Millepied is one very lucky newbie actor, choreographer and ballet dancing guy! Portman is an Israeli global treasure.

She honors the creative process and has respect for her collaborators in it. It’s also amazing that Portman was ten years planned ahead with Darren Aronofsky for this golden moment – revealing how stars are made as well as born through talent and sheer hard work with amazing visionaries as supporters of artists unique gifts and talents – guiding stars like Ms. Portman through the maze that is Hollywood.

For all of you fashion victims (joking – I meant enthusiasts of art and beauty in garments) obsessing about Nat’s dress and hand embroidered red rose covered with Swarovski whatevers, Grazia Magazine has some quotes from Nat’s stylist, Kate Young that can be read here. Young muses ’Natalie doesn’t have a lot of patience. But… Natalie is beautiful and poised. It’s an opportunity to make the most beautiful pregnancy dress on the red carpet.’ Portman’s gown was created by Viktor & Rolf.

Here’s highlights of Portman’s beautiful speech.

[Photograph of Nat courtesy of Life.Com]

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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I saw that The University of Carolina is offering a Major in Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. Pop music as a vehicle of leadership in nationhood’s direction is what kids want to study. Really a University should be offering science and advanced mathematics or physics papers in the US in an effort to close the gap on Education being an equipping tool towards being viable competitors in the future direction of a global economy.

If sociology is a lure to get kids into college to see what it’s all about, all good–perhaps they should be offering a 2 hour lecture in Rihanna Studies instead though. Kids would learn just as much, although Rihanna is not technically an American citizen. Although shaping American culture so much as an artist, rather humorously, her visa status is still that of an alien. She is the USA’s Alien Queen of the 2010′s.

In 2008, Rihanna was ranked in the top four on google New Zealand trends for the year. Her live performances in Auckland The Supercity were well appreciated from fans. A then relatively unknown American leader (to the-wider-world), Barack Obama, also made the top ten in this innovative and perceptive trend-spotting small nation. At this time, New Zealand’s current Prime Minister, was not yet ranked in the top ten (Sir Edmund Hillary was instead, at no. 7) yet Rihanna and Mr Obama were on New Zealand’s cultural radar of people they like.

As a comparison, Australia ranked Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith in their top ten and Mr Obama was not yet on the radar in Australia’s mindsets at all that same year in a significant way. Rihanna however (was ranked no.9 in Australia that year as a trend) denoting that she is a key figure and entertainer to the South Pacific and Asia Pacific territories. She was the only person of color in Australia’s top ten that year to ‘cross-over’ as an accepted trend, whereas New Zealand had 3 people of color trend that same year. It is fair to say, that as a star, leader and a cultural-architect artist of a modern world–that Rihanna is always a forerunner of the world’s elite leaders. This is her destiny as a person. Let’s look at what she’s gifted the American people, so far.

What would GQ be, without its Rihanna magazine covers in the US or Britannia? You need at least one Rihanna moment as your cover girl each year to be a successful men’s magazine. This girl is both pretty, tough and resilient in making a comeback when beaten down. She can also make a fashion accessory super hot–that all stars emulate and fashion designers incorporate into their styles of design. She’s the edge of trendsetting when she feels like playing the diva role.

She also gave America a powerful image of someone who recovered from post traumatic stress disorder of something unexpected that can hit a life in America, requiring a major rebuilding effort. Her Chris Brown domestic violence saga of the past catapulted Rihanna into superstar status. Resilience was added to her star exotic brand in that tragic moment of callous American mistreatment by young Chris towards a foreigner living and working in Los Angeles. That media moment was bloody awful. Thankfully Chris Brown has moved on from the incident too now, maturing from it also.

There has never been anyone who lived in Hollywood Hills, quite like Rihanna who has contributed to American culture in difficult years, offering hope or distraction or attitude or just good fun. She’s quite unique. Via Barbados and the Commonwealth, along with Beyonce she is the All American Girl inspirer of the last decade. Next year, I wonder if actor/ singer/ fashion sequer and stylist, Kat Graham, a newbie who is currently sporting top hats of British gentry of the UK, will get to land on GQ too?

In the meantime, here’s the hardworking Riri, amusing Britain with those looks. In the last 11 months, she’s just not stopped working. Respec. In fact Rihanna’s music accomplishments are second to none in America–she’s pop royalty and the Commonwealth’s black queen of pop. In 2008 when Rihanna performed live for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she wore earrings reflecting the shape of the late Princess Diana‘s engagement ring, the same ring now being worn by Kate Middleton. With her symbology that constitutes pop star monarchy’s iconography, that millions of people worldwide follow–as symbols of empire that they think define them, Rihanna is always smart. Equally subtle as confrontation, a rare mix. Rihanna is a little naughty, she’s the only music artist to give the Queen a diva snear at the end of her performance, before she curtsied–an expression the Queen would never allow herself to do in public, even if she wanted to. The moment from Rihanna is cute.

Hitfix reports that Riri (who this blog is sorta named after too), is the no.1 charting artist of the millennium. The music website writes: “Only Girl In the World jumps to No. 1 this week, giving Rihanna her second single from Loud to hit the top spot. Two weeks ago, What’s My Name featuring Drake was at No. 1. Loud debuts at No. 3 this week on the Billboard 200.

Riri makes history. It is the first time Read the rest of this entry »


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Watching Bashar Murad, a Palestinian kid, singing his own original music recently, reminded me of how important artists who cross-over from Palestine into the Western World, and vice versa are in the world.

They’re unique and much needed to facilitate Peace. They are the bridge, for us and our thinking beyond ourselves.

Which reminded me too to ask this question: have you fullas and fulla-esses brought my friend Bob’s book yet?. Hope so. If you haven’t. Here’s the blurb (back sleeve intro/ synopsis) of Courage to Love by author Robert Ellis. Click on book’s cover by artist Salvador Dali – to buy and gift for Christmas, or friendship gifting too? Hey! Here’s the skinny:

“It is an unthinkable match— Josh, a 21-year-old American lieutenant and Haja, a teenage Palestinian freedom fighter. Both wounded in war and sent to Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Rose of Sharon hospital, they are brought together during a hospital attack by the beauty of music and its ability to transcend each other’s language. Despite different religious upbringings, and the stern commands of their families, Josh and Haja fall in love.

Tensions rise to the breaking point as they fight two battles: against the wounds destroying their own bodies, and against the centuries old traditions concerning Muslim women, and the dictates of an Orthodox Jewish heritage.

In a haunting reminder of Romeo and Juliet, author Robert Ellis takes us on a journey through the turbulent struggle of young love in today’s wars. Facing the threat of a new terrorist attack, can Haja and Josh overcome the odds against them, and give themselves, their families and the world, the Courage to Love?”

Awesomery. If we all read book’s like Bob’s book here, then kids like Bashar Murad will have a better chance of being understand, less at risk, and a real voice of Peace and forgiveness in this world, along with their Jewish sisters and brothers of Palestine and Israel also. Thanks Bob for writing this novel for Bashar’s generation. Um, and how’s novel number two doing?

You can facebook . If you do, can you send the link to this post too, so he knows about it. (I can’t do that too. Shesh! :)

As Bashar sings here, the Arabic language projected on a screen behind him, is so profound viewing this performance from Hollywood. It’s kinda groundbreaking entertainment. Exciting.

Bashar has like, a mouth full of steel right now (major teen braces happening) in his ‘star trajectory planning,’ and I’m sure he’ll get better with time. Find out about this kid, and again, buy Bobby Mac’s book! :)

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(المُحِبُّ): يَاحَمَامَتِي اللاَّئِذَةَ بِشُقُوقِ الصَّخْرِ وَمَخَابِيءِ الْمَعَاقِلِ، أَرِينِي وَجْهَكِ وَأَسْمِعِينِي صَوْتَكِ، لأَنَّ صَوْتَكِ عَذْبٌ وَمُحَيَّاكِ رَائِعٌ.

وَعِنْدَمَا يَعْبُرُ مَجْدِي، أَضَعُكَ فِي نُقْرَةٍ مِنَ الصَّخْرِ، وَأَحْجُبُكَ بِيَدِي حَتَّى أَعْبُرَ،

«أَزَحْتُ كَتِفَهُ مِنْ تَحْتِ الأَحْمَالِ الثَّقِيلَةِ، وَسَلِمَتْ يَدَاهُ مِنْ حَمْلِ السِّلاَلِ.

[Hot tip: Sometimes, you must see the world, side on... to get an education This was her message] … Quircke for Lisa & Kiwi family from Horiwood, West of Wood for L.A, Hasbaya, China, Montreal, Lebanon and America. 

On July 13th, our beloved, graduated for the 2nd time, to a much better place. She died with a peaceful and jubilant smile on her dial. She was sweet, elegant, wise as an el, charming, intelligent, gorgeous with an American vocabulary to die for and most of all – family-centric and community loving. Already, I miss her presence, humor, scent, gracefulness in this world.

In honor of her life, which offered inspiration and redemption, like a turning point, in many a person’s  ’Hollywood’ story, the top ten tonight, has been highjacked to paint a picture, over a month, of who Aunt Elvira and her family are. Here we go :)

Entre: Lena Horne for Aunt Elvira  & her ashes on Haramon as Rain in Hasbaya: Dr Bruce’s star trek hike ;)

1. Un Sospiro in The Secret Garden

2. Brooke Fraser for The Beloved June 6th 2010

3. Li Bryan‘s love, Pinkberry and Lea

4. Apple iPad & Ten Things

5. Tree of Life in a state of grace

6. Gorgeous is her American vocabulary

7. Goodness by Juliet Ellis

8. Honey Bee‘s fridge speaks

9. Art: Glistening on Peace Roses: Miss Elliette & Shakira for the beloved

10. Beauty for Ashes by Steve Apirana

Music: Beatitudes of the Classics 

Love by Emile, Compassion by Kim Bryan

Future by us. :)

(الْمَحْبُوبَةُ): حَبِيبِي بَيْنَ الْفِتْيَانِ كَشَجَرَةِ تُفَّاحٍ بَيْنَ أَشْجَارِ الْوَعْرِ، تَحْتَ ظِلِّهِ اشْتَهَيْتُ أَنْ أَجْلِسَ، وَثَمَرُهُ حُلْوٌ لِحَلْقِي.

 خَاطَبَنِي حَبِيبِي وَقَالَ: انْهَضِي يَاحَبِيبَتِي يَاجَمِيلَتِي وَتَعَالَيْ مَعِي،

Comme un pommier parmi les arbres de la forêt
      est mon ami parmi les jeunes gens,
      j’ai grand plaisir à m’asseoir à son ombre.
      Combien son fruit est doux à mon palais.

Mon bien-aimé me parle,
      et il me dit:
      Lève-toi, mon amie, viens donc, ma belle,

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

כְּתַפּ֙וּחַ֙ בַּעֲצֵ֣י הַיַּ֔עַר כֵּ֥ן דֹּודִ֖י בֵּ֣ין הַבָּנִ֑ים בְּצִלֹּו֙ חִמַּ֣דְתִּי וְיָשַׁ֔בְתִּי וּפִרְיֹ֖ו מָתֹ֥וק לְחִכִּֽי׃

עָנָ֥ה דֹודִ֖י וְאָ֣מַר לִ֑י ק֥וּמִי לָ֛ךְ רַעְיָתִ֥י יָפָתִ֖י וּלְכִי־לָֽךְ׃

Como el manzano entre los árboles del bosque, 
         así es mi amado entre los jóvenes. 
         A su sombra placentera me he sentado, 
         y su fruto es dulce a mi paladar.

Mi amado habló, y me dijo: 
         ”Levántate, amada mía, hermosa mía, 
         y ven conmigo.

As the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Kei te aporo i roto i nga rakau o te ngahere te rite o taku kaingakau i roto i nga taitamariki. Ahuareka ana taku noho iho i raro i tona taumarumarutanga, a he reka ana hua ki toku ngao.

I korero mai taku e aroha nei, i mea mai ki ahau, E ara, e taku ipo, e taku mea ataahua, ka haere mai.

Living Art Peace Rose by Miss Elliette for her baby sister, the Princess Bride, July 13th 2010. What a Woman!

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From the beloved’s walls speaks this message, with poignant music with a difference, for effect:

Attitude is everything: Attitude is the way you think. Your attitude is something other people can actually see. They can hear it in your voice, see it in the way you move, feel it when they are with you. Your attitude expresses itself in everything you do, all the time, wherever you are.

Positive attitudes always invite positive results. Negative attitudes always invited negative results. 

Attitude makes a difference every hour, every day, in everything you do for your entire life. What you get out of each thing you do will equal the attitude you have when you do it.

Anything that you do with a positive attitude will work for you. Anything that you do with a negative attitude will work against you.

If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of things over which you have no control.

You can develop a positive attitude by emphasizing the good, by being tough-minded, and by refusing defeat.

[Music: Soeur Marie Keyrouz singing Ilahi hanayta-s-sama' and Fairouz's Wa Habibi by the Kronos Quartet]

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America’s new hot girl of journalism has got to be Rachel Maddow. Here’s Rachel on 105,000 U.S troops in Afghanistan. Food for thought.

Music tonight, Habibi Je T’aime by Milk & Honey. Here’s our top ten.

1. About Horiwood–> The King Noah Show by Barack Obama: turtles vs spilt oil

2. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black 

3. Robert Pattinson at Twilight 

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Details 

5. You & ILady Gaga‘s latest song creation 

6. Google Books: Irony, Oprah & Lawrence Hill‘s book for Summer 2010

7. Q’orianka Kilcher shines on 

8. Johnny Depp, Forbes #9 Top Celebrity 

9. Alex Meraz: another Native American Indian X factor artist 

10. Land of Milk and Honey by the Kings of Leon

Care Bear post: For the Sweetness of Lee Bryan‘s Pinkberry Care

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.7.2010~


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Awakening me,

she arrives

at twilight,

A dove

dark as the raven.

Love beating

within her breast

for her precious

beloved … 


She rests 

at side of gurneyed


for but a minute.

Then in flight,

habibi smarty pants


“You really should

quit smoking.”


[Images Jackie  O, courtesy of Little Willow. Twilight's Kristen Stewart goes red for Letterman]

[Music: Samo Zaen of Budha Bar Music Collective, Song: Tonight by  Hewar Mohi, from Dragonfly Butterfly scene.]

~Thought for today: America’s Wings is family being distilled and made stronger in flight. Multi-tasking is the way to roll out. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 6.29.2010~


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وَلَكُنْتُ أُطْعِمُ شَعْبِي أَفْخَرَ الْحِنْطَةِ، وَأُشْبِعُهُمْ عَسَلاً مِنَ الصَّخْرَةِ».

I will feed you with the finest of wheat, and with sweet honey from the rock, I will satisfy you–A poetic psalm of Asaph 

~A war of cookies, could save lives. Sometimes, when I look at the world, I think that what the world needs is a unified Sweetness Surge Strategy in places needing cheering up.

Famine stricken lands could do with both fresh water and free cookies. Or in war torn lands, who quite often are caught up in a war of words based on language differences, that can lead to misunderstanding each others’ unique cultural worldviews resulting in acts of war, cookies are needed too.

So this is a post especially for the home cooks of the world, and specificly, the home baking enthusiasts. I ask the question, what if your ability to make cookies could effect future generations of peoples lives. 

There is an ancient Maori proverb I was taught as a child, that forms the basis of traditional Maori lore, when leaders make decisions on matters, that goes something like this: 

He aha te mea nui i te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in this world. It is people, people, people.  

Here’s a recipe for Peace in Afghanistan. What if bakers all over the world, could send both sides of the war in Afghanistan a batch of homemade Afghan cookies (double chocolate naughtiness, that always bring a smile), made together by grandmas and their grandchildren all over the world, with love.

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