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Meet Madison Hunter. She fancies herself as the next Nestle Milkybar Kid of New Zealand.

I don’t know anything about Madison, but if you want to be a cowgirl in New Zealand Madison, growing up and having fun, then I’m all for your bid, here in Hollywood.

Go honey! Here’s looking at you kid, today in Tinsel Town. May your dreams always be big, your smile bigger, as that’s what being a Kiwi Kid has always been about. Here’s some Milkybar Kid culture from Australia, and some cowgirl culture via the USA.

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Swifty and Dame Liz - Two people who helped build the Hollywood star system. One threw the best parties each year, where next year’s deals were brokered and A-List star rankings were determined.

The other reenacted, what she knew of a star system that had worked for centuries. She acted like a Queen of a commonwealth of stars assembled in Hollywood  that were drawn from all over America and the world. Liz Taylor was the center along with Samuel Lazar.

A beaut shot of two star makers – least we forget our manners and our knowledge of history in California today and how America’s brightest stars have been shaped and created. This tradition has always been a global effort.

To be a Maori-Kiwi and add your contribution to this tradition in a small way via a Hollywood blog daily, is what we call “tika” to do in our corner of the world. Always fun to do.

It’s called an expression of “tino rangatiratanga” or a sovereign expression of one’s spirit of liberty in the world, contributing to the future direction of it. Tino rangatiratanga as a part of the world’s new star system, also means “to think green for future generations as people living in a sovereign harmonious state, in dialogue with the environment and the earth.”

It’s a beautiful tradition that all Indigenous Peoples of the world have always believed. Today, Hollywood’s brightest stars think of others (including the least in the world) and they dare to think green for the planet and its people – over any other value system or reward system of fame.

James Cameron‘s film Avatar with this theme, proved this sentiment, achieving the best selling Hollywood film in box office history. Cameron’s direction as a Hollywood auteur bore witness with people the world over, that this is what we want from the City of Angels and other film making meccas of the world. It’s where Hollywood is at, in representing strong messages for the world in cinema and entertainment texts. Anything else, pales in its irrelevant meaninglessness and is archaic.

When I look at this image of Swifty and Dame Liz, they stood for something important. They took on the role of testing the existing star system and making it better, stronger, brighter and more relevant and meaningful. Today in Hollywood, so do a rising new generation of earth-conscious humanitarian stars. These people are re-altering Hollywood’s current star system, making it stronger by ignoring the dross and realigning entertainment with strong stories the world needs today.These stories are green, compassionate, human.

It’s fun living in Hollywood and California. I love being Maori and Kiwi and living right in the middle of it. It’s where Maori belong too. Positioned right in the Middle, shaping the form and future flow of fun!  We are so Hollywood in the 2010′s.

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The future looks like Sam Kirby on Wood: Like those who dream with milky rich imagination (in 3D full cream of Cinematic mastery), New Zealand Kids are Milkybar Kids, still.

If you know anything about New Zealand, you will know that we have the creamiest, whitest chocolate in the world. If you knew this growing up in New Zealand, perhaps you too once wanted to be, The Milkybar Kid. On that note:

Meet Sam Kirby. He’s 7 years-old and has dreams of being a chocolate loving cowboy, who rounds up “baddies” and dishes out milky creamy white chocolate to all of his friends.

Sounds like a good concept for a political party to me. Go Sam!

On the Nestle Milkybar Kids website for TVC auditions, here’s what’s posted about Sam Kirby: “Sam enjoys reading and maths at school. He’s a fun and creative kid with a big imagination who loves dressing up and performing for his family.

Sam’s interests are: Space, dinosaurs, swimming, soccer, musical theater and the piano.

Sam’s audition can be seen here, along with the original trailer of The Lone Ranger. Why the Lone Ranger, was even called that is a mystery. He always had a faithful Native American Indian mate in Jay Silverfoot (who was really Canadian, but this is America!), a famous white horse named Silver and a whole cast of extras. Some with teeth others without.

But back to Sam. Vote Master Kirby here. For fun family travels, do visit Sam’s city known as The Garden City, that incidentally is one of the best City’s in the world to bring up children. The City also raises Rugby football world champions and fine singers and artists. Good soccer players is what Sam is furthering in Christchruch for diversity. Cool.

These kids are talented and tough. Christchurch is a City with a community strength of spirit second to none in the World, even when tested under pressure, their spirit as a City bonded tightly together is something that makes you observe with a sense of respect and pride.  Even if the world was to crash and fall around them, Christchurch City people roll tight together and … They’re unbreakable. The world loves Christchurch City for their spirit and global purpose. They certainly inspire me from Hollywood always.

Go here to Christchurch City‘s website. Sam’s auditon is well worth a watch just to hear this future leader say: “The Milkybars on me.” Bring it on Sam! Go laddie. When I was 7, I was singing on the tail end of a group with my older siblings for crowds of up to 400 people a sitting. Kiwi kids entertain from a young age. It’s normal in Kiwiland to perform and turn out a show as Sam Kirby exemplifies today, from Hollywood on this blog- Entertainment Capitol of The World.

~A Hollywood tribute, Irving Swifty Lazar for Sam Kirby of Christchurch City. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.11.10~


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Kiwi Kids are good at Math – Milkybar Kids Mathematicians Club 2010′s. Meet mathematician Milkybar Kid, Asher Quin.

When riding the Milkybar trail, counting can be a dirty, dusty business – but Milkybar Kids know how to count while eating good chocolate in New Zealand. Lol!

This just in:  Second Milkybar Kid Finalist Revealed

“The search is heating up for one of New Zealand’s most well-known young adventurers – the MILKYBAR Kid – now the Top Ten Finalists have now been chosen.

Since August 9, parents and guardians have been filming audition videos of their children using a script from and uploading them for their chance to fill the iconic boots of this much-loved character. Public auditions were also held at branches of The Warehouse, New World Super Markets and Pak n Save nationwide.

Now, 10 children have been chosen as the Top Ten Finalists from over 1500 entries. Their names are being revealed over ten days on Good Morning (a show like Good Morning America).

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In Support of Boy a film by Taika Cohen introducing James Rolleston

Sam Cruickshank (Horiwood, a blogger) and Taika Cohen, (the Maori-Jewish Kiwi Tarantino) & Hollywood’s reigning Maori King, Cliff Curtis (Leading light, Producer).

With special thanks to producers: Ainsley Gardiner, Merata Mita’s family, Michael E & the New Zealand Film Commission.

Alright… where’s Temuera?

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So far on Horiwood.Com, we’ve looked at two kids who want to be cowgirls on TV from New Zealand, as the next Milky Bar Kid (The MBK is a Kiwi kids hero for the last 5 decades, who headed a white chocolate gang). I grew up, thinking I was the milky bar kid, like every other Kiwi kid. He had chocolate to give away, this made him popular.

A sure wrangler of a TV ad, to create a cultural hero. By a long range shot, the MBK, was that hero.

From Wellington today, comes this news that Bangkok-born Natalie Olson says that the Milkybars are on her, if she gets the TV gig to be the MBK.

The eight-year-old won overnight hero status among her peers at Lyall Bay School on the day she was announced as the fourth finalist to become the next Milkybar Kid. Her stage name when acting is “Nat.”

Half-Thai, half-Kiwi, Natalie moved to green paradise from Bangkok to New Zealand with her private investigator father Warren finding labor (employment) in New Zealand when she was two. She is not a newbie to the thespian world, with bit parts in short films and commercials already under her toy gun slinging belt.

Thanks to Natalie’s mother, Nat started drama school at four and was signed up with a model and talent agency the same year. She’s so Hollywood.

“The boys have had their turn [in the role of the Milky Bar Kid]. It’s the girls’ turn.”

But judge and casting director Suzanne McAleer said the Milkybar Kid for 2011 could break with the 51-year-old tradition.

“There’s no preconceived idea of what the next Milkybar Kid is going to look like. We’re just looking for a vibrant, engaging child with star quality.”

The original Milky Bar kid, who wore spectacles, looked like Oscar winning special effects man, Sir Richard Taylor as a kid. This is a fiercely contested role. Good luck young Natalie.

All finalists and their audition videos will be on for public voting.

Original Interview: Tanya Kattens for The Dominion Post.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.8.10. Irving Swifty Lazaar’s star for Ruth Lazar~


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[Photo caption: YEEHAH, IT'S SAMYAH: Samyah Powell, 9, is hoping to get the role of the Milky Bar Kid all tied up but in the meantime she's trying out the ropes on Whangarei Primary School principal Rob Soar].

Meet Samyah Powell. As mentioned, this kid wants to be the new Milky Bar Kid repping New Zealand’s luxurious white chocolate made from milk of the best dairy cows in the world. TV commercials are what’s up for grabs for chocolate manufacturer Nestle if Samyah lands the spot.

Powell is one of ten children short listed for the role and the only one North of Auckland. She’s representing good farming muster country in the far north.

Reports The Northern Advocate: “The Whangarei Primary School pupil loves reading and maths and is top of the class. Her flair for performance has been polished through hip-hop dancing and cheerleading in which she has competed internationally. Whether or not she becomes the newest Milky Bar Kid, this little star has already performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Sydney.”

Said Samyah, “It would be cool to be the Milky Bar Kid.”

What do you think? Should Samyah Powell of North Auckland, be the next Milky Bar kid?

Samyah does look a little like Justin Bieber in this pic anyway, so you never know. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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Have you checked out Hinetaapora Short yet. The ten year-old is showing fine early signs of being an emerging young Hollywood actor. She’s too cute.

Go here to see who Hinetaapora Short is, where she’s from and what she’s doing. Love this kid! She’s the hope of an emerging generation of talented young people in Aotearoa/ New Zealand–the nation of Hobbits, Maori and Polynesian kids that love to entertain.

She’s a Maori milky white Kiwi kid and we love her!!! Living in beautiful California, she makes me feel proud to be a 1/ 4,700,000th part of big hearted entertaining New Zealand. :)

[Image - famous Hollywood talent agent, Swifty Lazaar's star, from his booth at Hamburger Hamlet, West Hollywood CA 90069, as photographed and shared by Horiwood in Hollywood].

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~We are only who we are today because of the angels who touched our lives~

The City of Angels is called this name because it is home to many legendary angels of entertainment. Two angels that come to mind who light up a room are legendary Hollywood actress Ruta Lee and dancer Frances Davis.

Hamburger Hamlet is the iconic restaurant on Doheny and Sunset in Beverly Hills that Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford (the Rat Pack) made famous by making it their local. In fact they ate here for dinner most nights.

However, these famous American lads had nothing on the girls of their day. Ruta Lee was their costar in the film Sargeants 3. Dinner tonight at Hamburger Hamlet proved that.

Sitting in the booth that once belonged to Irving Paul “Swifty” Lazar a legendary Hollywood talent agent and deal-maker who was born Samuel Lazar in Brookylyn New York was an honor within itself. Samuels who have gone before always have to inspire other Samuels as this Swifty’s booth was tonight for me.

Lazar represented both movie stars and authors and doubled as a Hollywood producer at times. He is most famous for his Oscars parties, that were the toast of Hollywood and only the elite A-List stars were ever invited to attend–long before Vanity Fair, Sir Elton John and Madonna ever threw big Oscars parties for today’s elite stars of Hollywood.

Sitting in Swifty’s booth was memorable enough… then along comes Ruta Lee originally of Montreal, Quebec in Canada. This star of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers can light up a room with her vivacious spirit and personality and zest for life. What a character. She is synonymous with old school Hollywood glamour and a cultural ambassador of the celebrity star system in Hollywood. She is an honorary fairy godmother often invited to comment on stars who are fortunate enough to get their own star on the Walk of Fame. Seeing Ruta Lee in action at a Walk of Fame ceremony is a treat that has always amused and amazed me. She is Hollywood in that moment.

We love her here. In Hollywood, they don’t come any finer than her.

I think it is Ruta’s warmth of spirit that is a cultural treasure of American entertainment here in Hollywood. Spending time with her is a pleasure. She is very hands on and imparts encouragement with her words, her laugh, her vivacious smile and her ability to warm the heart. This is a rare gift that Miss Lee exudes for America. She’s very special.  Young Hollywood love Ruta because if she likes you, she always jokes and says “You’re in the will.” Or she will quip with lightning quick response if you compliment her, “Hey. I’m not that old… yet.” She’s priceless.

Ruta’s favorite bestie is Frances Davis –first wife of Miles Davis and a world famous dancer. Like Ruta, Frances still rocks it and works as the hostess at Hamburger Hamlet where Frances is a Hollywood institution. They turn up and rock it out because they can, and they know how needed they are to inspire new people who grow America, in these times. I love them for their courage to keep giving richly to newbies like myself. Thank you Frances Miles. A star of America.

Tonight Ruta quipped that when she looks at Frances she has nothing but admiration for her. “Frances has had no work done whatsoever, and look how petite she still is,” says Ruta with a look that only a star could admire another star for keeping the faith so well, for the Entertainment Capitol of the World.

“When I told Frances how good she looks, you know what she said to me? She said: “A-ha! Black don’t crack. And it don’t sag either,” to which Ruta roars with laughter–like Frances is the funniest American comedian ever. Too cute.

Frances appears on two of Miles Davis‘ Colombia Records albums, Someday My Prince Will Come and E.S.PElvis Presley loved Frances so much for her beauty and sweetness of spirit that her album cover artwork still sits in his music library in Graceland to this day. She’s an original honey bee of American entertainment who inspired greats and continues to do so today. I think Ruta Lee is one of her biggest fans. These girls are two cute together.

Ruta was joined for dinner by her husband Mr Webster B. “Webb” Lowe, Jr., originally of Texas, who is of restauranteuring fame. Mr Lowe is as youthful of spirit as Ruta Lee is. He is gracious to a fault, discerning, wise and with a very firm honest handshake, just like my late Uncle Tahia of the Ngati Whaatua and Nga Puhi tribes was of Aotearoa New Zealand who grew up waching Ruta Lee’s films. She his people. A universal and much loved star. I felt very at home in Miss Lee’s and Mr Lowe’s company. He’s inclusive and a very nice guy. Like old America, but today and now. This dymanic couple live in Rita Hayworth‘s and Orselle Welles Laurel Canyon home when they spend time here.

It was a real pleasure too, to meet Margie Petersen wife of the late Robert E. Petersen founders of The Petersen Automotive Museum that is “dedicated to the exploration and presentation of the automobile and its impact on American life and culture using Los Angeles as the prime example.” Margie is a total sweetheart and her depth of spirit has a resilience to it that LA is very lucky to have inform it.

Having been in the company of Los Angeles living legends was both a privilege and also very inspiring. These fun kids exude life that is much needed here in LA. I love and appreciate them.

I am pictured (at top) with Ruta Lee in Irving Paul “Swifty” Lazar’s booth–where I had dinner tonight– with the lovely Ruta Lee gracing my table. She’s so sweet. Frances also appears with Ruta and Jason Fulk a legendary Hollywood host and Hollywood instutition too, known for his wit and hospitality who hosted Ruta Lee‘s big Hollywood party on the day she recieved her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the historic Roosevelt Hotel –home to some of the finest official Hollywood ceremonies and movie premieres in LA.

Jason is as real as Hollywood people get. He shoots from the hip like a Maori does and his directness makes Hollywood stars instantly feel safe and at home. He’s always their host of first preference and he’s taught me a lot about how A-List stars think and he’s a class American act. In America you either have class or you don’t and Jason has it by the truckloads. He’s the real deal Hollywood starmaker too.  

After spending a few moments with Ruta Lee, Mr Lowe, the delightful Margie Petersen and Frances Davis and being built up, smartened up and counselled by my friend Jason whose always a motivator–one can’t help but sense that Los Angeles is such a beautiful city to live in, contribute to with an entertainment blog, share and be a part of its evolving culture.  All of these people mentioned are some of the City’s leading lights and it is people like these ambassadors of LA, that make the City of Angels such a beautiful city to live in with a great destiny and future still ahead of her. Thank you Angels for the encouragement to this Hollywood Maori – for that gift, I am blessed and I love you all. 

By the way, the Oakplank steak on the menu at Hamburger Hamlet (cooked medium rare is the best) is my all time favorite. Yum! It was the closest thing on the menu that resembled Kibbe Nayeh of Lebannon that I was raised on in New Zealand by the Ataya family and also by my adopted Aunt Elaine of Westwood here in LA, so of course I had to order it. Thank you Aunt Elaine.  :)

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