02 Jul

If I Can Dream reality TV stars are hot. So are these words in Arabic:

 إِنَّ الرَّبَّ يَدِينُ الأُمَمَ. اقضِ لِي يَارَبُّ كَحَقِّي، بِحَسَبِ مَا فِيَّ مِنْ كَمَالٍ.

In English the words are a commentary on the process of justice’s refining traits: “Judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to my integrity within me.”

Unusual words for an inspiring Hollywood pop star, to tattoo as an expression of their Elvis pelvis, spirituality. Only in America! Gotta love the creativity. 

Pop star. Justin Gaston, emerging Brazilian supermodel, Giglianne Braga and Ben Elliott, take their kit off for puppies, kitties and animals. Apparently, according to this campaign. 

Marketing to sex up animal welfare, is what PETA love to do. In this case, they take a symbol of Miley Cyrus‘ American teen princess trajectory (actor, musician and an ex of Cyrus), Justin Gaston and in a Twilight Saga pop cultural movie reflection (trilogy), add the hotness of Giglianne Braga and Ben Elliott to the campaign images. Naked of course. 

Actually, this image is more about California’s pursuit of physical perfection and body beautifulness than animals–but hey, no one’s going to complain, I’m sure–at these political animals effort. Hot. 

With his scriptural tattoo from the ancient book of Psalms, Gaston makes the Torah and the Bible look a little sexy. Needless to say Giglianne Braga is too smoldering to be contained in a camera lens’ representation of her. Ben Elliott just is. Apart from being total freaks of genetics and nature, some people are just so blessed/ cursed (you decide that one) to come out of the womb like this. Nightmares ensured for their parents when they hit teenagehood–but finally, such people have found each other. What a sweet story, and good for them! 

Actually, this pic looks very Adam Eve and Steve, so what’s that sayin?! Ridiculously sensationalist–or a ‘good’ campaign. :)

Giglianne Braga is the new Kim Kardashian styled bikini body of America, if she plays her cards right. Thought hot, that would certainly be a step up from this. And she’s now cemented herself into American pop cultural life as a sex symbol and icon of Earth’s concerns. 

Expect to see Miley’s current lad, Liam Hemsworth take his gear off soon–to challenge this image. What next?!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.2.2010. Source~


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