27 Sep

Cynthia Germanotta was on deck to pull her family together, at the loss and bereavement of Joseph Germanotta, a husband, a father, father-in-law and grandfather of New Jersey.

Commanding her daughter to pull her bootlaces together on her five inch platform heels and find the dignity of soul to shift her focus to support her grandmother in her time of deep grief. Cynthia was taking no nonsense from anyone in her Amy Winehouse gold ballet slippers and clutching her starbucks coffee with the matching Hilary Clinton hair do she sports with her famous pop star daughter, sans wigs.

In a very classy press release, via the UK Daily Mail, these were the wishes of the Germanotta family via Stefani’s PR machine:

“The obituary in the Star-Ledger said Mr Germanotta had lived in New Jersey.

He was self-employed and had served in the Army during World War II.

He was survived by his wife of 57 years, Angeline, as well as his son Jospeh and granddaughters – Gaga and her sister Natali.

The obituary asked that in lieu of flowers, donations were made to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research at

Joseph Germanotta was an amazing guy. He fought for country and also produced talented grandchildren. It’s not like Joe Jackson passing away-because the Germanotta’s are new on the music scene, really, but still, this man is an enigma – whose life story is well worth looking into for what he gifted his family and country.

Joseph Germanotta represents the one in ten Americans on a veterans of war benefit due to service in the U.S troops. Quite a story this weekend. Sympathies to Angeline Germanotta. 57 years of marriage. What a story. What a sad day.

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