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Go here to read. Machete is in theaters September 3rd. 

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Arriving with Tom Hanks to Emmys 2010 last night in L.A, you can’t help but smile at Rita Wilson‘s fashion statement.

Although she looks like a walking crystal chandelier from head to toe, Wilson sends a message to Lady Gaga‘s crystal pop iconography, and symbology (outside of the ‘chandlier’ context).

Especially on her feet. Red carpet burn! What a diva. :) Wilson joins Britney Spears who sent the same message to America last night too, in the form of Spears’ TVC

By the way, for late comers to Lady Gaga’s live concerts. Those who went to see her in L.A last time Gaga performed recently, were totally glamoured by her. I’m kind of already moving on from the initial wow of Gaga until she creates some new songs. I’m more of a Rihanna kind of lad as Love the way you lie is a song that’s more now which is the whole point of pop stars.

Go the Carribean and fusion artists like Riri, I say. But I still like some of Gaga’s music. Her ballad’s especially. I’m aware that 25% of this blog’s audience are avid Gaga fans. New fans say that her ‘support homeless teens’ charity “gotcha gotcha” video in her concert, was what converted them to be avid fans of hers. Proof perhaps, that if you give, love from others follows in the fame game. Giving is always key. And for that I applaud Germanotta’s efforts. 

Tom Hanks at the Emmys last night? . . . well, he still turned up to the show with that same expression on his mug. Lol! Thank goodness for Rita. The duo make a good Hollywood team. 

[Images courtesy of Bauer Griffin]

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Although this second image of Stefani Germanotta (stage name, Lady Gaga) is being touted as Vanity Fair‘s big stylish Magazine Cover reveal this week for her many fans worldwide, I have to say, it’s very five-months-old West Hollywood styling.

Go here to get my drift.

What ever happened to the days where Vanity Fair produced images of elegance in fashion? And is Lady Gaga’s ‘style’ team running out of good ideas to get Germanotta noticed more?

The eyebrow situation of the shoot is very Italiano. That’s kinda authentic. 

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Yes she did. This is the news all Apple shareholders were waiting for to breathe easy for another year.

Love the Zsa Zsa Gabor hair do up. Fun. 

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Kinda… “Beyonce?” … Way to name drop on one’s imaginary telephone. Watch here.

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Joe Manganiello sidles up to Oscar queen, Anna Paquin to get his start as a viable Hollywood actor on the hottest cable TV show in the U.S.A, True Blood. L.A is the denim capitol of the world, so Joe will be fine, if he’s doing press like this today. source

Oh, and America’s #1 most famous American, overdoes it again with a set of retro walkman earphones, twisted about her eye with a Mickey Mouse bustier to boot. Why so heavily contrived?! Longer fake eyelashes needed asap. More, more, more. I kid. :)

In our Hollywood entertainment news topics of interest. You all voted your top trending celebrities that you find amusing. Thanks everyone. Here’s our top ten today. 

1. Press Release the Hollywood star way: Rebelle Fleur ink by Rihanna

2. Angelina Jolie shines as one of the few bankable box office action stars

3. Anderson Cooper is hot news property 

4. Humor: G. Hensen is doing way too much with a rugby football

5. Hollywood has a new hot waitress: Meet Emmy Bossak of the Den

6. Justin Gaston wears a Psalmist-King’s ink in Young Hollywood

7. Brad Pitt may star in “The Tiger” 

8. Brooke Fraser attends Next Magazine’s Woman of the Year Awards

9. Sports humor: Serena Williams for Gatorade 

10. Amber Rose ‘s influence on American and European culture

Charity Post: Support Kids battling Leukemia. Thanks. 

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Anne St Vincent sits down with Stefani Germanotta to help calm her down and unruffle her rockstar Elmo feathers for a morning. 

A cute picture  from Annie. The special K serial in the background, steals the show. It’s always surreal that in the short space of a year, Lady Gaga has become one of the touchstones of American celebrity today. So much so, that I just created an Anne St. Vincent tag, on this blog–as St Vincent rocks on up the star ladder today of show biz. Nice work. 

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Artist ‘polaroids’ by Lady Gaga for i-D Magazine’s 30th Birthday Anniversary issue.

[Images courtesy of this blog. With 19th Century bunny rabbit, porcelain sculpture by Hirado Mikawachi on show at LACMA. I must be non-focused today, because in spite of both creations being 200 years apart, I'm finding it very difficult to see the difference between Stefani Germanotta's 'art' and Hirado Mikawachi's! Alright, I need a nap, obviously!]

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Magazine covers always fascinate me in America, because media gatekeepers love to say, this is our poker face and what it looks like this month in a fabricated constructed vision of newsworthy/ trendsetting glamor of the coveted terrain of magazines and their A-List real estate, their cover. 

I won’t go into too much detail (because when you drop down into detail, you rarely make any money), so I’ll stick to the headlines, of what these covers lead stories are. You can read the fine print for even more entertainment value. Here we go:

1. Vogue Magazine touts “in her 30′s Oscar winner, Gwenneth Paltrow becomes Queen of the Kitchen.” Five words: Martha Stewart future empire building. A good effort from Gwenny! Better than sitting on a rocking chair, judging which new Hollywood kids should win Oscars in your sixties and up. I like it. Paltrow is a forward thinker. 

2. On Vanity Fair Lady Gaga pretends that she is scary. Um, I thought you had to have age on your side and a bit of substance to be truly scary. Because people with true substance generally tell the truth and don’t follow the popular vote, the odds are–Gaga is doing way too much on V.F, thinking she’s one of these such people, if you ask me. In L.A seeing through a wig, is where reality begins. For her acting skills at 24 years-of-age though, and what she’s achieved, she brings a smile. 

3. Nylon Guys flaunts a story line where Jason Schwartzman still thinks he can act. Good for him! The mo’ helps Jason a little, look like he’s reinvented, like all actors allude they can in their evolution as creative artists. He’s as convincing as James Franco so let’s give Schwartzman some props for that for Hollywood’s Team Coppola and tribe. I like this families wine they flog in Hollywood. They have old school, refined tastes. 

4. MMA teases that martial artist/ athlete Anderson Silva has fallen from grace. Okay then. 

5. Courtney Cox is sweetness and perfection for Emmy Magazine. Meow!

6. Band, The Devil Wears Prada amuse with a Q & A. Fun. 

Seriously though, magazine covers always get my attention. They’re the glossy front shop window of America’s print media. To all these magazines, thanks for daring to even entertain. A lot of energy goes into print media each month, as you can see. 

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[This image: view from Männlichen into the Grindelwald valley, Swiss Alps]

Today, I called Rachel Zoll, the religious reporter for the Associated Press. She’s pedal to medal on her journalist’s motorcycle laptop covering Ramadan in the religious calendar. What a gal. 

Around the world, the wordpress community of bloggers, are hard at work. Here’s ten different views of what topics are hot life fire right now. It’s always good to showcase others with good views, opinion–much more worthy than oneself. So, here we go:

1. Daisaku Nomoto Bonsai Critique for Uncle Emile‘s book

2. Lady Parmalade does Julie Andrews proud with Swiss Alps hiking snaps

3. Andrew Sullivan and Lane Kentworthy zoom in on Income Inequality

4. Economy booster. Give more. Pay it forward, with Random Acts of Kindness

5. Gender Across borders with Lady Gaga for Dadaism arts genre

6. Asia, Oslo and The Land of Loving People. A close up view of blog tourism

7. What ever happened to two way conversations?: Mobile telephony & email’s impacts

8. Scuttlefish Blog loves the Ocean and wishes you were here

9. Caleb and Nicolette have a dream

10. Chicago & A Taste of Place: Sloppy Joes Over Polenta

Bonus Post: As Leonard Mlodinow once wrote that “we expect things to happen for good, understandable reasons.  But our clear visions of inevitability are often only illusions.” Um, that’s so pre-recession, these days trading a cup  of sugar for a glass of milk, is a little more real as paper money can’t always be trusted. But let’s take a look at real estate with a post titled: Why do we make such bad real estate choices?

[below: images--Green Artist Nomoto's hands on Bonsai Green, the art of tree balance].

And on that note, I hope Rachel Zoll is feeling pretty chill after doing amazing Ramadan coverage. :)

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A little bit of art today from artist Jason Mecier, paying tribute to Lady Gaga‘s love of kermit the frog’s muppets imagery, with the art of recycled arts materials. Too funny.

Here in America, Yes We Kan. Love it. A reminder, that no matter what, always recycle, create art, and think green. It’s what we do. :)

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Lady Gaga does the unthinkable. She smokes at the stove, while she cooks tomatoes for record producer friend, Fernando Garibay.  Germanotta is reminiscent of notorious model, socialite and fashion icon, Judith Baragwanath from retro Ponsonby road Summer Street restaurant days. And here’s rugby football star, Stephen Donald displaying the art of rugby football showmanship with his take on Paparazzi. It’s always about the fans. 

Here’s how you voted our top ten celebrity and entertainment items of interest in real Hollywood today. 

1. About Horiwood–> Brooke Abbott for Arizona, Florida, New Mexico & Miami

2. Oksana & Mel 

3. From heroin to heroine: Angelina Jolie triumphs in Hollywood

4. What a guy! Richard Chandler is a kick ass billionaire. Hot!

5. Inception Sequel: Leonardo DiCaprio for Chris Nolan

6. 10 Things about billionaire Christopher Chandler

7. For the sweetness of Li Bryan‘s Pinkberry care

8. Ten things about radio host Ian Punnett 

9. Burlesque dicey perrier splashes with Dita Von Teese

10. A: Kimora Lee Simmons joins Tyra Banks 

10. B: Britney Spears & Sons cover Elle Magazine

10. C:

10. D: Star Trek‘s Karl Urban on Red, J.J Abrams and Judge Dredd

Humor: Black nude dash marketing with Kourtney & Khloe

Request: More Stephen Donald, the Gerard Butler of rugby football

Branding Homework: Knox Jolie-Pitt: What’s in a name?


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Lady Gaga covers Vanity Fair. It’s a funny world.

Lilac grey wigs + a ton of photoshop for this cover.

But who is Christopher Hitchins? the cover asks at the top.

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Lady Gaga covers East West Magazine, issue 30. At least her teeth are real.

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Purple will get you everywhere. Right?!

[Cover image courtesy of Cover Awards]

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In Lady Gaga‘s new song, she moves passed “red wine” as a buzz word, to claim “whiskey” as part of her fame hogging branding evolution.

Here’s Angelina Jolie‘s answer to that move on the Hollywood chess board: According to Jezebel’s readers, Jez thinks she might have cracked the code on Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo. Here’s her theory: “I think it reads Whiskey Bravo.My logic: She says : “Um, it’s for Brad. Brad’s real name is William Bradley Pitt. According to the alphabet the military use: William Bradley = Whiskey Bravo.”

Wow, Sherlocks of flesh ink, always get my attention. They done their time to have a real opinion. 

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This picture of Lady Gaga iconizing latex gloves as pop culture, made me lmao today. They’re brills for both the medical fraternity as well as cleaning stars of America too. Spanky clean, hygienic hotness then is a virtue.

Latex gloves are brills for cleaning toilets with as well as appearing on Hollywood sets in American pop stars music videos and on the set of medical TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy. Rad rubber!

[Image of latex gloves as pop cultural costumery in Telephone, from Lady Gaga via Shopping Blog

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This a.m, fans of Lady Gaga were camped outside Rockerfeller Center, in the Big Apple for a glimpse of America’s most famous person in the world, performing live.

They are fans because Stefani Germanotta gives them the ability to dress up all year round, experience a carnivalesque aspect of American life, and to be somebody different, that they currently are not, but want to express as a part of her fan base.

Germanotta is a queen of costumes, escapist fantasy, with unabashed love of props, clothes, make up, wigs, other pop stars symbols of identity that she recycles, her penchant for surreal heals, shock couture in a constant show depicting how Halloween carnivals can occur all year round in her camp.

She’s like opium for the masses, because  in war time, carnivals always occur to celebrate an obsession for living and life–to counteract war’s effect and fruit, which is death. War is a narrative of a desire to be famous. Fame Monsters the world over, love Gaga. 

It’s about opposites and balance. Her mad show, provides that release worldwide. Hola New York City! 

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Well deserved light-hearted accolades for actors and onscreen karaoke singers are in order for the cast of Glee–who have scooped up 19 Emmy award nominations this year. 

The full list of Emmy nominees here. This list courtesy  of DListed.Com. Idena Menzel and Lea Michele show their ‘acting’ skills with this version of Glee‘s Poker Face in the mode of Gaga.  

Glee’s accolades are perhaps more a commentary on the fact that the irrelevant Emmy’s, need a major branding refresher for audience relevancy, and Glee does the ticket rather well. Also, why is 30 Rock still being nominated for Awards? Move it along!

And finally, after audiences have voted unanimously for two whole seasons, while the Emmys, pretended they didn’t exist, Oscar winner Anna Paquin and the cast of True Blood catapult into the Best Show category with a nomination. 

Breaking Bad
Mad Men
True Blood
The Good Wife

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While watching KTLA news this morning, in between b*tch swipes of their female news team and presenters (in L.A that gets you ready at breakfast, to take on the day!), KTLA announced that Lady Gaga is the first person ever, to get 10 million followers on Facebook.

She has now overtaken President Barack Obama. What’s up with that?

The message we can extract from this: Sometimes, calling people straight up “Monsters,” garners you a cult following –simply because, people often lack self-esteem. Or, they like the fact Lady Gaga, doesn’t pretend her fan base is ‘nice.’

Whatever shock methodologies she uses, Gaga is unstoppable. Congratulations. Needless to say, Mr Obama needs a new spin team. 

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Rumors abound that this male ‘subject’ is actually Lady Gaga. Personally, I don’t really care. Lol!

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Katy Perry poses for British Esquire Magazine. And, Katy also has the song of Summer for California. with California Gurls. Here’s the music video, feat Snoop Dogg. 

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Lady Gaga earned $64 million this past year, is ranked the #1 celebrity on the web, and she celebrated it by sitting in an NYC garbage can. Humored.

And Jennifer Aniston brings the sun kissed Californian glamour to Australian Magazines. 

1. About Horiwood–> Love is in the Air with Miley Cyrus

2. Octo-Sana ups Mel‘s fame rankings 

3. Angelina Jolie covers Vanity Fair August 2010 

4. Vanessa Bryant is hot for basketball

5. Taylor Lautner 

6. Nesian Mystik music 

7. Emma Watson and Mazel Tov 

8. Willow Smith intrigues 

9. Liza Morales 

10. Filmmaker Merata Mita lives on in Q’orianka Kilcher 

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Congratulations to Ms Britney Spears whose epic come back from Young Hollywood trainwreck status landed her the 6th top spot on the Forbes Top 100 list for 2010. In terms of endurance for one still so young, that’s akin to Isner and Mahut ‘s epic battle on the Wimbledon tennis court recently, with the battle she won against her own demons. Amazing. Here’s how her peers came in.

1. Oprah –earnings $315 million. TV Rank: 1. Press Rank: 5. Web Rank: 5. Social Rank: 11

2. Beyonce Knowles –Earnings: $87 million. TV Rank: 9. Press Rank: 13. Web Rank: 2. Socia Rankl: 15.

3. James Cameron–Earnings: $219m.

4. Lady Gaga–Earnings: $62 million. TV Rank: 13. Press Rank: 13. Web Rank: 1 Social Rank: 1

5. Tiger Woods–$105m. TV Rank: 7. Press Rank: 6. Web Rank: 35. Social Rank: 34.

6. Britney Spears–$64m. TV Rank: 15. Press Rank: 23. Web Rank: 3. Social Rank: 2. 

7. U2

Congrats to all the winners. Go to Forbes to see the complete list. Madonna was #10. Taylor Swift #12. Miley Cyrus #13. Sandra Bullock #9. Angelina Jolie #18. Rush Limbaugh #19. Pink #27. Brad Pitt #30. Robert Pattinson #50.   

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Two pictures:

Burgundy Jacket Bride: Lady Gaga leaving Heathrow airport for The Big Apple. [Source]

Burgundy Jacket James Dean: Robert Pattinson in L.A for Twilight Eclipse premiere. [Source]

Desire is the beginning of the expression to have capacity to Love.

Cute. A little bit dramatic for the airport though. Lol!

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The world’s favorite cover girl, Angelina Jolie covers Vanity Fair. Watch clip. Buzz words, trending topics, celebrities and entertainment news, as voted by you the people–are clocked daily on Horiwood.Com. 

Trends are what we do and observe 1st–making them available to you, quicker than many media outlets can. Oh… and Lady Gaga wearing pink hooves is ridiculous in her Rolling Stone photo shoot, as shot by Terry Richardson. Are those hooves even kosher?! Ha! Sheeperz. Here’s your top ten. Enjoy!

1. Eminem‘s Recovery Album is white hot 

2. Vanessa Bryant is en route to Soccer World Cup 

3. She Conquered with Elegance –The Miss Elliette Story 

4. Robert Pattinson and friends @ Twilight Eclipse L.A Premiere 

5. Octo-Sana undergoes spin for record sales 

6. Brilliant Dialogue: The Hangover Quotes 

7. Twilight Eclipse shocking casting news 

8. Bad Daddy: John Voight on Obama 

9. You’re Gonna Rise Up Singing by Leona Lewis 

10. Dance is their baby–Alex Meraz 

Humor: Randy Spelling is a Beverly Hills life coach

Humor II: No! Emma Watson‘s One Night Only post & Carlton Cole aren’t available tonight. lol!

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You and I. Red wine. Live. Gaga.

For those of you requesting, a ‘creative’ Horiwood commentary on Lady Gaga, this one’s for you. It’s no secret, that 1/4 of the almost 2.3 million blog hits on this blog, are due to crazy Lady Gaga snapshots of ‘pop’ culture, I’ve posted in the past. So, with that tradition in mind—here’s your wish].

After Jerry Seinfeld blabbed on radio, after watching Lady Gaga’s behavior at the New York Yankee’s match, where she was removed from the crowd and put in his box, that he had paid for–he said “Who is this person? And just wake me up, when it’s over,” (yeah, Mr. Seinfeld needs to do one of those “corporate, Change-Management courses” in the mode of the movie Up In The Air, to get up to speed on his American culture),  Lady Gaga returned to her own box, the live stage, with this new little number.

Did she write this song, especially for Jerry? Did she write it for a President, in hot pursuit of her lucrative fan base as she has the world’s ear. If she wrote this song as a response to Seinfeld’s comments and dig about her, being the toast of New York, their home town–then this is a cute little number for The Big Apple. There’s Something About This Place lyrics, could allude to the fact she did. Your thoughts?

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… Ouch! :)

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Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s Telephone song, get the cover treatment from Ricky –the drummer. 

Not a bad effort.

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