07 Aug

[This image: view from Männlichen into the Grindelwald valley, Swiss Alps]

Today, I called Rachel Zoll, the religious reporter for the Associated Press. She’s pedal to medal on her journalist’s motorcycle laptop covering Ramadan in the religious calendar. What a gal. 

Around the world, the wordpress community of bloggers, are hard at work. Here’s ten different views of what topics are hot life fire right now. It’s always good to showcase others with good views, opinion–much more worthy than oneself. So, here we go:

1. Daisaku Nomoto Bonsai Critique for Uncle Emile‘s book

2. Lady Parmalade does Julie Andrews proud with Swiss Alps hiking snaps

3. Andrew Sullivan and Lane Kentworthy zoom in on Income Inequality

4. Economy booster. Give more. Pay it forward, with Random Acts of Kindness

5. Gender Across borders with Lady Gaga for Dadaism arts genre

6. Asia, Oslo and The Land of Loving People. A close up view of blog tourism

7. What ever happened to two way conversations?: Mobile telephony & email’s impacts

8. Scuttlefish Blog loves the Ocean and wishes you were here

9. Caleb and Nicolette have a dream

10. Chicago & A Taste of Place: Sloppy Joes Over Polenta

Bonus Post: As Leonard Mlodinow once wrote that “we expect things to happen for good, understandable reasons.  But our clear visions of inevitability are often only illusions.” Um, that’s so pre-recession, these days trading a cup  of sugar for a glass of milk, is a little more real as paper money can’t always be trusted. But let’s take a look at real estate with a post titled: Why do we make such bad real estate choices?

[below: images--Green Artist Nomoto's hands on Bonsai Green, the art of tree balance].

And on that note, I hope Rachel Zoll is feeling pretty chill after doing amazing Ramadan coverage. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.6.2010~


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  1. balladeer

    August 8, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Interesting take! This site makes for very good reading!

    Ed Wozniak
    Balladeer’s Blog


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