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“If Peace is an Opera, than War is the tragic Elements Resonating in it”–Horiwood, USA.

… thinking while playing ping pong, with a ‘pink’ rubber paddle, as The Mamas & The Papas play on Apple iPod in California.

Calling the new oil… Anyone want to collaborate on composition for a new Rock Opera?

~Power: The Rock Opera, for Queen Noor of Jordan: Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.9.10. Store front artwork by Pedro Rubio~

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An excuse to share Art in the City of Angels:

For the one person, who just tweeted, my ‘Maori-waka waka-blonde’ , to make sense of political rhetoric today in the U.S, these fresh Hollywood flowers are just for you.

Thanks for giving some incentive, to one’s ‘waka waka’ brain as a blogger, to think more down the middle politically today to be fair to all Americans. In recession, there’s only one team. All hands on deck. 

Shwing!!! :)

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On hob knob tweeting for Pakistan Relief: @ thank you Richard for supporting Pakistan relief.

Sir Richard had tweeted: “Join me for a webcast with @& friends at 4pm GMT to raise money for Pakistan flood victims. “

On Pakistan Herself: An Estimated 20 Million Pakistanis in Desperate Need: Why So Little Media Attention?

On how Peace is mediated by a leader: “@ or to spin different possibilities…”

On googling Benjamin Franklin for inspiration: Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices. “

On retweeting to get New York City’s attention: Imagine if all of New York City was made homeless from floods. A third are starving. Now double that number & don’t talk about it. “

On celebrating messangers [hebrew: angels] of Peace: “ all messages and messengers of peace should be celebrated”

On Peace is a gathering of people: “@ to build peace people must come together, listen and try to understand, not shun one another-to want (cont)”

On a Nuke Free World: HuffPo Article

On Britney Spears throwaway frenemies: “@. I am simply your sister in it all….”

On how to say thank you in Arabic: “@ habbibti, thank you with all my heart.”

You know, leaders who remain open and communicate with everyone like Queen Noor does on Twitter. They do the world a great favor, because readers learn lots about their worldview. Thanks Queen Noor for transparent sharing as a teacher on the world’s global stage. 

[Lisa Halaby married the king of Jordan, on June 15, 1978. In 1978 Arab-American Lisa Halaby left behind her western lifestyle, converted to Islam and married Jordan's handsome King Hussein. The king named her Queen Noor al-Hussein, " the light of Hussein." The fairy-tale romance endured for more than two decades, until the king's death in 1999.]

Love will always cross-over any and every divide. 

[Images courtesy of Jordan Royals blog]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 9.8.10~

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People who eat dates from Palm Trees in desert terrains, should all just have dates together and talk through their fears, concerns, hopes, issues, and dreams. World peace thinking. Oh right, at the Whitehouse coming up, those such dates are on the menu. Nice. 

For the latest on the Middle-East peace mediation situation go to these New York Times posts to check them out in full.

1. Op-Ed NT Times. 8.31.10: New Chance for Peace

2. Restoring Unknown Names of War in Iraq

Key Players on the Mid-East Chess Board, world strategy of Peace game of hot politics are: Mahmoud Abbas for Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel and the Judaic-Christian World (that includes over 1 billion Catholics and 300 million Christian Chinese community members); Presient Barack Obama and U.S Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for America and her allies, including Queen Elizabeth II and all Commonwealth nations leaders; Hosni Mubarak for Egypt; King Abdullah of Jordan; Tony Blair for America and the U.K and the E.E.U nations; Saudi Arabia and Turkey; 

[Images: New York Times with a shout out to Bobby Mac, and palms print artwork, West Hollywood window, today on the way to work]

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I saw this tee shirt in a shop window in West Hollywood. Immediately I thought of Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan and her non-proliferation stance of nuclear weapons campaign with her endorsement of Countdown to Zero, a documentary film. 

When you think about it, the seven nations who possess nuclear weapons, are all (largely) led by men. Apologies for that. Because, the future of the world, for the sake of a few men who mistake the adrenalin rush of a nuclear arm’s race, for good leadership–our world could be in jeopardy if nuclear weapons production isn’t stopped. It only takes one of the 7 lads in question, to lose their senses–and the whole world suffers. I think the planet has suffered enough, don’t you? The nuclear weapons game, is based on a lie, that we can even afford to play it. None of us can. 

So, here’s to a Queen who knows how to switch it up–take on the boys, and rise above them all, with her message of Peace. She is so intelligent. As a leader, she brings a smile as she makes new rules for world leaders by leading in a better way. 

This tee shirt amused me today for that reason. She’s not bad for a girl from Santa Monica, I must say! 

[Image of Queen Noor courtesy of Love Habibi.Com]

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Feathers of Peace rising

like dove’s wings of trunk boas

for rain  forest

tribes of the Earth.

The wind still blows:

Lay your body politik down

upon scarred Earth

In the , ascending past “why’s”

aviator angel hearts collide

with Peace,

across ‘champagne bow’ Amazon skies.

Lay your body down

Lay your weapons of fear down

Lay your soul down

Upon the body of scarred Earth

Doves of Rainbow family hearts,

 are counting down

to go Up

through the crossfire.

[The way of the wise is to save lives, King Solomon - Part II. Peace and Preserving Life globally is the spirit of humane--including gay-- pride anywhere].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 6.14.2010.~


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Says the Hollywood Reporter via Risky Business: “Producer Lawrence Bender, Participant exec Diane Weyermann and Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan [also known as Lisa Najeeb Halaby] hosted a luncheon for a handful of journalists Friday to discuss the nuclear non-profileration documentary “Countdown to Zero,” directed by Lucy Walker.”

Debuting on July 23rd, the film premiered at Sundance and is eligible of Academy Award nomination. Bender and Participant brought Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth doco to the world for Paramount Vantage grossing $41.6 million in sales and winning Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 2006.

After their Global warming film that garnered Gore a Nobel Peace Prize, the team knew that the threat of ‘nuclear weapons’ is the second greatest threat on the planet. Queen Noor, who is also a leader of Global Zero and a spokesperson for non-proliferation around the world, suggested that the film undergo another edit to be less America-centric.

She arranged screenings at the U.N., in Mumbai, Delhi, Paris and Washington for intelligence community and state dignitaries. It has been 20 years that arms reduction has been a trend, and New Zealand Prime Minister, David Lange was a key figure in the last round of nuclear weapons reduction advocacy in the world.

Queen Noor, remembers undergoing duck-and-cover drills while attending elementary school in Santa Monica. “Countdown to Zero references that global movement to eradicate all nuclear arms, and Global Zero’s scientists, engineers and scholars have compiled an action plan designed to accomplish that via a phased, verifiable process over 20 years.”

“Countdown to Zero” references that global movement to eradicate all nuclear arms, and Global Zero’s scientists, engineers and scholars have compiled an action plan designed to accomplish that via a phased, verifiable process over 20 years.

Queen Noor goes on to say “I look at this from the perspective of trying to promote understanding between the Middle East, the Arab and Muslim world, and the West over the past 35 years. I’ve given a million speeches! But, it’s the visual images, it’s the storytelling, it’s the ability to draw people into the reality of a situation that affects all of us regardless of our nationality, our religion, our ethnicity, our political orientation. There is no more effective way. This [film] is the most powerful tool in the arsenal.” –Gosh, Queen Noor has such a way with words. She’s so right about film being a powerful medium for Peace. Go girl!

Well said via Risky Business. [Image courtesy of Cinema Verite. Countdown To Zero Publicity Pic courtesy of This Blog]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 6.13.2010~


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