13 Mar

In the agenda of Carbon Tax Setting in the world, let’s not shoot the forerunner messenger of the message. She’s just a baby getting started…

Pollsters have again blamed the carbon tax proposition for a mild dip in new Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard‘s popularity in the latest results of a political opinion poll survey.

‘Today’s Nielsen poll, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, puts Ms Gillard’s approval rating at 47 per cent, the lowest since she took office.’

The survey revealed 39% of people prefer have a fond sport for Kevin Rudd as Labor leader, putting him five points ahead of Ms Gillard. The Coalition leads Labor on the two-party preferred vote, 54 points to 46.. News source- AGENCIES (undefined) via The New Zealand Herald.

You know, anyone that can wow the US Congress from another nation like Gillard did last week, reaffirming that Aussies are ‘great mates’ with well, everyone, especially America, perhaps deserves a little bit more respect than this. Clearly this girl has good skills. She’s like Kate Blanchett. Respect worthy. Yet the good people of Australia have voted. So, here in LA, our eyes have noticed. Competitive parliaments are the best for the people. Fairness is achieved –perhaps is what these polls indicate. So far I like Julia. She’s to the point and certainly not the dullest of crayons in the box. Go lady! :)

Other nations take on Ms Gillard’s leadership profile to date, who President Obama defines as his strongest ally (based solely on war commitment criteria) have these fews on Ms Gillard today.

Unimpressed voters still shun Abbott- Sydney

Americans adore Julia Gillard but Aussies not big on gushing–UK

[PHOTOGRAPH of Ms Gillard and President Obama, courtesy of Third Age]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.13.11~


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