21 Feb

Show biz families are always a dual oddity. On one hand, they fascinate us. On the other hand, show biz parents can either spark inspiration for many parents with their vision – or they blur the line of a pimp for their kids. In Hollywood, pimping parents are the norm. It is seen as a virtue, rather than something vulgar.

Top show biz parent this year has got to be Kris Jenner. The Hollywood Reporter holds Kris up, in Hollywood producer esteem status, for spinning her daughters (and the lads too) of her brood into bonafide Hollywood stars. Whether her girls make sex tapes, or take off their clothes for the troops abroad, Kris is all cool with that. Though she does admit, she does cry a few tears later.

The HR use Kris’ skills as a template to compare the fact that there are no signs of consumer burn out, otherwise she would not have amassed the fortune she has. What the reporter does not say is that in the past two or three years where America has been at war with, well… people who look Middle Eastern mainly (Iraq and Afghanistan) that the Kardashian girls have been the balance to America’s obsession with warring with MidEast nations. Armenian-Americans claim Middle-Eastern descent in their lineage. The Kardashian girls filled this void of providing Mid-East-looking friendly portraits of a US, cross-cultural familly, being the healing face of war’s enemy construction. That’s my take on these lovely girls fame anyway. A vital part of it.

Here’s some words on that – “The Kardashian and Jenner women including KourtneyKhloéKimKrisKendallKylie are all featured in the February 25th issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

The issue examines how matriarch and a smart business lady Kris Jenner “turned reality fame into a $65 million payday” in 2010. To be honest, that just sounds like the amount Kim’s amassed in the last year.

Anyway, it’s good to see Kris is modest with disclosure of the figures.

Congratulations to the Dashes. — not bad at all! :)

Oh by the way – Lifetime Network is going to give the Kardashian girls a run for their show biz money this year. They have quadruplet sisters on the go. All identical. So, here we go again in 2011.

What I like about the Kardashians though is that family is their theme of their reality show and brand. There’s a lot worse things you can do for a show gimmick than that, so Kris Jenner for being such an outstanding momtrepreneur, gets my vote. So far in 2011, in between Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, all stars are arrayed in terms of popularity. I have issues at times doing Justin Bieber stories too much as, I feel like Kris Jenner when I do. A little bit pimpish. Yet Kim and Justin are the two names who rate on an entertainment blog without fail every day so far this year. Even in between wars, a battle over oil control and digital revolutions they rate.


~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.21.11~

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