16 Apr

Here’s a snapshot of how Maori people in the media are being depicted right now. I’ve chosen the most flattering options to share with the world.

1. A Daniels sister, Stacey Morrison does the art of show biz PR (above). Smart press from Ngai Tahu TV princess! Hot on this Kiwi wonder woman’s books are: flash mob dancing clips reflecting the collective gathering as one having FUN! Raising Kiwi kids to speak Maori and English (do you think Stacey’s kids can manage Mandarin as a 3rd?! – of course they can!), the spirit of Christchurch people to get over disapointment and rebuild. A nice profile 

2. Why is politician Shane Jones even talking side-lining Maori issues with plastic tupper-waka fake storylines.

This man should be Minister of Fish, Fossil Fuels, Minerals and Energy! Let’s not pretend he shouldn’t. This would be a wise move to grow New Zealand’s future interests in the world. He is Harvard trained and a Kiwi-Iwi centered bloke after all!

3. Glenis Philip-Barbara whose husband Nick is a long-serving member of the New Zealand military and Erima Henare bring awareness to the issue that a letter from an MP has effectively “gagged” their daily operations in securing that the Maori language is well protected. Read their sentiments here.

4. Should Sir Pita Sharples be a Minister of Te Reo Maori (the Maori language)? Read link at 3 for that story.

5. Mike King is doing used appliance outlets ads and fat Maoris appear at mega jumbo sale ads in todays paper too. That’s funny! 

Bonus Post – Te Whanau-a-Apanui owned vessel San Pietro trails Brazilian seismic mappingcompany (oil/ mineral explorer) Petrobas off the east coast this week. Green peace has noted that 95% of all oil drilled off NZ shorelines will not go to New Zealand shareholders, it will go off shore. And people also are concerned if drilling will increase earthquake increase on shore in New Zealand. Arkansas, USA found drilling does increase quake risk in Arkansas.  

Bonus Post II – Much loved singer Tiki Tane was arrested singing two lines of a song this week while in concert at Tauranga’s Illuminati Club. Meanwhile across in the USA this weekend, rapper Lil Wayne has friends dress up as police impersonators to raise the question, sometimes police don’t know who they’re working for. Safety in community is what police used to sign up for! Gosh!

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Posted by horiwood on April 16, 2011 in Maori

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