20 Apr

Will & Kate‘s special day is getting a right royal hyping up, for fun here in New Zealand media.

Yesterday, a published poll tried to claim that most people thought Kate was even more beautiful then Diana, Will’s late mum.

When I last was in Hollywood, a bookstore called Circus, had two window displays.

One window display focused on Hollywood American ‘royalty’ or ‘celebrities’ as illusionists of the camera. The other window display of the same store featured books on different members of the British royal family and other monarchies throughout history. The displays together – perhaps denoted how Royals are illusionists too.

Whoever is photographed with royals, imports their celebrity brand into their own branding,so to speak. This will be occurring on mass, in 9 days time when Will and Kate leave Westminster Chapel.

Here’s a shuffle of both book collections on display. Americans prefer Hollywood celebrities with a touch of the Young Royals, in New Zealand – we perhaps prefer the Young Royals as our celebrities of choice at the minute, with a dash of Hollywood.

Either way, here’s those books. Celebrities help create an illusion of a strong brand no end. This is their job in the world. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it. At the moment, I like all of the Kiwi celebrities. They’re fun.

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