02 Dec

[Satellite image courtesy of 3D New Zealand]

BLOOMBERG NEWS–New Zealand will pause for a two- minute silence today to remember the 29 Pike River miners presumed killed by explosions at a West Coast mine last month.

Prime Minister John Key asked the country to observe a moment of silence at 2 p.m. local time to mark the start of a remembrance service near Greymouth, the South Island town about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of Pike River. The service will be held at the Omoto Racecourse which opened in 1867, almost 20 years after coal was first discovered in the area.

The service will be attended by government officials from New Zealand and outside the country, including Martin Ferguson, Australia’s minister of resources and energy, and British High Commissioner Victoria Treadell, according to a statement.

“This tragedy has affected all of us,” Key said in yesterday’s statement.

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~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.1.10. The order of the Commemorative service follows~

Order of Service

- Two minute silence
- Greymouth Combined Primary Schools Choir sing “”Mawhera”
- Opening by Canon Mere Wallace
- Waiata
- Introduction by Rev Tim Mora
- Pike River CEO Peter Whittall to speak
- Reading of the names of the 29 victims
- St Patricks Catholic Church choir sing “Amazing Grace”
- A poem written for occasion read by local writer Helen Wilson
- Mayor Tony Kokshoorn speaks
- Reading of messages of support from Queen Elizabeth, Presidents, Prime Ministers around the world and tribute by Governor General Anand Satyanand
- Hymn How Great Thou Art sung together, led by Carolyn Williams and her band
- Address by Prime Minister John Key
- ”You’ll Never Walk Along” sung by Carolyn and Sarah Williams and her band
- Prayers written by Charles and Sue Prattley and read by Fr John Morrison for bereaved families, rescue teams and support workers. Prayer for God to help us in our grief.
- Bible Reading and homily by Rev Tim Mora
- Explanation of ferns and stones that are to be placed at various points around the racecourse as tributes
- Blessing by Canon Mere Wallace
- National Anthem sung together, led by Carolyn Williams, possibly solo
- 50,000 pieces of fern or stones or petals to be laid in front of 29 tables representing the miners.
- Service likely to last 75 minutes in total.


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