24 Oct

In dance, we see God, the Lord of The Dance–Horiwood for Amelia Lynch 2010′s

Amelia Lynch is a dancer and a cutie pie.

I met Amelia in L.A, quite by chance, about 2 years ago here in Hollywood.

To find out about this Maori girl’s dancing ability in both Hollywood and in New Zealand check her on Her spirit is beyond sweet.

The way New York is going, building a $100 million arts center at site Ground Zero, of which the main attraction is the big Dance Theater, I think Amelia has got a good shot at choreographing something amazing and performing a significant new work in front of world leaders in NYC in the future–if she wants to.

Maori women have such amazing stories. The women they descend from, have rich history to draw from, in stories of dance and resilient strength.

Having met Amelia, she’s got my vote. Amelia: Try to collaborate with a playwright initially just to structure a piece with you (not for, always with) and also look at the African-American choreographers,  that First Lady Michelle Obama honored recently at The White House.

Stories of marginalization, struggle, slavery, loss, finding peace with loss and rebuilding a life – being redeemed through dance – this is the art of American dance narratives in the 2010′s. It’s all about redemption. Moving forward past loss, into freedom. Body as instrument as an expression of hope within the human spirit. It’s the fuel and form of American Arts for this decade.

Suggested homework – Take Maya Angelou‘s “Still, I Rise” poem, select favorite quotes from a Patricia Grace novel. Work with a musical composer to tell a story with them of an interwoven narrative from both of these two important female writers and voices of the US and also NZ.

Enter the character of “Wahine” whose story you’re telling. Be her, bring her alive in dance. Paint a portrait with movement, your body, your imagination. Who is she? What is her journey? How does her body move? What did she overcome? What was the climb of her journey? Her rise is? You. Show this in dance.

The resulting music composition, choreograph a 15 minute dance piece to it.

You’ll be rocking. Also look at the work of Donna Wood (also featured on this blog). Aroha and Kia Kaha beautiful!

Go dancer bee. Under my nieces umbrella, I got your back, for creative inspiration when you need! :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.24.10 – This one especially for Crystal Rachel my niece, a friend of friends and creative people, just like Amelia is a producer of Art, entertainment and talent-segueing too. Producers, 2010. More do, then talk. That’s US. Let’s go!~


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