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Kate Middleton and Mike The Situation Sorrentino make the cut of Barbara Walters ten most fascinating people of 2010. Here’s whose on Barb’s list, in her 18th and (she says) final year of delivering the hit show via ABC Network loved and watched by millions worldwide:

Justin Bieber


The Cast of Jersey Shore

Jennifer Lopez (American Idol TV Show judge)

Sarah Palin

Sandra Bullock

NBA star LeBron James

Betty White

Many websites have speculated who the last two guests could be today here in the US. Flavor Pill lists their own top ten, that I can’t relate to at all, except their first choice. The Week.Com speculates on who Barb’s two mystery guests should be. Of their choices, they select: Lady Gaga -quoting Jen Chaney at The Washington Post (why? she was last years news), An Obama citing Margaret Lyons pick at Entertainment Weekly (couldn’t hurt), Lindsay Lohan -quoting Bridget Daly atHollyscoop (stranger things have happened), Lt. Dan Choi relaying Maureen O’Connor at Gawker‘s pick this year (not a bad choice either).

Perhaps Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian (single, childless and still on top at 30), Liu Xiaobo‘s wife, or Warren Buffet, The Gates & The Team at Giving Pledge.

If looking at my own blog–Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson rate high this year. Or, why not Oprah and Larry King both wrapping shows this year like Barbara is–or for a laugh why not Oprah interviewing Barbara Walters as no. 10. That would be groovy. Eminem or other music artists–there’s not one announced yet.  Or a soldier who recovered from war’s atrocities? Or a scientist perhaps. The actors of Harry Potter continue to fascinate too. They also could be a worthy choice.

Who can believe little Snooki has made Barbara Walter’s Ten Most Fascinating People show in just over a year of being in show biz? Go Snooki go!

Who do you think the final two could be?

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Alex Pappademas a staff writer of GQ Magazine says Mike The Situation Sorrentino is “totally dedicated to the job of being a famous person” — via

On dreams: “I always had dreams, my whole life, of being somebody special. Someone out in the world that everybody knew of and everybody liked. Somebody unique. Even when I was down on my luck, in my head I still had those dreams. Sometimes in people’s lives, when bad stuff happens, their dreams just die, and they end up settling. I guess that’s their decision, maybe, because they didn’t believe in their dreams or forgot their dreams. My dreams never died.”

On the life of a Reality TV Star: “The scrutiny. And the microscope. Obviously it’s a blessing — the women and the money and the fame, but at the same time it’s — it’s actually very lonely. Very lonely. When you’re doing so well, when you have the year that I had, it’s hard to talk to people about it, because they think you’re being cocky. Plus, when it comes to women, y’know, obviously, they’re throwing themselves at you — but for what reasons, you know what I mean?”

No. We don’t know what he means. Many of us aren’t caught up in a gas bubble of fame, or in an asset bubble of newfound wealth that The Stitch came into as a breakout star in the role he plays to amuse America. But, his confessions are entertaining for a reality TV star. Go kid.

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Never judge a book by it’s cover, for that we have Cover Awards in America. As a website they rock. Most of my covers I feature on Horiwood.Com are derived from their research and team efforts to entertain US all. Thanks team. Here’s 3 they feature.

Covering Esquire, Jake Gyllenhaal talks new movie: Love & Other Drugs: “‘Anne Hathaway and I had already had sex on film (in Brokeback Mountain). There’s something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It’s all about rhythm. There’s a rhythm to writing, there’s a rhythm to sports, there’s a rhythm to sex. I was naked a lot in the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated.’”

Naked. cut. rhythm – and Jake’s point is?

Fergie Covers Glamour December: The Woman of The Year feature cover girl (wears a “red wine” velvet tuxedo jacket -subtext, Lady Gaga is not woman of the year) and says this about overcoming a rumored cheating husband, a meth addiction and low self esteem. Her wisdom: “You’d be surprised how addicting high self-esteem is.” Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts and Donatella Versace also made the list

Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation Sorrentino: gives his 8 tips on having a six pack to Men’s Fitness Magazine. Not easy to do when you’re raised on good Italian pasta. I won’t steal Cover Awards thunder totz on what they are (go here to read in full) but via Celebitchy, I totally dig his verbs. They are: eat, drink, choose, get, avoid, approach, make, give. All action words. Words of a star.

Three entertainer American kids in the box seats turning on a print show. They’re not at all bad … at show biz… in the unabashed United States of StArs.

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Aptly titled. 

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Contact lenses brings out the bad boy in Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation of Jersey Shore.

Glasses make Mike, look a little college fresh. Slightly Clark Kent, with tortoise-rimmed frames being very ‘Florida turtles relocation efforts eco-friendly smart.’ 

Star Magazine, the tabloid who claims on their cover, that Brad Pitt is doing the wild thing up in the air, with a girl whose not Italian-American but French. Is not Angelina Jolie. And who just happens to be 2 years younger than Stefani Germanotta and 7 years younger than Beyonce–also claims that The Situation had his struggles and was under pressure before being cast in reality TV land as a big star Young Americans seem to like.

In a way, this is smart press, because you see a guy in a different light. We might even let him star in films now, and give him a break from reality TV stereotyping into other pursuits.

If Mike was in financial debt, as Star claims, the fame he now has, he never expected, and he got started in the fame game because of financial pressure, not, a lust for fame per se. Is Mike sending a message to fans, that he’s sick of his type casting, about now?

The glasses really help, sell this story. In America, we love our props and accessories. 

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has gone into the over-garnished tank top biz. A bit of beach pop culture for the lads to throw on this summer at BBQ’s couldn’t hurt in a recovering economy. These would be a mega hit in Australia. Good for him!

So much of merchandising these days is about marketing. Mike’s putting his platform to good use while he’s still a viable reality TV star. Not a bad idea. 

And down under in New Zealand and Australia, it’s Anzac Day. Here’s a pic of members of the 28th Maori battalion, who fought bravely in Greece. Back in these days, by going to war, Maori were able to achieve social parity for our people on a political level because Europe loved Maori soldiers bravery as well as Maori culture so much. “Least we forget…” Peace has sometimes cost all of us in the world, a lot. It’s worth reflecting on again today.  

Celebrities you like, entertainment topics that amused today are as follows: 

1. Zoe Saldana stars in Columbiana 

2. Scarlett Johansson stars for Brandon Davis

3. Brad Pitt may star in “The Tiger” 

4. Ten things about quirky radio host Ian Punnett

5. Rossmore California are a music band of rocker dads

6. Neemia Tialata is a rugby football star

7. Inception sequel with Leo and Nolan 

8. Spin Magazine and the social phenomenon of Recovery 

9. Cherith Joy has heat today

10. Glee teams up with Britney Spears

[Images: Anzac day photo sourced here]

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No matter what situation you find yourself in, always have the courage to love yourself.

And be a star.

That comment has little to do with Mike The Situation’s new do, but survival in Hollywood. 

[Thanks to Splash]

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This vintage family pic of Jersey Shore‘s The Situation (center), is getting a lot of viral buzz today. Worth sharing.

Keywords: turtleneck sweaters (x 4). 

[Image courtesy of MTV Buzzfeed]

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But wait… there’s more. :)

As you can see… it takes at least 5 or six other people, to create these sexy images for US entertainment. Let’s never be naive and think it doesn’t. Amazing huh?! Entertainment news is a big industry.

The art of distraction and escapism is what it provides for the kids of America. These pics are hot, hot, hot online today. And because you can’t beat a Britney Spears pop song for light hearted fun and amusement… here’s Britney Spears Gimme More song that reminds us how quickly light hearted,  images like this are consumed by the masses.

[Images via Egotastic!]

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American summer 2010 looks like this. Bikinis for the sun and Guidos for American beach fun. Here’s the pics from Bar Refaeli‘s and Mike “The Situation”‘s photoshoot with Terry Richardson for the much coveted A-List actors terrain of Interview Magazine.

These crazy kids are bringin it! It’s all about muscle, abs, beef, braun, laughter and waxing and eyebrows. Love their sense of humor. Like pizza with extra cheese to entertain. Too funny! 

Pop Cultural Commentary: The phenomenon of the Jersey Shore lads rise to fame as reality TV stars to becoming Party Boys Central for the kids of America to feel privileged at events when they turn up at festivals and clubs… mirrors the rise of Italian-American break out pop star, Lady Gaga.

American culture and how it is created and generated is all about reflecting back different expressions of America’s celebrity monarchy via pop culture (think Beyonce and her African-American supporters and minions in music–Bee has a lot! A whole army who work for her, and feed up their best creativity to her and Jay-Z).

As long as Lady Gaga is famous, these Jersey Shore lads will always have a platform in US culture. Love them! They are the cheesy and “italian stallion” male expression of her pop diva-dom reign in America. They deconstruct the cartoon and stereotype of Italian American men, by knowingly rocking out with it. This appears to be addictive to American women mainly, as pizza is comfort food–and the lads of Jersey Shore are much loved here.

Bar Refaeli is too Tarzan and Jane hot in these pics as she rocks these lads out for America. What a sport. She gives them some fashion credentials–that they never had until now to begin a career in fashion, health and fitness endorsements. Good for her!

[Pics courtesy of New York Daily News, Just Jared, Interview Magazine

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Um… they sure don’t make Israeli girls good any more, like they used to… like how you would read about in the Torah. I kid!

Leonardo DiCaprio loans out his Israeli supermodel girlfriend, to give America’s favorite guido’s some star power as Refaeli says, “Hey, more Italian-American leading lads are needed in show biz in America, thank you!”

She seems to like their entertainment sandwhich. Says the Egotastic website: “Here’s Bar Refaeli in a bikini with all the meathead, Guido douchebags from Jersey Shore, as photographed by Terry Richardson for Interview magazine.”

That was a bit harsh from Egotastic. What a sweetheart Bar Refaeli is for rocking out with these lads in a photo shoot as Jersey Shore hitch their star to her bikini wagon. This is how stars are created. And Bar is a very funny girl!

The current cultural environment is that America is leading with a “Pussy Wagon” publicity rhetoric to create its male superstars of today. Think Jesse James, Tiger Woods (again) etc. A “pussy wagon” publicity blitz is how they get themselves noticed and become percieved as male sex symbols and America’s leading lad stars.

I’m not saying it’ s right or wrong, but this is America’s cultural rhetoric at this second. James and Woods in particular trucked in a lot, to get their headlines this year. Incidentally, Woods was renowned to be having affairs before even marrying Elen Nordegren and at the same time he married her. This was common knowledge in entertainment circles.

Sandra Bullock married Jesse James at the same time Woods married Nordegren, 5 years ago. Five years later, a bevy of women were “exposed”/ revealed/ presented to the world–for them to become two of the biggest stories in the last year. It tooks Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods big news headlines to bump the death of Michael Jackson off the celebrity radar. The onas being, that extra-marital affairs with women, was certainly a better look for America than child molestation rumors that plagued Michael Jackson’s life and career. In light of that, yes… a pussy wagon trail is better than that torrid picture from American entertainers. But the current version that replaced that old one, is just not a good message to send to women, children, families to be treated this way like James and Woods depicted from American men, in garnering their media attention and breaking their stories.

But let’s get back to the Jersey Shore lads and their Israeli supermodel of the moment who is acting as their pussy wagon star maker. (Without Bar in the pic–these lads would look totally gay, right?! They love their bodies too much to be straight so they desperately need a bikini body making their image look hetero).

Bar Refaeli is more than happy to do the job. Refaeli’s statement today is–my bikini body can rock four guys out–you don’t need a whole entourage to be a man. She’s a hoot! And of course, Bar Refaeli’s #1 fan, Leonardo DiCaprio, her boyfriend gets a lot out of the Jersey Shore lads media presence. Every time you see them, you think Italian-American entertainment which = DiCaprio + Scorcese–the reigning Hollywood Kings of Italian-American entertainment in film at the box office. Gotta love it today. Go Bar Refaeli!

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… is in Miami to entertain. This post is especially for my Las Vegas people of Team Planet Hollywood–Las Vegas, who love Mike’s eyebrows on my blog. I See You!

Imma gon’ say yo’ name from here in the Hollywood hood! Rock it out Las Vegas in the American tradition of Elvis styles to entertain. Viva Miami and Vegas from Hollywood.

[Image courtesy of Los Angeles based Splash News Online]

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Mayor Bloomberg is New York’s mayor. He’s the guy who does the job for freen (he doesn’t draw a salary from the city of New York) and he also wanted to quit last term, but he was begged to come back and do the job again for NYC and America.

Yes, well this man met the Jersey Shore cast over the weekend. Gotta love that Snookie. She’s too cute! And because meeting the Mayor was such a grand occasion, Mike “The Situation” Sarantino deciding it was definitely an occasion that called for taking his shirt off. Because The Situation believes that his abs rule from New York city.  And in reality TV land, for American twenty-somethings… they do! As a star, he is the Italian-American male version of Lady Gaga’s star-crossed people. Gaga has six top ten hits. Mike has a six-pack. Yes… so American, to roll the stars out that way!

[Image courtesy of]

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Italian-American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio loaned out his supermodel Israeli girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, to help another Italian-American brother out.

As you know, Mike The Situation Sorrentino is enterting the world of fashion with his own cologne line. So, Leo’s girlfriend, rode him today, to give him some of her fashion heat. And… sometimes the fashion industry as a whole, really does need to ride out the situation. Things will get better.

Too funny. Good luck with that cologne.

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore, is aligning his brand of entertainment to leap from reality TV star humor into the world of cologne.

The Situation is planning his first men’s fragrance. Go Mikey S! He’s not a bad little businessman.

[Image of Mikey S via Mikey K]

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And that’s it. There will be no cast changes for the break out Italian-American hit reality TV Series for MTV. If it aint broke, don’t try and fix it.

More Snookie, Pauly D and Mike ‘The Stiuation’ Sorrentino and buddies are on the way!

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