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Alright then… on with the shallows of Hollywood blogging: Trophy Girl Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has announced via the Australian media that she is “sorry.”

As McGee was auditioned in person on Jesse James casting couch in his backyard garage (like a sketchy Hollywood producer would) and she was always who she claimed to be: a working model trying to feed her children…. I’m going to accept her apology. She is, who she always claimed to be, so we can’t get mad at her. She did her job Jesse James paid her to do for him.

This report of McGee’s apology via Today Tonight via Mikey K: “”I’m sorry for your embarrassment. I’m sorry all this is public. I’m sorry for everything. She must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed. I want to give her a heartfelt apology. I’m sorry for her embarrassment and pain. I do feel really bad about it. I feel like I was duped just as much as Sandra was. I feel like I was lied to just as much as she was. If Jesse was upfront with me in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Let’s hope Oscar Winning and extremely successful Hollywood movie producer (currently tallying box office earnings still accumulating) Sandra Bullock can find it in her heart to reward forgive Michelle McGee for her apology today.

McGee has top billing tonight in Hollywood appearing on the A-List show Entertainment Tonight in prime time as well as The Hollywood Insider. She’s nationwide news in America this evening as if she’s an A-List star. Nuts aye?! :)

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Says shock rocker, Marilyn Manson about the ridiculous comparisons he’s getting to shock chicks:

“I’m starting to feel that people are saying I’m Lady Gaga and also that Jesse James woman. I’m starting to feel insulted, ’cause I don’t want to look like either one of them.”

[Source: E! Online]

Totally hear Marilyn Manson on the dumb Jesse James comparison–but anyone in music should feel privileged to get a Lady Gaga comparison! Manners lad. :)

[Image of Marilyn Manson and the lovely Dita Von Teese courtesy of iStars]

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Sandra Bullock: Absence as presence publicity is so working for Oscar winner Sandra Bullock in promoting The Blindside abroad. She’s developed a new model to blitz a film’s marketing without travelling or appearing. Due to her “unforseen circumstances” apology for The Blindside‘s UK Premiere cancellation last week, Sandra follows same suit with Germany cancellation of film premiere too (EOnline).

Her message is very anti-wastage. Bullock says: No red carpet hooplah needed and it doesn’t matter whether I’m black or white (as this is a film about living beyond color), there or not, just go and see my film. Meanwhile, the news of the world’s minions of paparazzi, are all camped outside Bullock’s home and her neighborhood is very upset about that, says Contact Music.

This is what you call Hollywood power producing from an actress getting a whopping check off the back end of movie sales. Her accomplices to achieve this, Jessie James cast as the erring husband and Michelle McGee (who makes Michelle Obama look even more amazing) with McGee cast as a red neck, white supremicists dream pin up girl–first preference over a black First Lady. Sandra’s art has always been comedic irony. Absence as presence publicity shows Bullock at her best. Powerful messages sent around the world. Clever!

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Isn’t it ironic that Michelle McGee, WP pin up tattoo girl, comes just before Michelle Obama‘s name on any entertainment blog’s star categories?

You couldn’t ask for a better publicist than McGee for FLOTUS. As every time you see McGee’s name in a Hollywood Blog’s celebrity categories, the First Lady’s Name is right next. Michelle Obama’s name redeems every feeling of disdain we have of McGee, making the First Lady (by the artful magic of contrast) look even more amazing, than she already and naturally is. Love it!

Just saying. A good way for white audiences to spot Mrs Obama a bit more, when finding their guilty-pleasure McGee news.

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Well sort of. Michelle McGee introduced to the world by Jesse James is on the cover of Tattoo Magazine. And according to Casey Exton the rag’s publisher, Michelle’s story is “the biggest thing to happen to the tattoo industry.”

Which is a dumb thing to say, that to shag an Oscar winning actress’ husband, is the biggest story the whole tattoo industry can come up with–when Exton is suppsed to be the editor/publisher in charge of sourcing worthy story content. This was a windfall, so what’s his follow up story going to be ?

What about Rihanna, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie’s tattoos… dumbo?! They are more newsworthy than this story.  I agree with Exton though, that tattoos are big news.

When I think about it, after you get to Hollywood, and you’ve been fleeced by every bar owner in town making Hollywood friends at meet and greets; each year of life after your first year here, becomes about a new tattoo. A new meaning. A new milestone of achievement and survival. Blah blah blah. That’s so inner city LA.

I don’t have one tattoo yet. How un-Hollywood am I? What’s wrong with me? I must not have suffered enough pain yet, to warrant going to willingly get a tatto and suffer for my artistic expression of what inky picture defines my id at the hands of a Hollywood Kat Von D type on Fountain and La Brea. Maybe that’s next year. If I do, it will have to be Maori ta moko artistry for sure. :) 

I guess this blog is my tattoo. Anyway, here’s that break out home-wrecking star, Ms McGee today. She’s a blog rater.

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Quoting the Hidustan Times [which ironicly isn't in Hindu, but is in English, so uneducated global citizens like me can understand it, because 1/6th of the world speak it], India is all over the Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Michelle McGee bomb shell affair triangle saga today. They choose to spill the beans on McGee’s hook up time with James, reporting: “the affair was for 11 months.”

Mwanwhile, Fox News here in the US reports, “McGee said she originally reached out to James because she wanted to get a modeling job at his company West Coast Choppers. She said she was surprised when he responded and asked her to send photos to his personal e-mail.”

James has since deleted his Twitter account, as a sign of respect to Bullock perhaps at this time, or to avoid the hate tweets that would have blown up his inbox from single ladies Bullock fans, once looking at biker boys in a dreamy way, who can swing a golf club in one hand, while sexting with the other, when not riding a… bike. That reality check just bounced, over in India too, by the looks of things today.

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“Oh Jesse James, The Biker? It must have taken him a whole day to read this girl’s body”–Joy Behar, The View today.

The Ladies of The View break down the whole, Jesse James affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and Sandra Bullock exiting her marital home this week.

Meanwhile, in sunny California today (it’s an otherwise beautiful day :), a very upset looking Jesse James was photographed by X17, (because 17 year olds really should see his mug), dropping his daughter off in Huntington Beach this morning.

Nobody’s perfect. Sandra Bullock is the perfect girl to take home to your mother. Michelle is perhaps kinda not. So you can see how Jesse James found Michelle fascinating. There is beauty in contrast. And the truth is, the demands on people in Hollywood, make “the industry” the silent third partner in any Hollywood couples relationship. It’s just this city.

So Jesse was a sitting duck, for a girl like Michelle who wanted a slice of Sandra’s spotlight, to get him to be her garage tango partner. Jesse is the new Kevin Federline. Michelle the new Kat Von D. Sandra Bullock, the new Julia Roberts after her Oscar win, post Benjamin Brat. Actually no, Sandra Bullock is the 2010s jilted Jennifer Aniston but WITH an OSCAR… and so the wheels of Hollywood stereotypes spin and keep the tabloids in biz.

But this is just so sad. Poor Sandy B! And Jesse James daughter.

[Image of Michelle "Bomb A Garage with Ink" McGee courtesy of Splash]

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