Seeing an athlete’s dream come true is always heartening. All that discipline comes together to create a champion in a dreamer’s heartbeat.

Sporting Life.Com writes: “Li Na became China’s first-ever Grand Slam singles champion with a 6-4 7-6 (7/0) victory over Francesca Schiavone in the French Open final.”

Wow! What a moment.

The New Yorker writes,Li Nais often noted abroad as a tattooed free spirit (red rose, upper left chest)…

But, inside China, her win over Francesca Schiavone—6-4, 7-6 in the final on Saturday—has been hailed as a referendum not only on her approach to sports, but on her way of life. She is the “Chinese face of a new era,” as the screenwriter Ning Caishen put it.

Ever since China resumed competitive sports after the Cultural Revolution—when athletes had been accused of jinbiao zhuyi, or “trophy mania”—sports has been a sluggish realm of reform, with athletes still expected to “bring glory to the state.” When I followed the boxer Zou Shiming through competitions in the runup to the Beijing Olympics, (“The Boxing Rebellion,” February 8, 2008), I came to expect that, after each fight, he would climb through the ropes, chest heaving, still drenched in sweat, to greet Chinese sports officials with two-handed shakes. Last year, the eighteen-year-old speed skater Zhou Yang was publicly criticized by a senior sports official because, after winning a gold medal in Vancouver, she thanked her parents before thanking the nation. (The Chinese public jeered at the criticism.)

Li has rarely been so accommodating. “She is the only athlete who has never said thank you to this person or that system,” Chinese fan Li Hongyang wrote this week on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, Read the rest of this entry »



I’m a peace-loving soul at heart. I’m not impressed by the exhorbitant expense of war in the world over the last ten years, and I wonder about how we treat the planet through acts of war, and the people this earth houses.

All this was disrupted, while I was living in Hollywood and I read an email one day, while sipping on my daily latte at a Starbucks. The whanau (family) email informed me that my nephew, Bradley James was joining the New Zealand army. Another email, a short time after, informed me he had been accepted into the New Zealand Army’s training program. The kid was on his way to becoming a soldier.

I pondered a lot about his journey towards a life committed to being the best soldier he could be with his training given. He is someone determined to defend and protect his fellow countryfolk and allies. I knew I definitely wanted to be back in Aotearoa New Zealand, to see this guy graduate. He’s attended my own University graduated as a child, I owed him a return of favor, on his big day.

He was always such a good lad from the day he was born. Respectful to a fault. I didn’t want to miss his journey as a soldier, for the world.

I also began to wonder what it meant to be an ‘Uncle’ in a newly discovered ‘military family.’ What does a soldier and his fellow soldiers need in way of support to get through many a situation they will find themselves in, across the months ahead? How do you become ‘Team Army support?’ was the new Hollywood thinking pattern of each day.

These thoughts that suddenly crept into my Hollywood-Kiwi head, were often unanswerable for me. From that moment on, I found myself praying a lot more than usual. Bradley’s name is often prayed at these times. When I pray for him, an amazing Peace descends. This let me know, that as a soldier, he’s a good one.

I also feel a strange sense of pride in his decision. That decision where he’s chosen to push back forces that would rise up against what he believes is the best for New Zealand and his contribution in this world. His view,suddenly becomes all of his family’s view, in supporting him through the battles ahead.

Maturing is about supporting the next generation. So, alongwith his mother, sister, dad, nephew, future bro-in-law and his many Uncles, Aunties and cousins (grandparents and great Uncles, great Aunties as well)…. I’m now on board supporting Bradley James across the summits and through the many valleys of his journey. Go kid!

Bradley’s journey in being a staunch soldier for New Zealand, begins on this road, a highway, at the base of Mt Ruapehu near Waiouru, a place where his mother and I used to holiday with our cousin Bert Jr. as kids. Always funs times.

The snapshot on thw way to his graduation day and initial training base, looks a bit like this.

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You are a star, when you give to others in need out of a moral and cultural responsibility to be a better person and grow with others making their lot better too.–Dame Rosemary Horton’s life story.

Dame Rosemary Horton is someone that Auckland City is very proud of. She’s the socialite whose always “tickety-boo” (Kiwi slang for “she knows how to throw her stuff together, and always look good each day”). More importantly though, Dame Rosemary, thinks of others in need and exhorts wealthy people to give from their hearts and the depths of their pockets. She’s a humanitarian angel of sorts, of New Zealand.

Sort of like, who Angelina Jolie could be like, when Jolie matures. Here’s Dame Rosie’s words:

Blessings come from life of giving as penned by Vaimoana Tapaleao. 

Not being able to bake cakes set Rosie Horton on a path of helping others.

Mrs Horton, of Auckland, has been made a Dame Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in today’s Queen’s Birthday Honours and becomes Dame Rosie.

She has been honoured for her services to philanthropy.

Dame Rosie is chairwoman of the Friends of Starship and has been the vice-chairwoman of the Starship Foundation for 20 years.

She has also chaired and worked with dozens of children’s charities, causes and groups helping the sick, disabled, animals, women’s refuge, the performing arts and the environment.

[Photograph of Star Trek plaque, Graunam's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, courtesy of Horiwood Archives]

Dame Rosie told the Herald she was humbled by the appointment and talked about the early days when she first got involved in what would be a lifetime of giving back. Read the rest of this entry »



“I say to the people who are prone to criticise us (politicians and leaders)… occasionally we will make mistakes, but let us be real.”–retiring MP, John Carter who exits politics to take up a career in foreign affairs as High Commisioner to the Cook Islands.

It’s always good to be real and laugh lots. Thanks John. Kia orana then in the Cook Isles.

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We’ve just had a public holiday for Queen’s Birthday weekend here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Yes, we really do still celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday in the South Pacific. No.1 on this blog today is Pippa Middleton running her nono (a Maori word for butt) off in a triathlon in the UK.

She’s one fit, new in-law into the royal family ranks. Here’s Pippa pictured as a keen athlete via a photo from UKate website.

Horiwood’s Top Ten most voted news posts today globally by you all from over 50 nations of readers are:

1. Pippa Middleton diets

2.About Horiwood–> Question: Have you heard of new politico, Lynette Stewart yet? She’s greypower, insightful and she rocks! :)

3.Kim Kardashian & Sarah Palin

4. Wikileaks cables and New Zealand

5. NYoung Hollywood’s Nikki Reed of the Twilight Saga film franchise 

6. Tatau – Dwayne Johnson is The Rock of Hollywood

7. Kerre Woodham is a humorous Kiwi columnist in her own standing

8. Boy band Nesian Mystik and rugby-boxer Sonny Bill Williams

9. Eminem works for Facebook’s market share presence, sometimes

10. 12 Things about Angelina Jolie‘s bro, James Haven

Alright… let’s go New Zealand. :)

NIKKI REED NEWS: She’s dated oil shipping tycoon heir and she plays a no-nonsense vampira chick in Stephenie Meyer‘s smash hit movie franchise about vampires, and now Nikki Reed is moving on, to a new romance, that’s culminated in a quick engagement. Reports, American Idol blog: “Now we have Paul McDonald, who finished eighth, already engaged to “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed after less than three months of dating. The pair met in March at “The Little Red Riding Hood” premiere. People has the details. She’s 23. He’s 26. Reed showed off her ring at the MTV Movie Awards last night.” Go Nikki Reed!

LYNETTE STEWART NEWS: “If you ask Lynette Stewart about her career highlight, don’t expect to be told about her present role chairing the Northland DHB, or about being chief executive officer of Te Taitokerau Maori health provider (Mapo), an organisation of which she led the establishment.

For 62-year-old Mrs Stewart, a former nurse and social worker, one of the proudest moments of her long and distinguished career in the health sector is much simpler.

She was a young nurse working in a ward where there was a severely disabled child of three or four years of age.

That child had not responded to anybody, not even his own parents, yet he reached out to her and was absolutely receptive when she responded to him.

They formed a strong connection and she started carrying him on her hip as she did her rounds. It was a breakthrough for both child and nurse.

It was a moment in her life that she “utterly believes” taught her the importance of reaching out to others, particularly disabled children.

After having a family of her own Mrs Stewart began working with the Crippled Children’s Society in Auckland.

“My life has really been about working with people,” she said.

She has long considered her work a “privilege” so when she learned of her Queen’s Birthday Honour, she was completely surprised.

“I absolutely love the work I’m doing in the health sector and it has been a real pleasure to get up in the morning and go to my job.”

Mrs Stewart has held a string of high-level positions in the health sector.

She has been a member of the Northland DHB for six years, the past five as chairwoman, and helped start Te Taitokerau Mapo in 1996. She is also a member of the National Health Committee, the Public Health Advisory Committee and the Health Workforce Advisory Committee.

She was a member of the ACC Review Committee, the Treaty of Waitangi Public Information Advisory Programme Board, the Maori Rural Training Consortium and is a past president of the New Zealand Association of Social Workers.

She is proud to say she has just graduated with a master of management degree from Auckland University.

Mrs Stewart lives in Parua Bay.

She is married to Warren, has five children and nine grandchildren.

Mrs Stewart was born in Whangarei Hospital and grew up in Whananaki.

Her siblings include MP Winston Peters, Northland Regional Councillor Jim Peters and Northland Rugby Union chairman Whangarei lawyer Wayne Peters.

* New role as clergyman came upon retirement.

Lynette has two twin daughters I knew growing up in Kiwiland. They are Sharon and Jodi. They are a rugby obsessed sportsloving family who are also fine singers. I like them a lot as good Kiwi people. They are always good fun. :)

I think that in these times, people who know how to pray a nation through any natural (or man-made) disaster or economic trial have a serious place in Parliament.When Lynette Stewart prays, good stuff happens. Bring on the good stuff, through this lady, I reckon!

Lynette Stewart is one person who is well worthy of the world’s consideration and profile as a leader with insight. Go Lynette! and yes, on this blog, we cover grey power smartness and Young Hollywood and Young Royals news, all in one. Enjoy. :)

[Photo - Paul Macdonald and Nikki Reed, via MTV. Lynette Stewart photograph courtesy of Auckland University.Com]

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In beginning to share the story of one troopers induction into the New Zealand army, we begin with a view of the snow capped summit of Mt Ruapehu, where fine skiing on this fine planet can be experienced.

All that and more… being served on Horiwood.Com.

See you soon. :)

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I would have thought that the Christchurch earthquake aftershock today, may have been the no.1 search term request being fed via Google into Horiwood.Com.

But no, “Serena Williams Hair” was the no.1 most searched for and requested news item today on this blog.

Where are the African-American ladies at online? Right here on Horiwood.Com.

I see you. Welcome!  :)

[Photograph via MSN.Com]

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Last night, a nephew saw the Hang Over II with his future brother-in-law.

I haven’t yet caught up on their response to the film. Have you seen it yet? :)

[Image - ]

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She is a songwriting visionary, who crafts the most beautiful songs in Te Reo Rangatira (the Language of Chiefs). They are well known anthems of New Zealand cultural lore, sung all around the country, although never once registered on top 100 music charts. She began a journey into education as an educator of significance writing children’s books. Her names is Katerina Mataira and today she became a Dame.

Living in America, when I would get homesick, I was often found singing her beautiful and life-giving songs. She is clever.

“Among her many achievements Katerina has been affectionately described as the mother of Kura Kaupapa Maori, having co-authored Te Aho Matua – the philosophy and charter for kaupapa Mäori schools.

In 1996, Katerina’s lifetime contribution to te reo Mäori was recognised by Waikato University when she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.”



The Queen has been pleased on the occasion of the celebration of Her Majesty’s Birthday, to make the following appointments to The New Zealand Order of Merit:


To be Dames Companion of the said Order:

Mrs Rosemary Anne Horton, QSO, QSM, of Auckland. 
For services to philanthropy.

Dr Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira, CNZM, of Hamilton. 
For services to the Maori language.


To be Knights Companion of the said Order:

Mr David John Graham, CBE, ED, of Auckland. 
For services to education and sport.

The Honourable Justice Robert Grant Hammond, of Wellington. 
For services to the law.

Mr Graeme Thomas Harrison, of Wellington. 
For services to business.

Mr Daniel Patrick Higgins, ONZM, of Palmerston North. 
For services to philanthropy and the community.

Mr James Hay Wallace, ONZM, of Auckland. 
For services to the arts.

[Badge it]

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It’s a good idea to avoid German bean sprouts today.

Click here to see why. Scary mongbeans!

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The Windsors and racehorses, go hand in hand.

Here’s Will, Kate and Harry wearing formal racing day attire to the Epsom Derby.

[Photograph - Getty]

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If you’re ever visiting in Los Angeles, The Grove in West Hollywood is perhaps L.A’s best shopping experience for locals. Movie theaters are there too.

Here’s Christina Arguilera and Mario Lopez on their last excursion to The Grove.

At the time of posting this blog post, Ms Arguilera ranks no.9 of all names being searched for. Let’s chalk that up to Latina power then. :)

[Photograph courtesy of Splash]

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Sometimes when I think about the “overseas investment office” and how they’ve been rolling out of late, I want to audit this office under three main questions. Those questions are:

1. Please provide a list of all of your staff, and whether they are Kiwi citizens or not, what iwi they are from (if any) and/ or; what proportion of staff are descendants of New Zealand farmers whose families have retained their land within the family across generations. Thank you.

2. Please supply a list of all of the medications you could be taking, so average citizens can study the side-effects of such medications, when weighing up land asset sales criteria and selling to potential buyers, as a wisdom indicator of focus.

3. Are you honoring the centuries old investments of lands deemed “sensitive lands” by existing stakeholders awaiting legal review, that are cultural guardians, for ALL future Kiwis best interests?

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Angelina Jolie is a fan of moving kids away from the internet and into the pages of a good book, once they’ve done their school work.

She shares her view on education as an American global citizen, who finds herself as a parent, sourcing useful resources for her children to learn from. Jolie’s take on that, is intelligently old fashioned, and advertisement free, for her childrens’ minds to be guarded from as they learn.

Via the new York Daily News, here’s Jolie’s thoughts:

“I wish there was a book every parent could read that tells you how to navigate through the school system, and how to tailor the education system for your children and their interests,” she said in an interview with The Independent.

Jolie’s six kids – Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2 – are enrolled in the Lycée school, which has outposts in several countries around the world.

“But we have different teachers from different cultures in our house, who travel with us,” she explained. “Not only nannies but teachers.”

Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve just had 7 days off blogging. It was a horitastic holiday. The longest time away from the internet since this blog began in Hollywood and then moved to New Zealand to be ‘created from.’

Today, and back online, I see that the blog has reached 3.4 million. A Maori-Kiwi blog, with a Hollywood entertainment focus (most days) is proving to be quite a hit with you all. Thanks for your support and interest in it.

As a kid (a ‘trillion’ years ago now) I grew up, reading Tu Tangata magazine (People Standing Tall) and later, Mana Magazine, penned by Derek Fox and also Gary Wilson. These magazines celebrated Maori achievement. They profiled Maori issues and created and shared Maori-Kiwi stars of community, neighborhood, iwi (tribes), whanau (family) and hapu (subtribes) of the Maori world in New Zealand. In addition these mags also celebrated and introduced us to the friends of these Maori-Kiwi stars. We saw a diverse cast of Maori-friendly people with good initiatives and incentives towards Maori folk. Empowering, is the word you first think of, when staring into the glossy pages of these magical magazines. They are Kiwi treasures of media culture. Produced with care and pride of place.

If it wasn’t for such magazines, Maori-Kiwi people like myself and my family would have been media-starved of seeing people just like us.

At the 3.4 million benchmark of blogging, I have to thank Derek Fox and congratulate Mana Magazine for being a privately funded Maori media mag that has endured and tracked progress through many different political stroms as a magazine of significance that has shared our place in the world for 100 Issues now.

What an achievement. Thank you for the stories, images of empowerment and celebration. You have made New Zealand a stronger place.

[I also read Tu Mai Magazine as well, when and as I find the time].

Let’s grow together. Thanks for your support everyone. :)


Mr Fox writes: “Mana – the Maori magazine for all New Zealanders – was conceived in Rotorua one day in the latter half of 1992. I’m not sure if anyone made a note of the date at the time – we didn’t seem to do things like that back then.

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It`s a true fact that Americans consume 3 x more, pharmaceutical drugs, on average than many people (New Zealanders, for example consume one third the amount of the average American).

It`s also a true fact, that at least 28 Senators of the US Senate, were backed by MAJOR pharmaceutical companies monies, and they`re supposed to represent these companies interest to flog their drug sales in the world. Pharmaceutical companies sales, via the political arena’s mouthpieces can be percieved as a dirty business in America. Where does a healthy balance lie?

Let`s also not forget that at this moment in news history, that Cuba, (embargoed by the US) has just recently claimed they`ve discovered oil. That then could be percieved as leading America to want to U-Turn on its embargo with Cuba, and review it. For sake of a good oil supplier being sourced and of course Àmerica`s best national interests being considered – how could this change alter, affect a political landscape in the US?

Most of America’s pharmaceutical drugs are supplied by Puerto Rico companies (that’s Jennifer Lopez‘s) other people, if you follow celebrity news. Puerto Rico is widely believed to supply 90% of America’s pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing needs. Then there’s all of the other nations who supply the US with drugs too, like Colombia and Mexico, supplying US drug intake with other “things.”

When you hold up a pop star like Lady Gaga who in my opinion often talks too much about drugs in her pretentious rocker magazine interviews for example, then what is healthy, you have to ask what is really going on, in the world of radio and iPod music sales via iTunes for example? A lot of “stuff.” That stuff that looks like icing sugar for spoiled children… cocaine. That`s what she promotes quite often under the guise of music sales.

On another note too, that new purchasing system in the US, where you don`t use any money to buy your Starbucks coffee (for example), but where you wave your iphone at a scanner at a Starbucks outlet`s scanner light at the til, means that a cashless society is quickly being accelerated for `smart phone spend. A Starbucks “app” then deducts the money from your bank account with each hit of caffeine you indulge in, on a morning by morning basis. Starbucks is a guinea pig of the ‘mobile wallet’ culture’s acceleration via your mobile telephone scanning.

A hindrance to smartphone spend, is that anything illegal (like illegal drugs sales, not housed within pharmaceutical companies cluthes) cannot be swiped by one`s cell phone to be paid for. Therefore legalizing illegal drugs under proposed law changes by some, means that smart phone spend can proceed ahead (without cash) and THE TAX revenue on the ovverated topic of illegal drugs entirely, could then bring in new revenues for many in debt and cash-strapped governments. Or so this theory goes. What few people are considering in this agenda, is the effects of drug use on society. Money people whitewash this aspect of the pitch. Oddly.

When I think of some +’s for ‘pharmaceutical politicians’ move on the legal chess board, making illegal drugs legal, would of course reduce òvercrowding issues in many US prisons. Saving the tax payer money. California, for example, need to release 34,000 prisoners from State jails by next month due to overcrowding. Obviously, the prison inmates who were drug users (not suppliers) are the first people being considered to be released, as opposed to someone deemed more dangerous than others, to American communities.

Of course, if illegal drugs were to be made legal, then previously convicted persons of drug crimes, could then have their criminal records esponged, making them productive citizens again, without the stigma of being law breakers, thus (as the theory goes) recycling otherwise very useful people resources back into service of communities. This one aspect of the drugs debate, I am all in favor of. Redemption is always better than judgement and damnation. It’s more American to redeem, then condemn, needless to say, at some point, people are allowed to be treated as human beings with dignity. Even drug users, caught doing illegal drugs.  

 If you live in communities plagued by methan… (however you spell the rest of) you may feel rightly justified to raise more than an eyebrow at the pharmaceutical companies intended law and policy changes as the words ‘drugs, drugs, drugs’ are bandied around Washington Circles. You might even want to raise your temper, and ask what the heck are pharmaceutical companies key actors even thinking, going there?! Damage through drug dependancy on entire societies is a torrid evil. Period. Who cleans that up, after a drug sellers transacted moving of their product, to people addicted to the product? Often governments do. Or, churches, or volunteer community groups of good people in their art of restoring human lives from drugs enslavement. The pharmaceutical companies don’t! That’s really where the whole ‘legalize drugs’ debate should start. With the word rehabilitation. Read the rest of this entry »

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According to news sources, the art of planking involves “a person lying flat on their stomach across an unusual space with their face down and arms at their side. The trend became popular when people began posting photographs of themselves planking on social networking sites.”

Personally, I’ve always associated the online phenomenon of uploading “planking” pics, with working class styled people (a bit like myself), creating their own fun in mundane and often under appreciated work situations. Planking pics, break the monotony and are an expression of light-hearted sillyness, really! It also gives good people, 15 minutes of fame, to get noticed. A reminder that all people are as important as each other on this good planet, or should. Visibility in a media age, is often a form of credibility. Planking is done all in good fun.

However, when I saw Max Key, an heir to a $55 million fortune uploading a plan.king pic, I had to rethink my theory for that one. Max proves that rich people are right into planking too. Obviously. Lol!

Here’s Max, showing the art of family fun, with his planking pic. Creative family fun.

Nice one.


Today the top search terms on Horiwood.Com’s Hollywood entertainment (and now Kiwi-based blog) were:

kim kardashian  
new zealand  
shaquille o’neal  
robin soderling  
sonny bill williams  
justin bieber and selena gomez  
james cameron & linda hamilton  
stefani germanotta  
halle berry baby

It always amazes me that global warming, cyclones, tornadoes, debt recovery, energy conservation are NOT the big topics of the day, when one checks one’s blog search engine… THESE topics are.

Perhaps why blogging is always so informative and fun as an escapist entertainment activity.

[Max Key's photograph appears courtesy of Whatsonningbo.Com, Planking should be carried out in safe conditions as social media sharing-fun.]

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Have you ever seen a white Kiwi bird before. They’re triple star, tres rare. Here’s the latest white Kiwi bird born in a New Zealand birdwatch sanctuary. His name is Manukura (a Maori name for “the Chiefly One) is featured on the Washington Post website today.

Here on the blog, as we u-turn into the month of June, we have surged to the 3,393,146 blog summit. Even more proof that a Hollywood entertainment (sometimes celebrity) blog, with Kiwi content is interesting enough to growin online in cyberspace with you, a global community of viewers. Thanks for your support as an audience worldwide!

Incidentally isn’t Te Reo Rangatira (the Maori language) so poetic? It’s Kiwi-awesome and I love it!!! For more on what Manukura is up to, go here to the Washington Post for an ornothologist’s treat, as we continue to grow in intelligent and fun ways, globally together. Let’s work!

[Photograph courtesy of Stuff.Co.NZ]

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She may have the number 1 song in the USA right now, yet Adele shares her excitement with discovering other artists she loves. Adele writes, “Hello, I’m in Boston enjoying a glass of wine and looking at a woman trying to control her dogs opposite my hotel! getting back into the motion of touring after a 2 week break of parks, pubs and bbqs. thank you to everyone who came to the European and UK shows, meant a lot! I’m in the states for a while now, have had too much fun so far. LA, Washington and Philly ticked off but so many more to go. by the way i got the poster with all my song names listed in a beautiful letter from the show at the electric factory, thank you so much to you lot who made it. made me smile hard!! i thought i was going to be incredibly homesick as soon as i got here, but you’ve all made me feel so welcome so far, thank you :) and how incredible to arrive as rolling in the deep goes to number 1 on the hot 100!!!!!! nuts! anyway, i have the complete honour of having a band called The Civil Wars on the tour at the moment. they are by far the BEST live band i have EVER seen. they are magical and stunning, they make my heart hurt but make it a bit stronger at the same time too! perfect timing! please check them out, they re record is beautiful. and if your coming to any of the shows on this trip make sure you get there early to see them. Ive never been so blown away. i could go on gushing forever…poison and wine is my favourite so Ive attached the video for you! love always xx Adele/

What a girl. :)

To hear the beautiful song she’s shared, go here.

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He’s a boxer for fun, a rugby football player for the game and a fan of the LA Lakers basketball team too. Sonny Bill Williams is a Kiwi sports star, the world can be proud of.

He’s lethal in action in a boxing ring or on a football field. And on this blog, he’s always packed a mean punch as a stellar celebrity and Maori Kiwi lad, the world loves. Universal Comcast are broadcasting Sonny Bill and his rugby peers across America this year. If you can, get to see Williams and his mates live. Info found here.

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Rugby Football Snap Shot: “A last-minute penalty by Quade Cooper turned the mercurial Wallabies playmaker from potential villain to hero as the Reds underscored their Super rugby credentials with a pulsating 17-16 victory over the Crusaders before a record-breaking crowd at Suncorp Stadium.

In this photograph, Anthony Faingaa of the Reds is tackled by Daniel Carter and Richie McCaw of the Crusaders. Photo via Getty Images.

The full match break down is found right here.

McCaw and Carter are believed to be two of the best rugby football players in the world. So a good effort from the Aussies in this win. To see rugby performed live as the best gladiators of this football code compete, you just might want to check out this website to BE THERE in person. It’s the best sports tournament ever. It’s up there in sporting spectatorial arenas with the soccer. :)

Cheers ears!

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Here’s a cute story, about Northland College, a school that is famous for fine actors like Northland Youth Theater’s talented Mele Takumoana, like fine orators and poets too of the ilk of Robert Sullivan.

Recently this school got a visit from a Governor General and a Lady. Peter de Graaf brings a novel small town story and this photograph. It goes like this, written in Kiwi Northlandese:

“”He’s pretty cool, eh?”

That was the verdict of Kaikohe schoolkids after Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand spent the day in their town, visiting Northland College and three primary schools on one of his last official undertakings.

Ten-year-old Piripi Gordon, of Kaikohe East School, said yesterday’s official visit was “pretty exciting”.

“It’s cool to have someone really important visit our town and our school,” he said.

Taheke 12-year-old Ariana Wilson, of Kaikohe Intermediate, said two weeks ago she didn’t know the Governor-General existed.

“Now I know he’s sort of in line with the Queen. He’s cool and he’s funny,” she said.

Meanwhile, 13-year-old Northland College student Kawiti Selwyn said it had been a privilege to welcome “a big shot” like the Governor-General to the school.

Sir Anand gave much of his speech in Maori, and Kawiti was impressed with his pronunciation.

His efforts to speak in te reo at a school where 95 per cent of the roll was Maori showed respect for the culture, he said.

After powerful waiata and a rousing haka powhiri from the college’s 300 students, Sir Anand spoke of his fondness for Northland, born of his visits to Waitangi as Governor-General and family holidays in Omapere when he and Lady Susan would “gaze over that wonderful stretch of sea to the sand dunes”.

Northland College principal John Tapene said the students’ long hours of practice had paid off.

“How could you not be proud of their presentation? Sir Anand was saying how great to come in and be greeted by that,” he said.

After a morning tea prepared by the college’s Hospitality Academy the entourage toured Kaikohe East School, Kaikohe Intermediate, Kaikohe West School and the hilltop monument to MP Hone Heke Ngapua.

At Kaikohe West they inspected a new performing arts centre, due to open in five weeks time, finally returning to Northland College for a shared lunch and to open a gala.

Today Sir Anand was to formally open the Northland Events Centre at Okara at 2pm and speak at the Whangarei Club’s centenary dinner from 7pm.

Sir Anand’s five-year term ends in August, when he will be replaced by former Defence Force boss Jerry Mateparae.”

Thanks Peter! Go Northland College! Mauri Ola tatou.

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Living in New Zealand, you get to read all of the rather quirky news stories here. Many of them would make Hollywood movie script ideas. I kid you not.

Here’s a movie Jennifer Aniston could star in, if it was adapted to an American neighborhood context. The movie premise scene? this quote from a politicians spurned ex-wife to his new wife: “you have my husband, you cannot have my dogs.”

Here’s that story, that looks like a nightmare for a judge to sort out. It reads like this: “

A prominent political figure and his ex-wife have been told they must share the custody of their two dogs after a long-running dispute in the Family Court.

Strict suppression orders surround the case, which includes an allegation of dog-napping on the street of a plush Auckland suburb in November 2010.

The ex-wife – to be referred to as D – saw her ex-husband’s new partner walking the dogs and is alleged to have unclipped one of the animals from its lead and put it in a car.

D told the court in April she told her ex’s new partner: “You have my husband, you cannot have my dogs.”

Her ex-husband – referred to as C – sought the court’s intervention.

Judge David Burns issued his reserved decision yesterday.

He said he had not been asked to make a long-term arrangement but in the short term the couple had to share the dogs.

“Neither party seems to me to have any greater claim to the dogs than the other.”"

For the full story and judges resolution, go here. It really is one of those stories, about the many things judges are called upon to act on. Sounds tense, perfect conflict matter for an entertaining comedic feature film.

[Photograph of Jennifer Aniston, courtesy of this blog]

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Lead story on the New York Times website in this news nanosecond is, “A Dutch man has spent the past few years building a full-size replica of Noah’s ark, but it may be more in tune with global warming and tourism than great floods.”

For a story on creative building in raising global warming awareness, go here to read: A Biblical Blueprint Meets the Fire Code and the Neighbors.

Zany stuff captivating New York readers attention today.

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[Photo caption - Kunere Timoti shows his protest at the announcement his school would be closed down, expressing himself in the artform of the Kiwi haka. What spirit. Go kid!]

It’s a true fact, that not all New Zealanders can write like Witi Ihimaera, the award winning author of the book that became the film, The Whale Rider. Sometimes, some journalists, try creative writing anyway. Good for them! Out of creativity can come the essence of genuine culture. Authentic even.

The normally, quite racist, John Roughan, who shows a certain degree of cultural ignorance towards Maori folks, has done a remarkable job this week, in being a completely different person in his latest column for the The Weekend Herald.

His John, seeing the future through the eyes of a New Zealand babe, in this creative writing piece. Obvious Roghan has New Zealand energy on his mind, as John writes:

“Every grandparent will know the electric charge that four of us experienced for the first time last Saturday. New life is always a marvel but a grandchild carries a bit of you into the future.

I heard Dr Peter Gluckman say the other day that a baby girl born now can look forward to living for 95 to 100 years. Imagine the world she is going to know.

Right after the birth she was blinking, breathing and studying her own little hand. We could watch her from the other side of the world. It’s hard to imagine global communications could get better than Skype but I suppose they will.

Grandparent-hood feels like a rediscovery of wonder. When her father’s postings permit the family to come home I’m going to take her to see the elephants the Auckland Council has decided to buy this week. I’m keen to see them myself.

It seems a lifetime since I’ve been to the zoo. I’ve read that it has changed and have long hankered to see the new set-up, but there didn’t seem much point without a child. You need those new eyes.

This feels different from parenting – less anxiety, more fun. We’re lucky, though.

It must be worrying for some.

The welfare of every baby in this country should be monitored with the home visits the Plunket service used to do. I don’t care what it costs and I don’t care how culturally insensitive it might be to rescue every baby at risk.

[Photos, Northern Advocate and Better Democary Blog]  Read the rest of this entry »



President Obama has been everywhere. The UK, G8 Summit, and now he’s back in the US, visiting the tornado striken residents of Joplin Missouri.

His visit was labelled Healer-In-Chief. Go here to read the full story. Our hearts are all with these people of Missouri in their hour of need. A prayer for these good folks would not go amiss about now.  

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Tomato… or tomato?

Tomatoe Sauce or ketchup?

For Hollywood Kiwis… you just know how to say both. Heinz Watties produces good ketchup.

In a rather strategic move to be more quality biz effective, Heinz Watties is shifting production of its precious sauves (the best!) from three Australian plants to its hastings plants in New Zealand.

The Hastings facilities ‘have the infrastructure to absorb the additional volumes into current operations.’

I think that’s a squeeze of business brills! Nice one. The story can be read here.

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Without a strong opposition candidate/ and candidates, the lead political actors of a reigning government in any country passing their policies through a Senate (or hamstrung, or hamster-like) aka, they can tend to look lame.

Perhaps because of this one reason (about from celebrity endorsements too) Sarah Palin has begun her bike tour in the USA.

For that story go here.

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Have you heard of Bella Kalolo yet? As a singer of velvet Pasifika-Kiwi soul, she’s a beauty!

Here’s See What Love can do! A coco-licious sound New Zealand music can be proud of. This one going out for Hawaii today. Enjoy.

[Go Bella Kalolo! Shine on. :)

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