We know that Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer‘s life has been signed to Blue Water Comics Female Force biographical comic house. Meyer’s comic book that Blue Water Productions promotes as being: “a journey into the life and mind of the author of Twilight.” Meyer’s Female Force comic biopic is being released in Novemeber, when her Twilight Saga: New Moon film hits theaters.

Gosh, that promotional tagline is kind of a bit exploitative of the central subject, like…  a voyeuristic journey you pay a ticket price to see at a theme park, but as each comic book  is only 22 pages long, what harm can be done in that? So Meyer’s is up for the  challenge to be comic-con’s  next big thing. She’s a sport.

Now Blue Water comics is also signing J.K Rowling of Harry Potter fame to their Female Force brand. Rowling’s inspiring life will be chronicled in cartoon form too.

What makes these two women good cartoon fodder as female forces to be reckoned with? It’s easy, imagination and an ability to think in a series of ideas along a narrative theme. They are sort of like a world class fashion designer, creating 8 new collections of clothes every two years, but their runway  to showcase their written ideas is the literary world and cinemas. Each book they create is a collection of ideas just like a fashion designer does each season.

Female heroes indeed! Congrats to both ladies for agreeing to inspire the chil’n of the world. The biggest congratulations should go to Blue Water Productions though. Working out a way to capture both Meyer and Rowlings audience book base for  their cartoons (okay, they’re all one and the same audience!) is pretty clever business.


Book markets, cartoon markets, film markets = good interchangeable media products for an entertainment media audience to buy. Very smart partnerships here. Finding recession proof markets that are rich sources of consumers income, is what Blue Water Productions has achieved with both of these Female Force comic book issues. Their distribution model is already made for them, with Rowling and Meyer’s market base already proven and pioneered.

Wow! A comic book company that is so smart in wheeling and dealing real life heroes in cartoon format. The women were imagination rich, dedicated their writing skills to writing down what they imagined. Their ideas were originally packaged as book series. They then became business rich too.

Isn’t this a model, for America and Britain, to be less reliant on financial banking systems as a means of wealth and actually create new things with imagination and with a nations hands? Yes. The blueprint 3 of these women’s lives holds this wisdom in business and economic growth. Love them!

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Barack  Obama delivered his healthcare speech in full last night. It was dubbed the fight of the President’s political life by The UK Daily Mail. Of particular note was the GOP’s bad behaior all throughout the speech. They held up signs etc, showing that rudeness was more important to them then trying to mediate a way forward on the healthcare issue.

Then there was Rep Joe Wilson, who yelled out “You lie” during the President’s speech. 

This has landed Joe in a bit of trouble for his outspokenness and lack of decorum in the political lawmaking house.

HuffingtonPost ran with the headline today: Joe Wilson: A Muzzle for Old Yeller. 


Hilarious! US political drama just got a lot more entertaining. But I still prefer the original Old Yeller, don’t you? The original was a lot smarter and better behaved.

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You’re a supermodel and Emmy winning daytime, talk show host. You have a zillion and one things to get through each day. You have also made a career about making everything about yourself and bringing every aspect of entertainment right back to you. This is Tyra Banks self-obsessed and yet always comedic story. She’s very LA in New York. We love her.

However, Tyra managed to grant Cynthia McFadden time in her busy schedule to do an interview for ABC’s Nightline. Watch Cynthia overstep the mark (McFadden’s schtick is doing ‘thorough investigative reporting’). So Cynthia had to go there. She asked Tyra about Janice Dickinson and Paulina Porizkova and how they slid down the walls after being Tyra slapped from Bankable Productions’ America’s Next Top Model Show. Tyra ‘downsized’ ANTM citing the recession firing Porizkova on her birthday with a phonecall. Um…. so Tyra was not impressed to explain her supermodel catlike ways. Watch this clip for her reaction.

Priceless! Nice job ladies.

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0VictoriaBeckhamElle1Victoria Caroline Beckham, aka Posh Spice, channels old Hollywood glamour to bring a fashion shoot for Elle Magazine that is  exquisite. The budding fashion designer and the world’s most famous soccer mom, is committed to her art. Beckham casts herself in the role of a willing fashion victim and yet she is the muse of many  in the fashion world.

A paradox of power and slavery in the fashion world garner Posh Spice her place in America, Europe, Asia and Latin American popular culture. She is the UK’s singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, businesswoman, actress and model all wrapped into one. Plus of course, she is a wife and a mother of  three sons. This woman is one busy lady. Props.

Fashion photographs are by Tom Monro.

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Miss Elliette, of course. Classic vintage couture, like true talent and artistry in fashion design … is timeless. This will never die. She’s eternal.

On that note, Project Runway fashion design fans, Hollywood’s A-List actresses and the future red carpet ready celebrity set; eagerly await the launch of The Haus of Miss Tessa.


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Old School music warms the heart. Espeically Kiwi hits that sound pretty good in Hollywood. Here’s Kiwi artist Bic Runga whose half hori (like me) and half Malaysian from New Zealand. Bics mom was a cabaret singer in Malaysia who fell for a Maori lad. How sweet.

She’s singing Sway from the movie soundtrack of American Pie.

Looking and sounding great here in Hollywood, still Bic.


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Everything brings about its own opposite– words via Ananias, art: Gisele

Here’s the top ranking celebrity news and entertainment posts on Horiwood.Com tonight. Hollywood is in a festive summer’s mood today on 9.9.9!  Historic symmetry.

1. Nancy Pelosi has got political teeth. Good to see Pelosi rating today strongly in Washington DC from The  City of Angels. She’s got star power in DC.

2. Lady Gaga takes a dig at Madonna wearing this fashion ensemble. Meow!

3. Johnny Markoudarkis has heat in Young Hollywood. Casting agents take note. Likewise with Philipp Karner.who is an Extra TV America’s Most Eligible Bachelor Awardee. These lads are both up and coming young actors to watch out for.

4. Robert Pattinson takes the plunge for Twilight’s Queen, costar Kristen Stewart.

5. 10 Twilight Saga Tweets: Romeo & Juliet lives on in Forks and on twitter.

6. Kevin and Jodi Kreiger say stop watching Jon & Kate Gosselin

7. Nayleigh Kelly joins Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly in Hollywood from Korea. Cute! Adoption is a beautiful thing.

8. Miley Cyrusrap remix is smokin. It’s a party in the USA.  Beyonce and Rihanna must be fuming that  Miley created a way to get a piece  of their man Jay-Z. A cute tribute from MC.

9. Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian can’t just go on a diet and shut up about it. 

10. Kim Cattrall brings her blonde rocker fierceness to Sex & The City. At 53 she’s looking good.

Always smile. Horiwood’s latest tweet on twitter is: “Horiwood Bites: THE JACKSON SMILE: … always uplifts and gives hope. A smile is a gift you give away … from twitterfeed


Courage To Love by Californian author Robert Ellis is created and written in the spirit needed in American schools today. In a Shakespearean love story set in the Middle East two young people from opposite worlds, find love from a sense of honesty only found in accepting each others difference. So romantic. Read it. It’s  a great book for all American school children … and kidults too. Cover artwork is by the legendary surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. 

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KarlUrbanNew Zealand actor Karl Urban:

“It’s such a small industry here you inevitably end up working with the same people over and over again. There are only so many actors to go around, which is good for us.”

Kia Ora means hello in the Maori language of New Zealand. It also means “life to you.”


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Congrats Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas!

The delightful Holly Madison, has just signed on for another year of Peepshow in Las Vegas. She’s supposed to be so much sweeter than the lovely Mel B of the Spice Girls and other starlets who have graced Peepshow as the draw.

Say’s Holly: “I am so excited to be staying with PEEPSHOW. The show is amazing, the cast and crew are like family and of course I love being in Vegas and at Planet Hollywood. I have the most fun life ever!”

Planet Hollywood know that sweetness attracts sweetness. Signing Holly means that the sweetest Americans out are going to stay at their Hotel and stay with them in Vegas to  see Holly perform. Clever! Congrats Miss Madison for being so sweet. Everyone starts somewhere in show biz and Holly’s sweetness through her gracious endurance totally inspires!

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KatherineHeiglJoshKellyCongratulations to romantic comedy actress, Katherine Heigl and her musician husband, Joshua Kelly, on the successful adoption of their new daughter, Nayleigh of Korea.

Heigl and Kelly have been in the process of adopting Nayleigh for 6 months now and they are delighted that she will join their Hollywood family.

Such a cute story today. Children are our future ya’ll. Heigl will be a great  mother and a dad who sings on a guitar, that’s pretty rocking for baby Nayleigh too.

Heigl has already nicknamed Nayleigh, “Leigh” for  short. Perhaps as a nod, to the great Hollywood actress Janet Leigh, who Heigl is the modern day equivalent of in film. Janet Leigh was Jamie Leigh Curtis’ mom. Heigl also follows in the tradition of Grace Kelly, and unsurprisingly, her daughter’s name is Nayleigh Kelly. A clever nod to Hollywood history!

Although Heigl, tells Ellen DeGeneres that Naleigh is a family name, she’s coined. This is her explanation: “I am naming her after my mother and sister Nancy, Leigh. So we call her Naleigh. She was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign. I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life. I wanted to tell everybody so you don’t think I stole a Korean baby.” I guess she had to say something quirky-funny at the end. She is a romantic comedy girl after all.


 Look out Pax Jolie-Pitt, baby Nayleigh is coming to Hollywood. 



 [top image: via Grey'sAnatomyInsider]

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TheTarcaiCollectionBecause poor people are less likely to find you, when you’re making deals a golf  course will always be rated as one of the best office spaces available. Especially for CEO types.  I kid.

“Recognition giving” is  the latest buzz word in business marketing. It’s a clever way around taxation laws while having fun. Remember how after the AIF excess scandal broke out and every US corporation dumped their corporate jets asap and stopped taking their sales teams to nice resorts for team building exercises?

Well, that’s about to change in 2010. Resorts are gearing up for a huge influx from the corporate sector.

The Tarcai Collection has released 200 ideas for recognition giving. It centers on resorts that you can give a gift to a friend to stay at, if Hotel Maya in Long Beach is booked to capacity. To get a free copy, go here.

Here’s some hot tips featured:

“Golf is the one sport almost every executive loves and that’s why we featured the top golf resorts in our newest issue,” says Tom Taraci, who is the author of The Taraci Collection and who also organized various PGA and LPGA events for Corporate 1000 organizations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miley Cyrus and Sam

 … when your RSS feeds always gets raided by parasite celebrity centered blogs that never do any work, create any content but just upload all of your blog posts and steal your hot Horiwood.Com shizzle. I know, I should be flattered really! Grrrr!

Yeah, Im talkin to you Celebrifi.Com! Chill on stealin my shiz. Thanks. Leave me and Miley Cyrus alone! Lol!

Horiwood aka Sam Cruickshank is pictured here with Miley Cyrus, having lunch at Sharky’s Woodfire Mexican Grill, Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, while Miley was shopping  with a friend and horiwood’s friend was right next door recovering from liposuction liberation. Yes, they offer liposuction on Rodeo Drive. Consumer beauty craziness! :)

Yeah, I know, such a Hollywood story. “fame + excess” everywhere is  the LA life.

latest tweet on Twitter is: “Giving is something that America needs right now. Thank you RP! xox from web

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I have to  give creds to Miley Cyrus for her ability to lift America’s  young peoples spirits up and get them celebrating life and who they are. Miley Cyrus; It’s A Party In the USA – new rap remix is  the hottest song on LA radios right now.

Im kinda loving Miley Cyrus’ new song, Party in the USA today. thanks Smilers. You’re not bad for 16! Wow, go girl! In her song, Miley nails  the craziness of the Hollywood life as well as what living in LA is all about.

It’s about being so stressed in LA heat on the road in drive time traffic, and then realizing that life is what you make it, so you pump up the volume on your car radio and you raise your hands and  get your dance on, while being stuck on an LA  freeway. All stress disappears. What’s funny, is that everyone else is doing the same thing. You know then, that you are an Angelino!

Video clip sourced from here, or press play below: Lyrics follow:


Read the rest of this entry »


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StephenColbertIt’s what geeky TV politcal talk show hosts do, to  incorporate sponsorship monies into their TV show formats and websites. Product placement is so  the way to go!

So  much smarter than advertising in a digital age of multi-media innovation. 

Here’s what the ColbertNation interviewer has cleverly come up with for the pop and soda drinks giant.”

If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the hot seat and be grilled by Stephen T. Colbert, this is the challenge for you. Digitally insert yourself into an interview and try not to get nailed as Stephen hits you with four probing questions.

And remember, there are two ways to play. In the automated version, simply upload a picture of yourself and let the robots do the grunt work. Or go all out by downloading an asset package and putting your editing skills to work with the manual version.

Interesting! Clever. Robots doing the grunt work. Yes, US robotics industry, let’s go! Intelligent robitics + graphene energy + solar power + wind harnessed energy is the way of the future. Let’s shake hands with the future of technology and scientific innovation.


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Arianna Huffington and Bill Maher

I haven’t featured much from Ariana Huffington (the Huff N Blow Beyotch) on Horiwood.Com lately, so I decided to give Ms Huffington a whirl today.

Here’s her latest editor’s note on The Huffington Post about the importance of backing American school children in Education.

“I was scheduled to give a speech at the Get Schooled conference on education reform hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates and Viacom, and emceed by Stephen Colbert. My speech had been perfectly trimmed to fit the allotted time, and already loaded in the teleprompter. Then I read Erik Eckholm’s deeply moving story in the New York Times on the surge of homeless schoolchildren caused by the epidemic of home foreclosures — and decided to scrap my planned speech and talk about the crisis. We live in a country that, one year ago this month, came together with a sense of national emergency and bailed out banks that were “too big to fail.” Shouldn’t we also be living in a country that can come together right now and bail out schoolchildren that are too small to be allowed to fail before they have been allowed to succeed?”

She’s so important aint she? Read the rest of this entry »

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Oh me, oh Maya!!! Kourtney Kardashian certainly has taste and style.

The pregnant Hollywood star wore a tee shawl while pregnant and swimming at  the beach in Los Angeles.

Look at that smile! Priceless! This baby momma is loving her life  in the Californian sun!

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People Magazine has gone all gaga over a country baby this issue. Meet Jasper Paisley. He’s the son of Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams.

What a cutie!

[Image: People Magazine: the #1 celebrity site for breaking news, celebrity pictures and star styles" wow, what a tag line!]

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… always uplifts and gives hope. A smile is a gift you give away to make others happy.

Smile lots! –thanks Janet Jackson Weeping may endure for a  night, but joy does come in the morning. xox

It’s a new day, let’s celebrate life with plenty of smiles!

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How does Km Cattrall do it? The Sex in The City film actress, who is 53, can show women in entertainment half her age, like Lady Gaga and Christina Arguilera for example, how ‘sexy’ is done, rocker style. Seriously, Kim Cattrall has totally got her game on. She’s fierce today.

Cattrall is the second Sex In The City actress, to bring back the big hair, 80s, rocker perm. Fierce! I’m all for it, as the 80s was all about big hair, big  shoulder pads, bold statement colors…. and of course big thinking, which helps grow and economy.

But look  at Kim Cattralls waist line and legs!! Lady Gaga and Christina Arguilera, eat your hearts out!!! Cattrall inspires how life gets so much better in your 50s. She’s too much! Girl needs a big New York steak though after this movie  wraps I think! Or several.


[hi Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, images via Mikey K, New York City, via Wenn.comBauer GriffinSplash]

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Someone once told me that you should never burn your bridges with an ex.  This I found to be a very controversial statement to make by anyone. However, I see wisdom in this statement. An ex, is a friend who shared a lot with you. 

Jessica Simpson has remained good friends with her ex and fellow singer, John Mayer. However InTouch magazine calls her desperate for remaining in touch with him.

InTouch magazine perhaps needs to just leave Jessica Simpson alone. This girl has been dumped on from plummeting heights more so than the stock market over the past year. She deserves to be happy in love and life, like  us all. You know it!

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SuperNaturalPosterIn America, the land of choice and opportunity, you have to do what Janet Jackson once said in her All For You song, and that is edit. There’s just too much choice available, only so many hours in the day,  so what do you watch on TV?

Thankfully, TheTVStop has compiled a list for busy blondes like myself (I kid), to use as a guide in channel surfing this fall. What will you be watching?

I might not watch at all and write a book instead about Miss Elliette, the first lady of American fashion design and Business Couture. She’s worthy! Choices, choices, choices! Love it.

Tuesday, Sept. 8
90210, 8 p.m. (The CW)
Melrose Place, 9 p.m. (The CW)
Sons of Anarchy, 10 p.m. (FX)

Wednesday, Sept. 9
America’s Next Top Model, 8 p.m. (The CW)
Destination Truth, 10 p.m. (Syfy)
Glee, 9 p.m. (Fox)
So You Think You Can Dance, 8 p.m. (Fox)

Thursday, Sept. 10
Supernatural, 9 p.m. (The CW)
The Vampire Diaries, 8 p.m. (The CW) starring Ian Somerhandler (pictured below)


Read the rest of this entry »

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Janet Jackson Harper's Bazaar

Janet Jackson is the reigning pop royalty of the Jackson family American legacy of entertainment. Although Beyonce is the closest star to be doing what Michael Jackson achieved as a triple threat in entertainment of the African American entertainment set, Janet can do it all too and of course, she’s Michael’s blood  sibling.

Janet’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover, shows the strength, the grace, the elegance of a true performer whose family legacy never overshadowed her own voice and  sense  of freedom of expression through her music and her art. 

Says Harper’s Bazaar of the last time Janet saw her brother, Michael Jackson: “The last time Janet saw Michael was on May 14, two days before her 43rd birthday. She and her big brother hung out, ate Thai food, and tormented each other. “We had so much fun that day. We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was.”

Family will always be more important than fame. As Janet shows. The superstar female Jackson, triple threat entertainer will do a tribute performance number to her brother Michael at this weekend’s MTV‘s Video Music Awards. She’s been in rehearsal with 20 back up dancers to give the world, more of the Jackson family’s legendary entertainment brand style. There is no one who can do what the Jacksons do their way.

Apparently, there will not be a dry eye in the American music haus that night. Go girl. [hey!]

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Whether Robert Pattinson risked it all for Kristen Stewart is up for debate. The pair have to work together for a while, so they may  as well be good friends.

Kristen Stewart was Robert Pattinson’s American guide, being a native Californian whose family have all worked in the film industry, long before Brit  lad Robbo ever set foot in Hollywood to work.

She’s his soul mate. Like his Kate  Winslett Bella,  to his Leonardo DiCaprio’s Edward in a film saga of Titanic Twilight epic proportions. A nice cover!

Love will always be a risk. In love we grow. No risk, no growth. Thanks OK! Magazine. To read 10 tweets on Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and friends, go here on Horiwood.Com. Happy Twilight surfin.

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Jeff wrote: 

Love your blog, Horiwood.Com. And I thought I was a Hollywood buff! I thought you might be interested in including this clip we just shot with Dancing with the Stars celeb, Karina Smirnoff in your blog too. She was such a sweetheart and I think you’ll love the clip.”

There you go Jeff!  Hi Karina.


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Nicole Richie has given birth to baby #2. image via KnockedUp.Com.

Her peeps posted this on Richie’s website:

“In the middle of night, the very early hours of September 9, 2009 Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

He weighs 7lbs 14oz. Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes.”

Sparrow (like Sparrow Records), what an interesting name for a baby boy. His Eye is On The Sparrow was song by legendary Motown singer, Gladys Knight, at Michael Jackson’s funeral service last week. Jackson was Nicole Richie’s godfather. Congrats.

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Tracey Chapman’s song At This Point in my life, takes us on a journey today. I love the song’s simplicity and thought provoking lyrics.

It’s laid  back, easy listening music that makes us think at the halfway point. What’s at the end of the road? Enjoy!

Lyrics by poem hunter follow: Read the rest of this entry »

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SteveJobsAppleSkinnyCan Steve Jobs look any skinnier? He is a walking metaphor that the  US economy needs a good feeding.

Seriously, Steve Jobs needs to buy a restaurant and make a restaurant table his office table, where he needs to work on it everyday and be fed meals every two hours. Jobs appeared in San Francisco at Apples Conference recently.

What did Steve Jobs have to say? Price reductions are promised on iPod Touch. Apple’s 8GB model is now priced at $199, the 32GB model at $299.  A 64 GB model will be $399.

New Games including Madden NFL 2010 have been added to the games platform. Apple hopes to offer more in the way of music artists graphics and info on the artists to give Apple users an ‘album cover’ virtual experience.  Apples also has over 30,000 ring tomes at $1.29 a pop. 

It’s clear that pop music and gaming are recession proof. People want to be  entertained.

Information supplied  by David Colker of The LA Times. Thanks David. You deserve lunch with Steve Jobs at some point.

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KristenStewartRobertPattinsonBobbyLong101Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the real life Romeo & Juliet of Young Hollywood who are cast in Stephenie Meyers modern day Shakespearean tale of The Twilight Saga. Here’s  10 Twilight Saga News Posts, 9.8.09 on Horiwood.Com:

1. ROBERT PATTINSON AS A FUTURE BATMAN?: When you’re a young Hollywood actor ..

2. ARE ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART ENGAGED?: OK! Magazine are claiming that ..

3. Photos, Quizes of New Moon, Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen …

4. TWILIGHT FEVER HITS BULGARIA: Bulgarian teens have gone twilight mad. Here’..

5. TWILIGHT NEW MOON POSTER: What to do with bloodshot eyes… Robert Pattinson..

6. Twilight Saga | Red Room

7. Twilight Star Is Damaged

8. SHAKIRA DISCOVERS TRUE BLOOD:   Latin pop sensation shakiratweeted tonight:   &#..

9. 2009’s TOP RANKING CELEBS ON BUSINESS WEEK.COM:   The website Business Week..

10. Twilight Corn Maze – Fan Art – Videogum

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson news in brought to you by the young romance novel, Courage To Love by Californian author, Robert Ellis. It’s a must read for Twilight Saga fans.


Twilight Saga is a New York Times Best-Sellers List book. Shakespeare always sells big! Still.

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THE HORIWOOD TOP 10 – 9.8.09


Horiwood’s Top 10 most sought after celebrity and news topics of interest here in Hollywood are:

1. Barack Obama: 10 important things in the President’s speech to American school children today.

2. Evan Rachel Wood & Alexander Skarsgard are True Blood’s new hot couple–YoungHollywood.Com.

3. Lady Gaga does UK Vogue & also pays tribute to Madonna, kinda!

4. Taylor Lautner Teen Vogue cover star gives Robert Pattinson a break.

5. Drew Barrymore’s new film role as a roller derby queen whips up  some interest today.

6. Beyonce gets a nice shout out from Cameron Diaz on her B’Day

7. Angelina Jolie: Reigning magazine  cover girl of the year.

8. Melrose Place brings the party to your TV on the CW Network.

9. New Music, Paramore + Evermore: 2 hot bands from 2 different sides of the planet with a unique indie sound. Love them!

10. Salvador Dali - pomegranite tigers meets Laura Mulvey’s film theories on canvas is wild!

latest tweet on twitter is: “today i learnt that true artistry begins when you set no limits for creativity ….. thanks Lady Chiffon” from web

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