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Human Rights & Writers, True American Media-Conglomerate Corporate Stories: Hollywood’s latest tabloid saga involves “human trafficking.” In particular “Scientology” is under the microscope for human trafficking. Tabloids of course take Scientology’s most famous face (that being actor Tom Cruise) to ‘play out’ this Hollywood scandal.

According to reports Scientologists are under investigation for paying slave labor rates. That being, rumors of Tom Cruise getting his motorcycles repaired, boats fixed, buildings aesthetically enhanced to be more architecturally pleasing on the eye, is what the scandal touts as a story.

Tom allegedly booked workers through the Scientologist’s hook up networks of laborers. He also reportedly paid them $50 a week for these workers labor. For a second there, I thought I was reading about some people who work in torrid conditions in China or Egypt’s 20% of people who live below the pita bread line too. But no, apparently, this is a story from California, USA.

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Reading this story, I also got a bit confused. I thought the story was about how Arianna Huffington, built her website the Huffington Post. Because for years, Arianna has been using other journalists unpaid words as ‘guest columnists’ to get ahead, without paying writer’s a nickle, to the point where here in Hollywood, at Jewish industry parties, Arianna’s name is said with a chuckle like a complete sentence, like ‘Arianna “Why don’t you blog for me, for free darling?” Huffington.’ She’s an amusing party story at dinner parties here. I kid you not.

I don’t think Tom Cruise gets fair press in Hollywood. For example, when he divorced Aussie ex-wife Nicole Kidman, Tom was very fair. He gave Nicole half a billion dollars in their divorce settlement – something that is perhaps incongruous with a dude who would allegedly pay workers $50 for a week’s labor. Does this tabloid scandal dare to insinuate that Nicole (who benefitted from Tom’s alleged ‘human trafficking’ slave labor rates for … well years, according to the Scientology scandal) is enjoying the spoils of this breach of human rights and labor laws of California too.

No! Of course that can’t be possible. Kidman is a good woman! And suddenly Tom looks like last year’s bad tabloid boy, Mel Gibson, in scandalous tabloid news like this.

Reality is though, human trafficking can occur in many ways, in many nations claiming to be civilized, or using the labels ‘volunteers’ for ‘charity’ or ‘religious’ organizations. It’s a spiritual principle, that ‘the laborer is worthy of their hire.’ That’s where spiritually begins, with seeing others as equals really, and not slaves who are ‘lesser’ than one’s self.

Whoever violates that principle of fair labor rates is just a jerk, basically. That’s the message of what I get out of this story.

Scientologists in Hollywood are a little crazy. I hear it’s very hard to leave their organization. People need help to get divorced from the Scientology organization, is what I’ve discovered living here in the hood. Apparently, it’s all the brain washing and abuses of power that make it hard for people to leave, if they want to. Their shop window looks like a United Nations bureau, if ever you’ve walked into their Hollywood office by mistake. They have many Middle Eastern people working for them on front desk. Nice, fresh-faced kids.

On the topic of human trafficking then, when AOL’s $315 million dollar merger has Arianna Huffington promisng to deliver ‘community citizen’s journalism’ as her new gimmick in growing AOL via The Huffington Post’s media-conglomerate merger, one can only hope that community writers, Ms Huffington and AOL are actually going to pay for their time, their stories, their words and their journalistic endeavors in the future – and not have a model based on ‘human trafficking’ in stealing other peoples time writing words and sharing valuable views to grow their business and bank accounts.

You know, at some point, someone has to ask media-conglomerates and IT companies this question!

If the world is moving to information sharing (online news/ entertainment/ education) agency knowledge carriers… and Google runs on words and numbers – then the ‘big corporate guns’ should pay writers I think, for growing their assets, rather than just aggregating and collecting peoples creativity and words, like it’s ‘theirs’ – otherwise a narrative of human trafficking, concerning writers and people actually creating is being perpetuated via the USA and big corporations. Like, it’s not like they can’t afford to. They can. They’re millionaires and billionaires too.

There’s some written food for thought, anyone is welcome to ‘borrow’ and share as an opinion on the human rights of writers – who deserve their share of the online pie.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.8.11~

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