12 Aug

Kim Sherrell who is a sweet new media queen, holds her copy of the novel Courage To Love by the author Robert Ellis

Kim was quoted by MTV today, on comments about hip hop star, Kanye West. MTV in an article titled Kanye West’s Twitter: Social Media Experts Weigh In quotes Kim as saying:

“His posts are entertaining and yet they contain an unexpected depth and substance,” said , a new-media-savvy filmmaker with over 70,000 Twitter followers. “Like George Carlin or Larry David, Kanye excels at creating humor by examining the different ways in which our world is messed up. He is pretty good at observing contradictions.”

“Kanye’s ability to reflect on his situation while tossing punches at some embarrassing realities the way he does, well, these are some of the reasons why I think he is a force to be reckoned with,” she added. “He comes across as a very rich, but deep and somewhat sincere guy who is just going through his day and learning how to get his tweet on.”

[Kanye's new track See Me Now featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson features here]

Kim is so funny. She also is the founder of the Artwalk.TV –a website where artists all over the world upload new artwork. John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a big fan of Kim’s. Anyway, currently I am helping Kim take on a twitter stalker, named @shervin.

There is a debate raging at the moment as to whether Facebook should have ever set a ceiling at 5,000 friends for Facebook users. @Shervin tweets Kim to ask her, why she needs more than 5,000 friends. One of my favorite IT bloggers ever @Scobleizer is playing Kim’s angel on twitter too right now.

Being a sport from New Zealand, I tell Kim what I’d say to @shervin to tell him to where to get off. Surprisingly, Kim likes it, and goes with it. Here’s what “@ @ @ 1) a friend is someone who helps you bury the bodies. 2) in this economy there are more bodies! Requires +limit! via web “

She sounds so Gangsta/ Godfather right now (… oops!) And there you have it. Follow Kim on Twitter at And to buy the book that Kim is holding, go here to .

And to sum up the point of my post. Established media are nothing, unless popular media outlets who shape pop culture (like MTV) include new voices like social media queen Kim Sherrell. 

Thanks honey! :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.11.10~


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