03 Oct

Prime Visioni deserves a blog post today. Here’s Robert Pattinson allegedly for Ciak Magazine Italy.

Emile deRaven providing Ozzie girl bad presence, for every Twilight Mom in Italy to throw their pizza crusts at her, while watching Remember Me at home on DVD.

Actually, Italians don’t really have pizza crusts with authentico Italian pizzas, that’s an American invention of stodge during Chicago and NYC winters.

If you can follow Italian, enjoy Ciak. Any movie theme with a 9/11 story retold well, gives people a vehicle to mourn their own lives and all they’ve lost in current economic developments in the world, so I’m sure this DVD will be a hit in Italy right now. 9/11 is a good perspective changer for anyone glum. We are all very fortunate people, to be alive and well in light of it.

More importantly – when thinking of tragedies in the world,  how could Italy – being HQ of the Catholic Church consisting of 1 billion plus members worldwide, have one of the five lowest EEC econimies, most indebted in Europe and the Western World?

Isn’t Church supposed to help nationhood do better? Or, are they always separate? It’s ridiculous the Catholic Church is more wealthy than the country whose land HQ stands on – and is not feeding back into Italy with blessings? isn’t that at odds with stuff in Genesis?

One of the mysteries of Rome from history through today? Or just the fact, that The Pope has not yet got up to reading “Genesis 5 v 35′ yet in his bible.

But that’s enough about Catholicism in pizza eating nations. Let’s get back to the U.K’s Joseph of Cinema instead, Robert Pattinson. My guess is Remember Me will do well, because Roberts and their tribes of fans are always memorable. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.2.10~

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