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Democracy is a process that serves key trends the people indicate they need, and, that can also be bought through platforms and oracles of persuasion that creates a heard instinct of pubic opinion, that then becomes law–Horiwood on Demoracy through IT and Social Media 2010′s. In the art of American Celebrity, celebrities are always the bait, the people want to hear opinion from.

[Pic caption - Ari Emanuel, Peter Berg, Amanda Anka and Jason Bateman at the New York Giants Celebration Party on January 26, 2008 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Peter Berg Celebrates Steve Tisch and The NY Giants Incredible Season Regent Beverly Whilshire Hotel Beverly Hills, CA United States January 28, 2008 Photo by Eric Charbonneau/]

I notice here from Hollywood that the concept of a digital grass-roots media revolution is all the go with IT media conglomerates, mergers and strategies. It’s all about growing online IT properties, by creating windows of growth and expansion in the Facebook way of connecting communities together.

We had AOL snuffle up Arianna Huffington and friends for $315 million recently, as AOL merged with her blog. Arianna has largely built the Huffington Post with volunteer columnists. IT grows with new words being written and acquired into IT templates. The fat cats of IT sit back, while little people wittingly (or unwittingly) build their IT assets by typing their words into it and cross pollinating links to the other social media (or IT) websites too, thus also building up an IT owner’s assets. AOL hopes to use Arianna’s profile and tone, to incite community journalism in all of the 50 states of the USA and other nations too. A key driver is original video upload content from communities being created (for free) and shared on their merged-owned web properties. I guess they’re competing for words and video uploads trying to take on YouTube’s market.

Well Google looks set to do the same thing. Yet, Google is not so cheap. They’re prepared to do an Ariel Emanuel and shell out $100 million to hand pick celebrities to drive a similar strategy. San Francisco Chronicle examines Google’s rumored intentions today to follow in the same veign. What follows is their commentary on the matter. Quite interesting. Here it is

Let’s see Google try to deny it’s a media company now.

New York Magazine reports Google is talking to Hollywood agents about building YouTube channels filled with original video content centered on celebrity personalities.

To get the celebs on board, Google is offering up $5 million per channel. The money would cover salaries, and production costs. The celebs would get ownership of the shows.

Google would make the money back through premium advertising.

While Google and YouTube aren’t commenting on the matter, it seems as if they’re aiming for proven TV personalities. For example, if celebrity chef Bobby Flay were to take part in this deal, he would host his very own YouTube channel about food and cooking.

This is similar to what Yahoo and AOL are doing. AOL recently signed Heidi Klum to do some videos. The difference here is that YouTube is a much bigger distribution network.

Google reportedly wants to get 20 celebs on board for this venture, which suggests its willing to shell out $100 million on the new venture. That’s basically chump change for Google. Especially when you consider how much it could make in ad revenue, and how it could crack open opportunities for Google to disrupt the traditional TV business.

In addition to the ongoing talks about acquiring Next New Networks, it looks like Google and YouTube are getting serious about content creation.


I sort of think that community mapping, (of ideological thought via a communities key words online) is what IT companies are interested in. Of course, to elect any President, one must be the most skilled at using IT social media’s sweep to one’s advantage, better than an opposition political (or corporate opponent). Celebrity faces provide that popular appeal to overlay one’s messages with. Democracy becomes a different game. It’s all about knowing what’s trending via key word counts online. This makes us a) at risk to manipulation of those in authority buy this information off IT companies. Or, conversely it also makes democracy more instant in a digital age, as politicians are as in Touch with peoples needs, the minute the typed and published onto a social media networks site.

What are your thoughts on this trend? If you have any ideas, feel free to share. I think it’s exciting on many useful levels.

[Note - Ariel Emanuel has not been tapped to head this up for Google, just yet. But given his roots with a mom, Martha Emanuel, being a civil rights activist, this sounds right up Ari's alley, really. This post being written at a time where the current US President Barack Obama has just met with Silicone Valley's leading IT figures to brainstorm strategies of IT's useage, at the time of writing].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.18.11~

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