26 Jan

Competing implies that there is ‘a race’ of sorts going on in the world. President Obama says the words “we must compete” from the front page of the The Wall Street Journal today.

The other option than “compete” is “to not compete.” Fair trade involes the rhetoric of “trading this for that” so that equality is shown from one nation towards another. That’s the gist of fair trading. Then there’s trading the most of something lucrative and of great value, more than any other nation can match. It implies being sought after for a nation’s value. I think that’s what Obama has in mind for America, to “compete.” The people I know, who know what a buck is (that’s definitely not me), tell me that math, science, physics is what all American young people in education should really be studying – as China’s young are so adept at these subjects. To compete is also about educating your youth in the most useful areas.

Again even the best results of accumulative education efforts and their successful outcomes with a nation’s leadership, goes back to fairness and fair trading in supply and demand relationships based on a sense of fairness… long term strategies that work and are resourceful and not wasteful… if competing is seen to be realistically sustainable.

Sustainability is the big issue, ahead. At the moment, America’s best export in my opinion, is pop culture. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft – are all vessels (containers/ distributors) that have arisen to help share it in the world. Perhaps America is still too currency based (with too much faith in guns and a printing press toy – printing currency and trading with it, to buy time for ‘real’ tangible product the world wants to buy. IT media seems to be a good export at the minute. The US now looks to green technology as a way forward.

It’s hard to believe that while both China and America want to be superpowers – that they run on 70% worth of coal energy each year. So the talk is more than the walk (perhaps) right now – with both nations using military technology – as symbols of might – yet from coal-fueled nations running largely on unsustainable fossil fuels – emitting more global pollution than most other nations of the world too for capitol gain and domestic use also. Go figure. Super powers as paradox nations consuming a lot to hopefully best serve the future direction of the world.

Therefore ‘competing’ to me – means ‘anything that gets US less coal dependent.’ What does ‘to compete’ mean to you in the USA?

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Because words are just that unless grounded in concrete solutions, where young people can safely walk. Here’s my favorite Hollywood pic today. Not a Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - a legacy of history it is an iconic landmark of America everyone should be on and walk, at least once – but a concrete contractors symbol of pride with John McNamee‘s mark of quality, stamped into his labor.

John is so proud of his work in the West Hollywood community, he even reflects his own name back in his moniker above. That’s good concrete. Good stuff! Between Obama and McNamee is found two solid views of where America needs to be in this moment. I’m definitely, more towards John McNamee’s positioning in the US than the inspiring words pathway. But, who knows, like every American person, I too hope to get there and be in the future too.  Lol!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.26.11~



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