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The votes are in for the year. The top 50 stars you voted to see more of in Hollywood, heading into 2010 are a stellar line up of talented celebrity artists. You voted well throughout the year. Happy New Year Everyone!

Honorary Stars: POTUS Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama

1. LADY GAGA: Her honest Poker Face commentary defining US culture today in her art and music is a big hit. #1.

2. ALEX MERAZ: A native actor as authentic as Lady Gaga, Alex is US art.

3. NIKKI REED: She dates a billionaire heir. She’s talented. She’s in Twilight. #3.

4. TAYLOR LAUTNER: He’s an action teen with the mostest in the US right now.

5. HAYDEN PANETTIERE: Naughty and oh so cute. She has Hollywood heat.

6. KATHERINE HEIGL: A medical drama makes her a trustworthy film star.

7. MICHAEL JACKSON: He died. But the King of Pop lives on.

8. ROBERT PATTINSON: Via the UK and the King of film franchise success.

9. MEGAN FOX: A sexy actress with attitude that makes us laugh and smile. 

10. RIHANNA:  A beauty who is a tough survivor with raunchy Caribbean hip hop.

11. MILEY CYRUS: A 2nd gen show biz teen and so cute and talented with it.

12. KRISTEN STEWART: As sallow as she is radiant, she is Young Hollywood.

13. AMBER ROSE: A modern day supermodel who defines the new American Rose.

14. STEPHENIE MEYER: So talentedly happy she could die. But she lives to write.

15. SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT: The center of film franchising of Hollywood. 

16. DAVID CARRADINE: Kinky and dead.

17. ANGELINA JOLIE: She is both the sweetness and salt of the star system.

18. SALVADOR DALI: A dead surrealist artist whose art speaks and lives on.

19. BRAD PITT: A King of Hollywood. 

20. VANESSA HUDGENS: Her fan base is surprising and global.

21. BRITNEY SPEARS: The comeback kid of 2009.

22. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: As charming and talented as he is a snake.

23. LIL KIM: Widowed and in prison. Event these traits couldn’t outshine her star.

24. BROOKE SHIELDS: A child actress who grew up to be just so sweet.

25. JUSTIN GATSON: The Cyrus family obsessed on him and then dumped him.

26. FARRAH FAWCETT: A Hollywood angel who left this world to soon.

27. JULIAN LENNON: Beatles royalty with a voice the world needs to hear.

28. JERMAINE JACKSON: Strength in grief is so entertaining in recession. 

29. JON & KATE GOSSELIN: The terrible divorced twins who are fame addicted.

30. KANYE WEST: A star maker as much as he is a talented star with lol ego we love.

31. BEYONCE: She went into bat for the new president and it cost her in ratings.

32. LISA MARIE PRESLEY: A great who is a daughter of two greats.

34. TAYLOR SWIFT: A stealthy fox of country music and pop audiences.

35.SUSAN BOYLE: The Scottish pin up diva of never judge a book by her cover. 

36. NADYA SULEMAN: Having octuplets fascinated everyone.

37. KEITH LEWIS/ CARRIE PREJEAN: The prince and the princess of beauty pageant controversy. 

38. RICHARD BRANSON: A billionaire who can still entertain with a chuckle.

39. THE KARDASHIANS: An ensemble cast of non-stop fame, family fortune TV.

40. SELENA GOMEZ: Latina princess. The youngest UN Ambassador of Hollywood ever.

41. NICOLE KIDMAN: As gracious an Aussie superstar as she is a nonjudgmental survivor of Hollywood. 

42. TAYLOR KITSCH: Mr Canada is a leading man of Hollywood in the 2010′s.

43. ZAC EFRON: He can sing, act, dance and Vanessa Hudgens is his plus one.

44. KEITH URBAN: Great voice. Rehabbed life. Superstar wife. Country music legend from Australia.

45. KATY PERRY: She’s talented, cute and an excellent songwriter.

46. EMILE DE RAVEN: Hollywood is all about lucky casting breaks as Emile landed a gig this year starring with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me.

47. TOP BOLLYWOOD STARS: The top ten faces of world’s largest film industry.

48. BROOKE FRASER: A pop star, gospel singer and global humanitarian from New Zealand. 

49.  ANNA PAQUIN: She won her first Oscar at ten and she’s the next Meryl Streep.

50. CHRIS HEMSWORTH: An Australian actor whose credits range from Star Trek to Thor

51. PARIS HILTON: Although she’s vacant space, Hollywood still loves Paris.

52. MISS TESSA: Multi-media artiste. 


Two young stars to Look out for: Q’orianker Kilcher and artist Miss Tessa. Actors to look out for Cliff Curtis and Karl Urban. Books to read: Courage To Love and Trowenna Sea. New music to love: Brooke Fraser, Ke$ha, Paramore, Evermore. Films to anticipate: Sir Peter Jackson‘s upcoming films. Most reliable star to brighten the world: you

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