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All across America, many are obsessed with Kate Middleton. As noted from Hollywood, California USA, Washington DC is doing the best royal commentary this week. Leslie Shepherd of the Washington Post’s conversations with American royal watchers follows. Cut downs anyway.

Has there been a Queen Katherine since Henry VIII?

Stamford, Conn.: There has been at least one Queen Catherine since Henry VIII: Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess who was the wife of Charles II (he reigned 1660-1685).

Where will Kate & Will’s wedding take place? Westminster Abbey, where his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 to Prince Prince Phillip and his great-grandmother were married? Or St. Paul’s Cathedral, where the “fairytale” marriage of his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana took place in 1981? London bookies say August 13th for Will and Kate at Westminster Abbey is the likely date and location. However Diana’s funeral was held there, so some even say Windsor Castle could be a good wedding venue.

A royal coin of commemoration? There were reports in October that the Royal Mint was preparing a commemorative coin to mark the wedding.

Leslie Shepherd: Just heard he gave her Diana’s engagement ring. What a touching tribute to the mother he lost when he was only 15. Remember that big blue sapphire and diamond ring?


Owings, Md.: Good afternoon:

Congratulations to William and Kate. It is ironic that mother’s name is the same as Kate’s. Where will the couple reside and what occupation does Kate hold?

Thank you.

Leslie Shepherd: Well, Kate doesn’t really have an occupation other than being William’s girlfriend (now fiancee), which is how she earned the nickname Waity Katy. She does some work for her parents’ mail order party company. She currently lives with them, although she spends time with William near the Royal Air Force base in Wales where he serves. After their marriage, that’s where they’ll live.

A Wedding dress designer?: Kate is said to favour British designer Daniella Issa Helayel. But remember how Diana surprised us all by choosing little-known designer David and Elizabeth Emanuel who came up with that enormous fru-fru gown. I think she’ll definitely become a huge fashion trendsetter. She’s already got natural style and taste. She’s tall and willowy. She’ll have access to advice from the top British fashion magazines and designers. And, like Diana, she’ll be the most photographed woman in the world.

Kate Middleton’s Princess Status: She wasn’t born into a royal family (which means she can never be called Princess Kate, although everyone will). Nor was she born into the nobiity or aristicracy with a title such as Lady Kate. She’s a commoner just like you and me, although her parents are self-made millionaires. Or, new royalty of the commoner world.

Brooklyn, N.Y.: Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that the royal family gets lots of attention and respect just because they’re royal? They inherited their money and power. Haven’t we evolved enough as a society to recognize royalty as a holdover from a time when we didn’t recognize that all men were created equal?

A good question.

Did Prince William give Kate Diana’s engagement ring.: Pundits say “yes.”
How are traditional Royal Wedding Rings Made: By tradtion, British royal wedding rings are made from a nugget of Welsh gold. The custom was started by the Queen Mother.

Honeymoon Venue Speculations: The duo have vacationed before at a fancy resort in the Seycelles Islands in the Indian Ocean. He proposed in Kenya. They’ve vacationed on Mustique. Scotland is where they spend a lot of time. Ladbrokes bookmakers are offering 5-1 odds on Kenya.

B.C., Canada – Will Kate handle the press like Dianna found initially difficult: What I find absurd is all of the speculation about whether she can handle the pressure like Di couldn’t. TOTALLY different story here folks — for one, Kate and Wills have been dating for almost a decade, she’s well aware, as is he, of how ill-equipped Di was, and that’s not going to happen here. They are marrying for love, not because the country needs an heir. They have and are facing the pressures head on, and not with the ridiculous fairytale crap that Chaz and Di had surrounding their “courtship” and “marriage.” A much more realistic and adult relationship, that’s for sure.

King William: Wouldn’t it be hotter if the Queen skipped on Prince Charles and gave the throne to the much more popular Prince William? If not, is Queen Elizabeth going to hang on to the throne until her death? Seems like she’s not ready to abdicate to Charles anytime soon.

Of course that question had to be asked.

Washington, D.C.: How big was her ring?

The oval blue sapphire in Diana’s engagement ring was 18 carats! surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

Washington, D.C.: Have Middleton’s parents met the Queen?

Yes her parents were invited to William’s graduation from the Sandhurst military academy. It’s believed they have stayed at Highgrove, the country residence of Prince Charles. And this month they were photographed as part of a private shooting party on the queen’s Scottish estate (although the queen wasn’t there at the time). We now know that Kate and William were already engaged then, but it providing interesting tea leaf reading at the time.

Fairfax, Va – Humor.: Interesting that most of the rumors had them engaged next year and marrying in 2012. But 2012 is the Queen’s 60 jubilee and London is hosting the Summer Olympics. I just want a tea towel from Woolworths.

Debretts: Where will Kate fall in the order of precedence? I figure that she’s not the wife of the heir apparent, since Charles is the heir, not William.

The queen comes first. Princess Anne (the queen’s daughter) and Princess Alexandra (queen’s cousin) are next, having been born royal and born princesses. Then Camilla as wife of the heir to the throne. I’m just doing the women here. Then Edward’s wife (since Andrew is divorced) and then Kate.

Pittsburgh, Pa.: With all the economic challenges Britain is facing right now, I wonder if the wedding will be much more downscale than Charles and Diana’s was? Or maybe the Brits need a morale booster after Iraq and such and would welcome a spectacular bash? I am sure this is getting careful consideration by both the monarchy and the government.

Another good point. The wedding will bring money into the British economy. It’s a production in that regard, a project of The British government as much as the royal family.


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