04 Nov

Forget the angry birds game for a minute, Updating Death Clock for Flex 4.6 Adobe has been talking lately about the next update to Flex and Flash Builder, version 4.6. There’s a lot of cool stuff planned, but some of the things that interest me most are the new UI components. You can read a good article on them here, What’s new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6. I thought it might be interesting to update one of my own application, the Death Clock mobile app, to use some of these new components.

When I built the Death Clock application, one of the first things I ran into was handling the UI for picking gender and the month of your birth. Dropdowns just don’t work well on a mobile device. I ended up using a hybrid approach that used states and groups of radio buttons. You can read more about this in my original blog post from … wow… exactly one year ago. Man – I’d love to say I planned that but it was completely random! Anyway – be sure to look at that post for an example of the UI.

For my new application, I decided to get rid of this work around and make use of the new ToggleSwitch and DateSpinner classes. I thought the ToggleSwitch would be a good replacement for the gender selection and the date spinner would – obviously – replace the date drop downs. Here’s what the Flex code looks like for the original version, again, with the work around. To find the code, go here.

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