26 Sep

[Denniston Plateau]

I noticed reading the  Facebook page, a link to a story about “Growing Rich Yet Staying Green.”

The story was about raising debate about minerals and energy mining’s increase using New Zeland’s natural resources from land and ocean. The guy who wrote the article, needs to still demonstrate a clear understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi (New Zealand’s founding document). His name is Anthony Hubbard, and the views he posits in money mongering from the environment are these:

- Dirty Dairying needs to be cleaned up.

- Mining in national parks, may never be a good idea.

- South Island farmers, should be charged for irrigation water usage.

- Farmers need to join the ETS, as that would be another way to tax farmers too.

- The home insulation plan of the NZ Greens Party is brilliant.

- The Green’s posit a renewable energy plan acceleration. Clean energy is the new direction of smart people.

- $800 billion by 2016 is expected to be earned from renewable energy products and technology in the world.

- Geothermal energy is a huge new form of energy. New Zealand is a leader in this field on many levels. America is too now as we sold Origin energy to USA owners about five months ago, at Goldman Sachs bidding].

Raising the contentious topics for debate, Hubbard notes: “One big and dirty treasure trove lies under the ocean (already his, or somebody’s else’s greedy Pakeha pirate voice, takes over the column’s tone)… Our exclusive economic zone, one of the largest in the world holds vast quantities of minerals: phosphate on the Chatham rise, sulphide deposits on the Kermadec Ridge, ironsands on the Taranaki Coast (hasn’t the Taranaki being raided enough of resources, one may ask?).

Hubbard speels on: “These could be worth billions. But they will have to be mined and nobody knows yet how safely or cleanly we can do it… The Parliamentary Commissioner, Jan Wright, last year spoke out against the proposal to mine lignite in Otago and Southland and convert it to diesel (this would destroy New Zealand’s clean, green image branding).

Hubbard drones on some more: “But mining of higher quality coal is an important export-earner. The fight over the proposed opencast coalmine on Denniston Plateau on the West Coast slams our green and our dirty economics together with a clash. The coal is worth a fortune. The landscape is beautiful and rare. The commissioners who approved the mine last month said they made the decision with “considerable reservations and angush.” (Yeah, right!). And that’s where we’re stuck, between the green and the black.

History has taught us that people who want to grow rich from Minerals/ Energy mining efforts as a rule, just take the money and run. They also leave a huge mess of the enivornment that they don’t have to fix up in their lifetime. So I think growing rich while staying green has to be about earth preservation first, then even wealth distribution models next – as occurring across healthy regular debate and dialogue on these topics.

Pure Advantage also uploads this post: “The Circular Economy-New Video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Thanks Anthony Hubbard for the article. Now how does everything written fit into a Treaty of Waitangi Perspective? Waterways, etc. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Aotearoa New Zealand, Polynesia Asia-Pacific. 26.9.11~


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