23 Sep

I was sleeping last night and had a “retrospective bills” nightmare dream. In the dream, I thought I could do whatever I wanted to and that everyone just had to say yes, including politicians and Supreme Court judges. I dreamed of passing a bill (new law) that covered up my unlawful activities, that I’d authorized whole teams of people to carry out. I knew that they were carrying them out AGAINST the law, but I didn’t care, what was the law? I was above it.

I convinced other people, that they were too. I actively encouraged them to break the law, although their sole purpose of their job, was like mine, to uphold the law. In my dream, I just thought it would be fun to turn other people I lead into criminals as they broke the law. It didn’t matter. I wore ties bought from Lampton Quay and High Street. In the dream I had a blonde secretary, overseeing my nightmares too, so I just figured, I could get away with it.

I had always been a fan of the TV series Quantum Leap and of course, Doctor Who as a child. So, when it came to having to justify new quantums in light of uncertain economic times, I decided that creative excersises in breaking the law would be a good diversion to shift a focus of sound economic feasibility onto… well.. crimes being solved through illegal means. Sharing secret information with whomever I chose and put on my secret squirrel lists, delving into the video footage obtained illegally was fun within my nightmare and my weird dreams seemed feasible and real. As an illegal filmmaker, with an illegal archive of footage that was illegal to film, I failed to realize I was misleading people in my dream. All the people who acted on my commands in the nightmare dream, believed they were entitled, like I was to have special privileges to break the law as we pleased. The people acting on my commands wore hats that said they upholders of the law, but just in the nightmare, they didn’t. They believed too that they deserved to break the law for kicks. They must of believed me, because in the weird nightmare dream, they did just that too. In the delusional dream, this was the reason I figured, that they had acted unlawfully. They wanted to be just as delusional as I was. Their demi-god fantasy was ‘revelry in being unlawful.’ They worshipped this demi-god, that I had created for them to worship. They had this feeling of invincibility being totally unlawful. It was a new religion, under secrecy they carried out, like a cover cult. The nightmare was surreally twisted yet real. ‘Tho, after all, it was an unlawful dream.

In the dream, where I was being a nightmare, I figured that I would take the bill I thought I’d get passed through strong arming people who meet in a political looking building (supposedly representing fair debate and democracy’s values). In my delusional dream, I spoke to the media saying that I was right and everyone else was wrong. Everyone would see I was right before too long, as long as I could get my bill passed. I said the bill would pass, so it just would… and they’d all see I was right.

The weird thing was that in my nightmare dream, I had figured that once the bill was passed that I could jump in a time machine. You know… travel back in time, to when the unlawful actions had happened. Because I’m really like Dr Who (in my head) I thought that I’d just plant the new bill back there to well… right the wrong of my authorization to dispatch armies of police troops to install cameras illegally.

In my dream, time machine travelling back in time would justify that I’d condoned lawbreaking. It would also justify the fact that I’d willingly okay-ed and used unlawful organized spy operations that were paid for by others wallets, that shouldn’t have been in the first place. It was like spending money, before you had it. This was the culture I created in condoning illegal activities. It seemed to describe the spirit of this age, so it wasn’t hard to get people to buy into living my unlawful nightmare. In the weird dream, people carried out actions that shouldn’t have been paid for (or authorized) because the methods used in the nightmare operations, were against the law and therefore illegal. In my dream, it never once occurred to me to apologize for my unlawful behavior and turning once decent and law abiding police personnel into criminals too, going along with my nightmare illegal plans, simply because apologizing wasn’t in my vocabulary of manners. It never occurred to me to apologize because I was in love with my charcoal black heart. All I could see, was all of the charcoal. The charcoal gave me a false sense of power. I wasn’t worried though. Besides, it was all only a dream.

The weird part of the dream and thus the whole point of my nightmare, was that the dream I had created was like a fun video game (but live) where I was the hero saying to my team “don’t worry boys, I’ve got you all covered” to act like porn producers of video footage gathering, where the civilian subjects (albeit the law too) we all were supposed to serve and protect, hadn’t consented to being filmed in their own homes, on their own land etc.

We were going to strip the subjects too, of all they had, with the footage. If we captured them with illegal cameras, we could capture their identity, their assets base and well… them.  It was a naughty video game, nightmare weird dream – I’d convinced people in uniforms, to buy into. It had its own set of rules, that had nothing to do with laws or the law. That’s why my dream was fun. Well… to me, anyway and the charcoal heart I had in my dream.

What was even worse, was that in my nightmare delusional dream, I would even justify my illegal actions, when I would proclaim with the new signed bill in hand, “Now arrest all of those lawbreakers and take away all normal peoples right to privacy too.” I would deliver it with a poker face, like a huge victory of very, very serious grave concern. People would believe me, because I thought I was cooler than cool.

In my delusional nightmare dream, I believed that good people would believe me and happily give away, all of 4.5 million peoples right to privacy in their own homes too (in principle, if they passed my nightmare delusional bill), because I thought I was so cute and above the law. Anyway, that was the plan, in the delusional dream I had, when I last tried to be retrospective with good peoples lives and privacy rights and human rights too.

Then I woke up. It wasn’t my dream. After all.

_ _ _

Um… back in reality now… Who is this HIGHLY creative yet slightly delusional person? dreaming such delusional dreams?And getting paid to do so.

I mean, don’t get me wrong… there’s a lot of retrospective bills any New Zealander would like to introduce to better serve the MAJORITY of New Zealanders in this moment of time, (retrospective bills could be used in majorities favor to esponge a whole lot of stuff from the past), but hey normal citizens just wouldn’t try and do that (for reals -eg, abuse powers) to help our friends in the Security Industries make bulk sales when our dodgy bills are passed. We tend not to gamble with average citizens privacy, because this forms the basis of communities based on trust.

We also aren’t heartless enough to turn the average New Zealand citizen into a subject of the RoboCop porn industries problem under a thin guise of ‘security.’ Clearly, anyone filming anyone in their homes without their consent (or citizens children too, in that equation, and family members) has a major pornography problem. Cos that’s just weird.  Turning police people into illegal pornographers of average citizens in their own homes and on their own land, is not what we send police to college for. We also don’t train police cadets to break the law, neither do we contract out filmming work illegally to external companies to gather in unlawful procedures.

It’s weird to illegally invade peoples homes (and everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a fair trial and jury), simply because PRIVACY is one of the fundamentals that make up a sense of genuine security. Not make-believe security. But security that respects individuals and families at home, in the privacy of their own homes – not ‘security’ that strips average citizens of that.

Dr Who theme music – for your amusement. Press play to be legally retrospective. This post, cost the tax-payer, nothing. It’s free and legal.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Aotearoa New Zealand, Polynesia Asia-Pacific. 22.9.11~


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