25 May

As well as teen girls in high schools getting abortions without their parents knowing, some New Zealand pupils are also getting prozac too without their parents knowing or being informed either.

Would American parents stand for this in high schools?

Hell no! It’s the story about a government in kids veins, wombs, minds – bypassing a parents role. Shocker!

Go here to see what happens, when government policy has its priorities all in the wrong places (standing in between parents and their children) concerning New Zealand communities, families and supporting the family and whanau unit. It’s a government’s role to encourage honesty between parents and their kids, I reckon. If they can. Family is still the building block of strong communities. Why dismantle this bond in a family, if you want a strong nation?

The news link I’ve given you, sees Kiwi politicians who are seeking to change these laws that mistake ‘Nanny State’ governance as their misguided right.

This has to be one of craziest story I’ve read so far, since being back in New Zealand. And there’s been a few! On the other hand, police are busting school prom night after parties, taking away alcohol. Why then give high school kids drugs without their parents knowing in schools? Go figure!

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