28 Mar

The Sydney Morning Herald is doing way too much (again!) today running a fun story about Kate Middleton and Prince William opting to have two wedding cakes on their special day.

The first cake will be a traditional fruity cake, with white icing and white floral ornaments on it. The second wedding cake will be a family favorite of Prince Williams made of dark chocolate icing, crumbled tea biscuits and some other things.

Sounds like guests will get to choose their choice of wedding cake democratically on the day of the most watched televised event in world history, April 29th, when Will and Kate tie the knot.

I think I’d keep with the childhood favorite option too and go for the chocolate cake. What about you? Click on top pic to see some of the world’s finest cake makers in action.

The best cake’s of course are shared at privately owned beaches in the form of picnics with special friends. Maori people in particular love serving white slices of coconut cake after freshly seared entrees of beach fresh scallops kaimoana, on our beaches to guests with a squeeze of tahitian lime (just a hint mind), as a reminder that coastlines are like the edges of a cake, never to be eroded by over-eager guests.

Today though, the Prince could possibly be a slight bit hung-over. According to E News Online, via Claridge House spokespeople, it was believed that for the royal bachellor party celebrations, these mostly occurred on water. Whether the water was lakelands or coastal sea terrains, no one knows yet for sure.

The report states that “The 28-year-old and a princely posse of 20 friends spent the weekend racing motorboats, waterskiing and then going on a floating pub crawl before ending up at a country manor.” Sounds like a right royal blast. Creative.

Watch the clip, for a fun story. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.27.11~

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