04 Mar

Sometimes when you look at US pop music, it’s all about layering. Mesh ups are the big rage in America for fans of current pop stars. American music market tribes are extremely fierce about their pop divas. They’re US princesses of a modern age of socially shared media. They get you noticed on Facebook, Twitter, etc if you drop their names, their music, their scandals or their antics.

In the spirit of that artistic mesh-up trend online. Here’s a post featuring Britney Spears, Lady Gaga (imitating Madonna on her newest album) and Ke$ha‘s new music.Here in the US, we like them all. Yet, there’s something to be sad abut staying power. All artists borrow off each other in the history of art, staying power sets artists apart. Here’s the lyrics mesh up. I can’t say, I can make sense of much of these lyrics. But nonetheless regardless of not knowing what a CRIGGER is… this is new music.

Here’s a tri-segue blog-blend of lyrics of Government Hooker/ Till The World Ends & Blow. Above clip is of Zenga Zenga‘s YouTube hit video depicting a Colonel Kadafi rapping as mixed by Noy Alooshe.

The American pop divas mentioned will have their music mixed into this clip too on the dance floor of Young Hollywood’s hottest clubs. As a video, none of them can out do this art today. Worth sharing. Enjoy!

GAGA lyrics: We had our night/ Our real nature/ No more time to decide/ Let it climb, let it ignite.

BRITNEY SPEARS: I’ve spent the last 6 days, using my bed as body cast/ Is your mind made up?/ I’m sure it is but I thought I’d ask/ All I want is just a little bit of time from you./ All I want is just for you to try to make it work too.

KE$HA lyrics: (Chuckle)/ Dance/ Back door cracked/ We don’t need a key/ We get in for free/ No VIP sleaze/ Drink that kool-aid/ Follow my lead/ Now you’re one of us/ You’re coming with me.

GAGA: Government Hooker/ hooker/ She wrote her heart prayer/ Pull the trigger off/ And shape sounds of her sister.

BRITNEY SPEARS: And I know that I look sad but I still want you bad/ For me to hold, for me to show that/ love can’t have an end/ Our lives remain detached/ but I still want you back/ For me to hold, and not let go, till the world ends.

KE$HA: It’s time to kill the lights and shut the DJ down/ This place about to-/ Tonight we’re taking over, no one’s getting out/  This place about to blow/ Blow/ This place about to blow/  Blow/ This place about to blow/ Blow

GAGA CHORUS: Government Hooker, Hooker/ Heart to heart prayer/ She faked pulling the trigger/ Daddy, mommy has made a crigger.

BRITNEY SPEARS: I’ve been trying to forget, about everything that’s happened/ And all the memories, they are kiling me so silently/ What will it take to make these feelings dissapate (dissapear) for you?/ For you/ I wish I’d understood the pain that love can bring to fools/ And I know that I look sad, but I desperatly want you back, for me to hold, for me to show that love can’t have an end.

KE$HA: Now what (What) / We’re taking control/ We get what we want/ We do what you don’t/ Dirt and glitter cover the floor/ We’re pretty and sick/ We’re young and we’re bored (Ha)/  It’s time to lose your mind and let the crazy out/ This place about to-/ Tonight we’re taking names ’cause we don’t mess around/ This place about to blow/ Blow

GAGA: Love, Love/ The placenta you were born/ And now you strove/ The sex is good/ invite your mates.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Stops putting me through hell/ And so I drink, just to think of something else/ You, like clouding up my perfect skies so emptying cans with my best friends will get me by.

KE$HA: Go- go- go- go insane/ Go insane/ Throw some glitter/ Make it rain on ‘em/ Let me see them hands/ Let me, let me see them hands/ Go insane/ Go insane/ Throw some glitter/ Make it rain on ‘em/ Let me see them hands/ Let me, let me see them hands

Again – it’s all a little mysterious and bleak. Yet if your kid listens to these three songs on iPod shuffle. These are the lyrics artistically shared in the sweet impressionable suedes.

A little hard to understand what these girls are raving on about. They will sell millions of single downloads, talking/ singing their pop diva gibberish. As always, meaning is left to interpretation. Yet, in this display of new music this month in March 2011, there’s deep messages being shared here. The crypticness though, usually occurs in censored environments. So… What’s up with that?

Let’s get happy on the radio in the USA. Why not?!

So far, Ke$ha is sounding the happiest out of the girls.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.3.11~



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