21 Feb

Blogging at a Hollywod cafe today, I realized that I’d chosen a brand new cafe to go to, where nobody knew who I was. I figured that a change of location would keep the ‘blogging from Hollywood game’ fair.

The second I’d pressed the ‘publish online button’ about a story I read via The Associated Press about a baby being named Facebook in Egypt, a man interrupted me with a question, “I need help. I know you can help me. I’m a Budhist Shaman and I wrote a script that I wonder if the author of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actually stole. I know you can help me. What should I do?”

Realizing that people are getting desperate for spiritual direction in the world in these times and that I had a guy interrupt me only yesterday as I was leaving a Starbucks, saying ‘I’m trained in Native American Indian mysticism and have studied spirituality in China too and I sense in you, that your ancestors are very powerful people you’re in touch with’ – I wasn’t feeling this kind of interruption today, as I don’t have the time to be dominated like that, here in America every day to confirm or disagree with peoples own spiritual journeys, they’re very proud of.

I said to the screenwriter claiming ‘Hollywood IP Theft’ the words “just update and modify your script idea to be something else, so it’s half how you had it and half not like The Dragon Tattoo book/ film.”

He smiled and said “Thank you so much. That’s what I’ll do. Now tell me how did you know how to do that and are you a Shaman too?”

I say, “I believe that any spiritual guidance, should be confirmation to what your own spirit’s guidance and direction is at this point. That way, you don’t high-jack someone’s own path with your own imposed spiritual guidance on someone else- but you’re more a friend helping someone see light as they’re able and aware to handle it.” I could tell, he too was very proud of his spiritual beliefs.

“I want to talk to you some more.”

I said “No.”

Thankfully two students from Northridge college are studying Science, Medicine, Technology and Economics, because they saw this happen. As they are doing ‘normal things’ where the world needs to head, that sort of made up for the intrusion.

I asked the students, “Was that a bit weird?”

They laughed and say “Yeah dude, that’s totally weird. Did they know you?”


“Wow. That wasn’t normal. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

Like the Kardashian family these students are Armenian-American too. They came from Russia originally. Nice people. Alright… now that Peace has returned, let’s get on with Hollywood blogging then. No more ‘hungry spiritual’ people allowed near me!

The Armenian college couple talk to me about how “Albert Einstein’s wife (nee Marić), Serbian Mileva Einstein who once studied in Zurich, did all of the work. She had the best mind out of the two, they believe, yet because women weren’t really allowed to have ‘a face in science’ back in those days, Albert got all the credit.” This topic consumes them. They are even writing an essay about it.

I put my headphones on and listen to three cheeky kids, singing Aaradhna, a hip hop community’s r n’ b soul queen from Aotearoa New Zealand to maintain a regained sense of peace. These kids are much more fun, than the oddly surreal Shaman screenwriter with his very subservient girlfriend beside him, that’s for sure, as Aaradhna’s golden coco-licious tones still wow me, from across an Ocean far away from where she sings.

In local celebrity news, did I mention, that Paris Hilton had a fun Birthday Party last night at a Hollywood hotel? The hotel wanted the publicity so much, they paid for everything to throw the Birthday Bash for her. Hollywood’s nightlife is a fiercely contested zone. Just like Hollywood bloggers psyches and thinking space is. Apparently!!! That was Hollywood today, for one local, in a community cafe snapshot.

[Pic of Albert Einstein's wife Mileva with their kids Eduard and Hans Albert - courtesy of Lazy Desis Blog for humor purposes today.]

The whole point of this blog post really is, who ever would have thought, Paris Hilton would be associated with a woman as smart as Mileva? Only on a Hollywood blog, Hilton could be.

[Hilton pic via ]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.20.11~


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  1. Allen Esterson

    February 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    The comments about Mileva Maric are nothing more than myths. Mileva Maric failed her diploma exam to teach physics and mathematics twice, and there is no serious evidence that she contributed anything to Einstein’s prodigious work.


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