11 Feb

Photo caption – Nelsons Beach could be a beach in Te Wai Pounamu South Island. However it is a beach in Australia. I wonder if Nelson Mandela will ever visit this beach in his lifetime?

As a break from money, mo’ money and even mo’ money news here in the US, let’s take a look at what another country sees as important news culture today. Let’s take a peek at Aotearoa-New Zealand, a nation I love as much as the USA. Here we go.

William Shatner has New Zealand on his radar for a one man show in April. Star Trek power in Middle Earth.

Pike River is more than just a brand of coffee most of America drink each day at Starbucks cafes. Go here to see a community in grief recovery.

Kia Ora Auckland City – Who wants to rumble in the jungle with Horiwood over that nasty bullet Judith Collins poster?

Te Patu marae is such a lovely marae – caught up in a bit of fuss today.

Taj Patrick Crowther gets celebrity baby press. Cute.

Schwarzenegger is returning to Hollywood flicks. New Zealand said it!

A crystal meth drug mule is discovered in New Zealand with $600k of the drug inside her. She needs a hug and a hangi. (That should be a tee shirt).

Is the government’s debt fixation ignoring social ills, one church asks? Heaven forbid!

To many, Beaches is more than a Hollywood movie starring Bette Midler. It’s about fair and moral ‘customary title’ acknowledgement. I’m with Ngai Tahu on that one!

Fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Chinese and English – one future political candidate looks good.

And who are the high maintenance political poodles then, exactly? Like you need it! Ruth Dyson and the lovely Jo Goodhew too!

Meet Tini Molyneux‘s star team – the current holders of the Maori Language Awards.

Dargaville news – bogans, babes and smoking tyres – Gosh, some things never change! :)

~Star Trek imagery with Maori koru taonga via Horiwood.Com’s archives. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.10.11~

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