08 Feb

According to all of the pack rats who now have seen the tinsel shine on Arianna Huffington‘s website’s merger with AOL for $315 million, small businesses are now being encouraged to make like Arianna and market yourself to Africa and back, to be just like her.

In particular, Small Biz Trends notes the tools that Arianna used are available to all small businesses to get noticed and build an online asset into a major trading property. Tools like:

Love online marketing: HuffPo sale shows online businesses viable.

Paid traffic vs organic: “Paid” vs. “organic” traffic and which is better for you.

Always make it about the user’s “experience”: How “user experience” equals branding in online businesses.

Own your content or free-share it?: Online marketing means going viral

Interweaving with social media to get you noticed: Blending social and location-based marketing online.

I don’t have these skills, or really care to for Facebook, but… How to win Facebook friends and influence people.

Know your Twitter etiquette & lingo: Are you being a good Twitter citizen?; Getting the lingo downIs it really all about the numbers?

Something I don’t do but maybe a marketing intern could?: Learning the backlink basics.

Alright – if you’re a small biz owner, I hope these help. Happy creating your brand then. Arianna Huffington is a construct by Corporate America and Politics – so no one’s really expecting you to make it like her, by doing all of these above things – but at least Huffington inspires us all to dream big, especially for the Ladies who own start up bizzos. Huffington’s last six years is quite a trip!

You could also look at marketing your start up bizzo as being like how a Kardashian markets son/ nephew baby Mason Disick. The Kardashian Marketing Method being a mix of shameless non-stop press via a paid publicist, and then Twitter, Facebook sharing and one’s own website’s regular (as in at least once daily) uploads of news. That’s sort of a bit more realistic than what a Small Biz Tips websites sees as ‘a HuffPo construct marketing model’ of getting noticed. Remember that Arianna Huffington has had a lot of help from armies of volunteers of unpaid journalists (none of whom will see any of her $150 cash millions).

Her gig for AOL is that she wants to continue the volunteer journalism rhetoric of ‘citizens journalism’ to grow AOL and HuffPo’s online presence, by harnessing armies of Americans ‘unpaid words’ to her website endeavors. So, other people do her marketing for free. Period. Ms. Huffington has also been helped from ‘the top’ too to be the ‘face of America’s accepted news perceptions,’ so you can’t even realistically begin to take this marketing guide seriously to equate to HuffPo status, so perhaps a Kardashian might be more within range of do-ability.

Arianna Huffington though – is an amazing world figure to keep an eye on in the 2010′s. Good for her!!!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.7.11~

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