28 Jan

Sandra Winebarger, whose momma is from Guatemala and whose dad is from Puerto Rico. This All-American girl owns the Celebrity Actors Camp young actors training outreach.

She tells me, “Our camps are mainly run outside of California, Orlando, Spokane, Miami and Oklahoma. We do a six week camp out there, and then we invite them to pilot camp here in Hollywod, introduce them to agents to be represented here and go on auditions during TV pilot season. They’re learning and we teach them about the business. Most of our kids don’t even live here, they’re from out of State but with our help we guide them to find a right fit with the right agents and studios, that suit their talents and the opportunities on offer.”

Her spirit is insightful, encouraging and sweet. If you’re a young American wanting to walk inside the pages of Hollywood as an industry town, Sandra Wineberger is a fun guide.

Clip on pic below to learn more.

[Thanks Sandy]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.27.11~


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